So Many Comebacks! – Kpop of the Month

Hey! I am back and a little late with my favourite releases from June!

There were a lot of comebacks last month. I was a little overwhelmed to be honest. Then I remembered I only talk about my favourites and I relaxed.

I did actually enjoy a lot of the releases from last month and did three album reviews on my YT channel so perhaps that’s why I felt overwhelmed?

It’s a good thing I write notes as I go as opposed to at the end of the month (like I did one time) that saves a lot of time.

Anyway, let’s dive in to my favourites!

If you don’t like the songs I mention or you feel like there are songs I should have mentioned just remember this is a list of my favs and so I will 100% be biased! Besides, music is subjective.

Onewe – Rain to Be

I have recently gotten into Onewe as my previous post about them highlighted so I was excited to experience my first comeback with them.

It was fun. I have really enjoyed this comeback. They came out with a mini album and I did a review on it. They also did mvs for my fav B sides so yeah, they made my June and my July.

Rain to Be is a song that grew on me. I liked other songs in their B sides better like Veronica or Cosmos but Rain to Be snuck up on me and I ended up loving it.

The song is sentimental and they are all in their feels. At first I thought of the song as perfect thinking music but as time passed it got me more and more hype. The song builds and takes you there with it.

It is repetitive but I ended up not minding.

BM – Broken Me

This is not what I expected BM to come out with first. It is sombre and emo and I was like, “BM is that you?”

However I like it. I do enjoy the sentimentality of it.

He’s talking about how he’s broken and about his struggles… whilst driving a sick car! I’m sorry, I fell in love with the car. But no, the lyrics were touching and I am always here for songs that allow the artist to let out their emotions.

It is interesting that he did not rap in this song.

N Flying – Moonshot

I am not going to lie, I became obsessed with this song. I think I watched all the live stages and if I have not then I shall find all the ones I missed and watch them! *intense stare*

It is so good! Is this the era I get into Korean bands?

I really love how they belt out the song. Hweseung really came for my throat, my heart … my soul! He came for it all. He really feels what he’s singing and makes you feel it too.

Also I did not expect Seunghyub to be the one who was rapping. I thought it was someone else but then I watched the live stages and was like, “Oh you’re both the second singer and the rapper!” Talk about versatile.

The other members Hun, Jaehyun and Dongsung also killed it.

Last month I talked about wanting more story mvs and Moonshot delivered on that. Was the moon big brother? They seemed to have beef with the moon and in the end they decided to throw hands. Or rather have beef with the man on the moon.

*whispers* If you hear someone belting out “Man on the moon!” aggressively… let’s keep it between us.

Yugyeom ft Gray – All Your Fault

We get to hear his voice in totality and he has a real nice voice. It’s very RnB and so I love it. I knew he could sing, obviously, but this song really highlights his strengths.

I found it interesting that he didn’t dance in the mv. It was mainly story based! First BM and now Yugyeom surprising me.

I loved the story of the mv too because the acting! Yugyeom popped off! He said, where’s my kdrama?

However, having watched the mv I’m like, sir it was your fault. Plus, you committed murder… is any chick worth that? It was the casual way he did that got me too. Is it wrong that I cackled? I was like, omd what’s your beef?!

We need a part one or a prequel because I have questions.

Seventeen – Ready for Love

They’re making their case for why they should stay together and not break up. I mean Seventeen is to their significant other. (In other news they have just renewed their contract, coincidence?)

They’re like, “You give me purpose.” So let’s not break up. I remember side eyeing the lyrics because if my friend came to me talking about their SO like that, I’d be like girl no, let them go.

I like that the lyrics weren’t black and white though, that there’s an element of hmm should y’all stay together?

The mv is very colourful and full of flowers so I love it.  Add flowers to an mv it’s guaranteed to win me over.

The song starts off a bit slow but then the chorus kicks it into high gear. I really like the beat that underlines the whole song. It’s the engine of the song and keeps it going.

It’s hype enough to have you bobbing along to it but it’s also chill enough for you to do other things whilst listening to the song.

2pm – Must

They must shoot their shot! They see someone that they like and they must say something or do something. They don’t want to let the opportunity pass.

The mv is how your inner landscape is when you fall in lust for someone. It really feels like that sometimes, like time stands still or like everything goes boom!

