Guess Who’s Back? – Bleach

Bleach is back!! Or rather a bonus one shot was released by Kubo Tite for the twentieth anniversary. It’s no secret that I love Bleach, I have written many posts about Bleach when I first started this blog so when this one shot came out I was over the moon. Just the cover art alone got me so happy!!

Now I thought the one shot would be light and nostalgic. We’d get to explore the new soul society through the eyes of Ichigo’s and Renji’s kids. I also thought it would nice to see Karakura town again and see all the familiar old faces.

I thought Kazui would just explore with Kon and exorcise one spirit and that would it and either he’d get caught by Ichigo or make it home and they’d never find out or that Ichika would meet up with him.

But no, the story takes a hard left turn.

When I say I was worried! I was like, how sinister! The juxtaposition between the horror of what he’s about to do and his sweet and innocent smile.

It was very nicely done.

How is it this one, one shot has left me with so many questions and thirsting for a spin off?

I mean, I am ready! I am invested! Give it to me Kubo!

I was invested in Burn the Witch too, what happened to that? Is that still going to happen. It exists in the Bleach universe so… honestly… just bless us with your work Kubo! *cries*

So let’s get in to SPOILERS, there are specific things I want to discuss so if you haven’t read the one shot yet, look away now.

So first of all the new characters look super cool. I will be really sad if that is all we ever see of them. How can you introduce such amazing characters and then just walk away!

I mean Rindo Atau, he’s awesome! He’s deaf and that’s good representation. It’s rare that we get characters like him in shonen manga… although I haven’t read everything that exists so if there is a ton of representation that I have missed, I apologise.

His zanpakuto, too, I liked. It seems to be animal based, mainly birds but we’ve only seen a snippet of him so far so can’t be sure on the extent of his sword. Also, his character design is hot… I mean, has Kubo ever missed? No, no he has not.

He’s the new lieutenant of the seventh division, another favourite of mine after squad eleven. I had mad love for Sajin.

Yayahara was another cool new addition. I’m not sure about her personality and I didn’t get what she was emulating in the human world so I had to look it up. Apart from that she’s powerful and I like that. She has that raw and powerful fighting style that is always fun to watch.

She’s the lieutenant of squad eight.

So do you see! Do you see how I want more!

Why do you keep teasing me Kubo Tite!!!

Then there are Kazui and Ichika, I never expected Renji and Rukia’s kid to be so… adorable? Yeah, she’s adorable! The way she talked to Yumichika, like “You’re looking as beautiful as ever” how cute! It’s interesting to see Yumichika getting along with a kid. I never thought he could.

Ikkaku!! I love him so much! And we got so much time with him! I’ve said this many times but squad eleven is my home and ah, it was good to return to them.

I also did enjoy the humour provided by Kurotsuchi Mayuri. Man is so sore Urahara is back and creating cool things.

On a side note though it’s so weird to see them using smart phones in the soul society. It’s a sight I never thought I would see.

Now onto the big news, the elephant in the room.

Hell?!?! Hell is introduced. So Ukitake couldn’t even die in peace, my man was too powerful to be reabsorbed into the soul society and he’s in hell? That sweet angel of a man?! Shunsui’s best friend?!

That whole ritual seemed barbaric but then it took a left turn and I was like, “Wait, what? How is it they didn’t know this?”

But then I remembered, no one powerful had really died in the soul society for a long time and not three in one go. But then Gin… and Tosen… although I cared more about Gin… did they not realise when they died?

You’d think I’d have an issue with hell being brought up all of a sudden but no, I have no issue with that. As soon as I saw the gates I was like, “Oh I’ve seen them before but where?”

It was in the first few episodes when Rukia was teaching Ichigo about what happens to hollows when you exorcise them. He had to exorcise that serial killer or something, I can’t remember his crimes but they were big, then that guy got sent to hell instead of moving on to the soul society.

Thinking back, hell never really got brought up again. Not that I can remember anyway. So does that mean all the hollows that were exorcised after serial killer dude were good? There were no issues with them and their souls? Even with the Espadas?

I find that hard to believe but perhaps he was saving it, Kubo, this story line and never got to explore it. He seems to like to explore things one at a time. I’m not mad at that to be honest.

The only arc I never liked was the Thousand Year Blood War arc and that was only towards the end because the foes were overpowered and it got boring. I don’t do well with overpowered villains.

All that to say, I love Bleach and I would love it if it came back. I only ever hated one arc and that’s pretty good in my estimation.

The character designs are awesome, I’m already in love with Rindo, Ichigo is looking good! My husband Renji is looking mighty fine! I am ready, I am ready to read about them all again.

If he does come back with Bleach (and Burn the Witch, don’t leave me hanging there sir) will the story focus on Ichigo and his kids or just the kids? Or will the focus just be on that world?

I’m curious.

Anyhow, what did you think? Talk to me!

Shame we didn’t get to see Chad.

It’s pretty cool that Ichigo is a translator.

5 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back? – Bleach

  1. I didn’t know they did a Bleach return one-shot. I do admit it’s not my favorite anime/manga, but that sounds like a good tribute. That’s crazy how the manga has been around 20 years now. It also blows my mind how the original Japanese voice of Renji is the same guy who plays Chouji in Naruto and Tetsuya in Hikaru no Go (one of my favorite Shonen Jump works).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wait really?!?! The same voice actor! Wait, dub or sub because back when I used to watch Bleach I watched it in dub and as I’m re watching it only now am I watching it in sub so it’s a feels new lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay. I remember liking the Japanese voice acting despite not being a hardcore fan of that series. However, Bleach had great themes. Interestingly enough, “Life is Like a Boat” is one of my favorite anime ending themes.

        Liked by 1 person

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