Hidden Gem – Oneus

It’s been a while but the Hidden Gem section is where I talk about songs or groups that slipped my radar and that I am just discovering and instantly falling in love with. Today I shall be talking about the group Oneus, I am a fan. They have caught me.

I’ll talk about my favourite title tracks and first is,

Lit 가자

This song had me interested from the thumbnail. I love it when groups incorporate traditional music to their songs. I also love it when groups incorporate traditional clothing, art, dance, instruments and way of singing. And Oneus incorporates a lot of that into this song, from the thumbnail I could see that.

I also love it when groups modernise certain parts of their culture. It keeps their culture alive and moving with the times but still keeps the essence of said culture. I love it and I love this song.

So yeah, this is my jam. There is not one part that I don’t like. It had me grooving from the start to the end.

To Be or Not to Be

Ah Shakespeare, Shakey, it’s been a while old friend. The title is a line from Hamlet that I used to quote until I realised what it meant (Hamlet is contemplating suicide in that monologue and ultimately decides against it because he doesn’t have it in him, it’s a great monologue but don’t read if it’s triggering).

It is the most dramatic and bloody break up song, although it is only bloody in the music video, giving me B.A.P. One Shot vibes only less shocking because honestly I never saw that coming in One Shot.

I say the lyrics are dramatic because it’s about a break up and they want to keep the memories alive but also they want to forget this person so it’s like, “Shall I cut you off and kill the memories or shall I hold on and keep the memories alive?” They go with the former. Just the way they articulate that is so dramatic.

I like the melody too. It builds in the verses, then the pre chorus is Latin in sound and I love that. Then the chorus is guitar heavy and rock flavoured and it works, all those elements work together and that is the biggest win of the song for me.

Come Back Home

I just like this song. It allows me to be dramatic with its dubstep. Also that high note in the bridge…? Yes! That hit! He goes up four times and I was not expecting that.

I thought the kid in the music video was an extra and was there to make us emotionally invested in the battle. However, when he turned out to be the king and they were his knights… I loved that. Wouldn’t it be cool if one day in the future the child actor comes back and they continue the story in another song?

A Song Written Easily

This one is a different kind of break up song from To Be or Not to Be. This one is longing. So they’re not as ready to cut the person off.

It’s a song that was written easily because they thought of their past love and missed them and so the lyrics just naturally flowed out of them. It wasn’t hard because that person is always on their mind.

Oh the feels!

The chorus is instrumental heavy and I like that. It lets me feel the feels as they dance and the instrumental plays.

The setting of the mv reminded me of Mamamoo’s Starry Night. The superior outdoor mv, just out in nature singing and dancing. It was at this moment that I was like, “Oh, they’re from the same company!”

Honourable Mentions:

No Diggity – it is bombastic but I don’t mind it. The lyrics are aimed at their love rival who failed and I enjoy that.

Black Mirror – this song is a masterpiece and is the whole reason I got into this group. I talked about it more in my last kpop of the month and so I won’t talk about it too much here thus it’s an honourable mention. But seriously, if you love a funky number listen to this song!

Twilight – it’s a good song and I really enjoy the melody. They really deliver on their vocals. It doesn’t hit as hard as my favs from them but it’s still good.


I love how light up in Korean sounds like valkyrie when they’re singing. A lovely bit of word play that I enjoy.

They’re basically saying in the song that you are my light and you are my sun! And in essence that is basically what the song is about, how much this person is the light of their world.

I like the song and it’s sound. It’s electronic and upbeat whilst still delivering the emotions. A sentimental upbeat song?

How come some of their songs only have Persian or Turkish subtitles? Do they have a huge Persian fan base? That was one question that popped up.

Anyhow that is it, those are my favourite title tracks from Oneus so far. I am very glad that I stumbled onto them and I hope they continue to succeed and gain more fans!

What is your favourite title track?

5 thoughts on “Hidden Gem – Oneus

  1. I’m not familiar with the K-Pop scene, so I never heard of them before. The fact they had a song called “No Diggity” caught my attention because I immediately thought about the Blackstreet song.

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      1. Glad I’m not the only person who thinks that. Hahaha! I didn’t realize they were THAT influential when it came to titles. Funny enough, I remember seeing a cover by Ed Sheeran and Passenger of all people turning it into an acoustic folk song while mashing it up with the chorus of “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. That was weird.

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  2. Yay, I’m so glad you’re enjoying their music! I really hope they blow up more because everything the delivered is quality. My favourite is To be or not to be but Black Mirror is coming close haha. I’ve also been obsessed with the rock version of Valkyrie. So good. 😍

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