What Would My Inner World Look Like? – Demon Slayer Mugen Train

I have finally watched the movie! Yes, that’s right it has graced my eyes.

I honestly forgot how much I like Demon Slayer until a week before when I watched one episode with my friend and I was like, “Ah this is why I love this anime”. It is so good.

The animation remains top tier and not just because of the amazing way they animate the fights and the abilities of the slayers but also just the way they animate snow. I know snow, but it looks so life like!

The way they animate nature is amazing and they took that same energy to the movie and that is one of the reasons I liked the movie.

So I have been keeping away from spoilers so apart from the ending I knew nothing about what was going to happen in this movie.

Before I carry on, this is your spoiler warning. If you are not a manga reader and have not watched the movie or season one of the anime then do not read this post. Rather watch my non spoiler review if you’re thinking about giving the anime and movie a watch.

So spoilers up ahead!



So someone spoiled the ending in the comments of an Inosuke video and looking back it makes no sense why they spoiled it. It was an Inosuke video, why were they talking about Rengoku?

It pissed me off then and it pisses me off now!

Now that the manga is finished I am even more wary… I’m going to have to dodge spoilers like how Neo dodges bullets.

Anyhow, so I knew Rengoku would die but I didn’t know how. I assumed it would be because of the demon on the train so the whole movie I was so tense like, “It’s happening now! No now!”

So in a way the one good thing the spoiler did was not say when he dies or how.

So I got through the whole movie and they defeat the train demon and it’s like, “Oh… that’s it? So he’s not dead? Was that person lying? Was I mad for no reason?”

Then man falls from the sky and I was like shit… I wasn’t mad for no reason, my good man Rengoku does die!

When I say I was crying so much at the end of the movie, I was I crying! It’s just he’s such a good guy and so tenacious and just, I fell in love with that character from the moment I set eyes on him which is why I was so mad at the spoiler because I wanted to find that out by myself.

Rengoku is the best character, I love him so much! He completed his goal! He made sure that no one on that train died and he fought that mofo so that Tanjirou and Inosuke would not have to as they would have been slaughtered.

He knew he wasn’t going to win but he kept on at it and you know what Tanjirou was right, that mofo was a coward! Dickhead.

I’ve forgotten the demon’s name and I’m too scared to google anything because I am avoiding spoilers and google is the worst for spoilers lol.

But you know who I’m talking about.

I understand Tanjirou’s frustration though. He worked hard to kill train demon with Inosuke and yet he still is not strong enough for the upper level demons. I mean it makes sense but it feels like an impossible mountain to climb. Especially as the demon mentioned no Hashira has defeated them yet so… is there no hope?

However, like I said in my non spoiler review the movie doesn’t leave you in a place of no hope. Rengoku almost killed Mr Fall-Out-of-the-Sky demon and he ran off as soon as the sun was about to rise. Coward.

So he was almost there, they can do it!

Also Rengoku never bent under the demon’s will. He never lost hope or his principles. He was true to himself to the end.

His powers manifest as fire and he is fire. He’s passionate and he brings light and warmth wherever he goes, even as he’s dying. He has no regrets and makes sure to uplift and give Tanjirou advice.

Man, I love him.

And he even died with a smile!

I’m getting emotional writing this, let me stop. But listen even the crow cried so I think we were all feeling it.

I did like how they really captured Tanjirou’s, Inosuke’s and Zen’itsu’s raw emotions. It’s hard to get that across but they did, kudos to the voice actors.

I just hope his brother will be ok, Rengoku’s I mean. I wonder, why Rengoku’s father became the way he did. What broke him?

Btw I don’t actually want the answer, it’s a rhetorical question. I’ll find out when we get to it.

Another aspect of the movie that got me thinking links to the title of this post, their inner worlds. Rengoku’s was full of passion and man had such a will to live he choked her out whilst asleep. Inosuke’s and Zen’itsu’s were hilarious! Honestly, that was one of the light highlights of the film.

Although I was thinking Zen’itsu would have something else in his inner world. I’m just curious about him. I have heard a little about him but luckily no major spoilers.

But Tanjirou’s inner world. It was so pure that he didn’t even need to fight the kid who entered, instead he purified that kid. I bet that kid will be a Tanjirou fan till death. Imagine the spirit guides actually showed him the way to Tanjirou’s soul.

That was beautiful and very risky, you could say naïve but that is Tanjirou. He is positive in a world where it is dangerous and harder to be positive but he still is and that is his strength.

There’s a part where the demon makes his family hate him in the dream and I was honestly worried. Like, “Oh no, how awful!” But no, Tanjirou was like, “Bitch please my family loves me! They are angels on earth, how dare you!”

Side note: even though it was a dream I was happy to see them, his family, and to know more about them.

So yeah Tanjirou got me thinking, what would the physical manifestation of my soul look like? I am not as pure as Tanjirou, not by a long shot, but still I wonder what it would look like. Would it be as fiery as Rengoku’s? As that is what I was like as a kid. Or would it be restrained and full of flowers?

I kind of wish that was a thing in real life so I could find out.

It’s also kind of like what it’s like to see someone’s aura.

So yeah, I didn’t expect train demon to attack through sleep or to actually become the train although I should have seen that coming.

I also did not expect Tanjirou and Inosuke to actually kill the demon. I thought Rengoku would do that.

I can’t wait until Zen’itsu realises he is capable and he can fight and for him to level up. I have a real soft spot for him and he didn’t get to fight much this movie so I was disappointed. However, he did protect a large area. It is funny that the demon attacked him through sleep because Zen’itsu excels when he’s unconscious.

*thinking pause*

I think that is all that I wanted to talk about. It was a good movie and I can’t wait for season two! It’s going to be so much fun and perhaps emotional but I’m ready!

Plus after reading JJK I think I can handle anything.

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