I love the sound of the song. I have missed their voices and their effortless sexiness. It’s been so good to see them back this comeback *happy sigh*.

My sexy men are back!

I will do an album review for this album too. It should be out at the same time as this blog.

NCT Dream – Hello Future

I actually enjoyed this repacked title song.

It gives me old school NCT Dream vibes that I love and the chorus is happy. They really captured that hope for the future in a song. That hope and optimism for a bright future and I like it.

This mv also had a story and I did talk about my theory and what I thought of the lyrics in my review of the repacked.

Last month I did say I wasn’t feeling Hot Sauce but guess what? It grew on me! Maybe it’s because I watched all the stages but now I like it! (Irreplaceable is still my favourite).

So some Honourable Mentions of songs I did not love but I did not hate:

Exo – Don’t Fight the Feeling, before you murder me and take my ExoL card hear me out! I didn’t hate it but it was not my favourite comeback of theirs. Tempo still has a grip on me that won’t let go and I did enjoy Obsession. This one lacked that punch. However I did think it was a refreshing summer song and it is in the same family as Power. I did do an album review because if it’s Exo they deserve a video.

WayV Xiaojun and Kun – Back to You, I am not a ballad fan but I am a WayV fan so I couldn’t not talk about this song. It is sentimental and beautiful and their voices are *chefs kiss*. If you enjoy ballads I definitely recommend this. It is sweet and has poetic lyrics.

NCT 127 – Save, I actually liked this song. It’s fun! Every time I doubt whether I am a fan of 127 they always come back like, “Bitch, you know you are!” So, amma need to stop fronting.

Seori ft Giriboy – The Long Night, it is a soothing song and perfect for a bed time playlist. It’s so soft and lilting.

Wei – Bye Bye Bye, it is a good summer song. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much but I did. The mv also satisfies the wanderlust that I know most of us have especially as we can’t go anywhere.

Stray Kids – , Hyunjin is back! What a cool way to announce that he is back and out of hiatus. It is a mixtape song and the lyrics talk about how when they’re with their significant other they become baby-ish and immature. They need their SO and the mv has them separated thinking about when they were together. The song is nice with a chill beat.

Up10tion – Spin Off, it is a fun song with a funk to it. I was feeling it. The vocals popped off and the harmony was *chefs kiss*.  They left me wanting more.

Xydo – Paradym , it’s a real smooth and calming song. I wouldn’t say it’s a ballad but rather a slow jam, smooth RnB, so I liked it.

Alexa with BM – Xtra, this one had the best mv in terms of sets and the looks Alexa did. I loved her pink hair! BM came for the dance battle and the dance battle only! When they squared up though… that was so adorable. He makes her look so tiny! I noticed they didn’t linger too long on the square up. Then the end with that sinister energy… it felt like the glamour was wearing off and we were going to see the dark side of her world.

Kevin Woo – Got it, it is a nice RnB number. I’m proud of him and love seeing him putting out new songs (UKiss is the group that got me into Kpop). It’s smooth to listen to and he flexes his dance skills, as he should!

Epik High ft Colde – Rain Song, they are incapable of making a bad song. It has their sentimental vibes and as the title suggests it is perfect to listen to on a rainy day.

BDC – Moonlight

This is one of the groups I checked out for the first time in June and I checked out a lot of groups I hadn’t before. On that day there were a lot that I did not like but then I got to this song and I immediately liked it.

It is the exact kind of song that I liked. I loved the melody and the slight funk tones that it has.

It reminded me of Black Mirror in the vibe the melody had but a more subdued version.

The mv is an art students mv for sure!

Monsta X – Gambler

This song is sexy! It is seduction itself!

Man that beat and their vibe as a whole got to me!

This is my first Monsta X title track to check out properly… I know, where have I been? I blame my kpop hiatus because they came out in the middle of that. Then I figured it was too late to check them out when I returned and then Wonho left…

However this song has me wanting to check out their whole discography.

This is another plot driven mv making me happy. They pulled off the perfect heist. Honestly, they could make a movie.

The lyrics talked about how love is like gambling. There is a lot of bluffing involved and a lot of risk. So in the song it feels like they’re doing a dance where they step forward and the girl steps back and vice versa.

I love the way they swear without swearing at all in this song too. It adds to the spice.

*happy sigh* honestly, I love me a grown and sexy song.

So that is it for my June list.

What were your favourites last month?

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