Hidden Gem – Onewe

Hidden Gem is a section where I talk about songs or groups who slipped my radar and I am just discovering even though they’ve been out for some time.

This week I shall be talking about Onewe, a Korean band everyone should know.

If the name sounds familiar, last week I talked about Oneus which is a kpop group from the same company. However, they are two separate groups that are linked and have done a song together.

So I shall be talking about my favourite title tracks from them, first is,

A Book in Memory

This song is so achingly beautiful! The sorrowful way in which they sing is just *chefs kiss*!

The guitar riffs just adds to this song as well. And the lyrics, the lyrics!, they are just as aching and longing as the melody.

The song is about a break up and they still want them and miss them. A book is filled with their memories and they harken back to their last night together. They want to be together again but cannot as the book has been closed.

It is the kind of ballad that I like. It hits me right in the feels, right there!


0 & 4

I like how they’re scolding someone but with a bright attitude. They’re all bright and cheery in the music video and even the song sounds upbeat.

The song is basically saying, “Learn to read the room, why can’t you take a hint? And mind your own business! Please and thank you”.

There is a lot of word play in the lyrics and even the title is wordplay, you know I love wordplay.

It’s light, cute  and upbeat. It has a jazzy moment in the middle that goes well with the song and I was 100% there for. It is a song that is sure to lift the mood, which I find funny because they’re essentially dissing someone.

소행성 (Parting)

This song also attacks me in the feels but in a different way from A Book in Memory. I just feel the emotions they’re trying to convey in my chest!

It’s a song filled with regret. The title says parting and that is what it is about, a parting. That parting, their emotions, are expressed in metaphors that are really pretty talking about space and that. I really liked that.

Also I can’t say this enough but the guitar solo, Kang Hyun, he goes off!

End of Spring

I like this song (duh). I like how it mixes that rock sound with EDM and it works. It works quite well actually. I love that they’re having fun in the music video and Alexa is in it! Ah!

It’s a fun dance song, perfect for summer (so I’m writing this at the right time).

However, they did release a rock version and I prefer that version more, it just hits better and Harin gets to stand out with his awesome drum skills more.

The lyrics are about meeting someone and it was great and everything but that season is over. It’s time to move on. Spring has passed and it is time for summer! (This got me thinking about 500 Days of Summer, a movie I have never seen and yet know so much about).

Honourable Mentions:

모르겠다 (Q) ft Hwasa – I like how she did a collab with them as they’re such fanboys of Mamamoo and her. The song is chill and their voices complement each other well. I like that they are talking to each other in the song, responding to the words sang.

Regulus – I love the name of the song, star names are my favourite. The lyrics are poetic and sentimental and I like that.

Ring on my Ears – the chorus bangs, that is all. Legit the whole reason I like this song.

Reminisce about All – this is a lovely ballad. It’s so soothing!

Onewe also do awesome covers especially of girl group songs. My favourites are,


They covered Mamamoo’s song and it was so good. Harin on the drum was killing it but so casually, the talent! In this cover they are all killing it to be honest.

They managed to keep the original vibe whilst still injecting their flavour.


They killed this cover like OMD!

The guitar solo by Kang Hyun was so good and CyA’s rap, amazing! Rap and rock don’t always mix well but in every song CyA does it in a way that works. He is also the bass player and you know me and bass guitars (it’s a love affair).


(G)idle’s Latata, the song that got me into them. They covered this song and did it so well.

They really go off in the chorus making the song their own and again Kang Hyun! I’ve talked about him a lot but he be shredding!

So that is it for my Onewe favs. They have just had a comeback and I will for sure be talking about it more in my Kpop of the Month for June. I’ll also do an album review because this is their first EP… with RBW their current company. They do have two other EPs with another company (Modern Music).

They also have an album out from last year called One.

So, check out their music and if you have already which song is your favourite?

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