The Most Summer of Summer – Kpop of the Month

Summer finally hit Kpop properly and here are my favourites from the past month of August!

Hyolyn x Dasom – Summer or Summer

The summer queens are back!

Well half of them… but that’s ok because even with just the two of them they still manage to kill it and deliver summer!!

It makes it even better that this comeback was for a good cause, to help those who have been struggling due to the global pandemic.

The song is easy to listen to and as I said they deliver on the summer vibes. I also enjoyed how they switched it up in the second verse with the sing rapping.

The music video is super cute too. I loved their effortless chemistry, it was just nice to see them together again. Also their looks were top notch but that’s to be expected.

All in all, I was not disappointed.

I also love that she did this with Dasom, she was always my fav from Sistar but people kept sleeping on her singing and dancing skills. She’s a good actress sure but don’t forget my girls roots.

Golden Child – Ra Pam Pam

I’m pretty simple (at times) and if you put in a good beat and add in Latin flavour I will like the song. That is what happened with this release. It may even be one of my favourite releases of the month.

The music video had a good story that sort of matched the lyrics. It felt like a movie honestly. So that’s another win.

This is my first time checking out a Golden Child song and what a good introduction!

CIX – Wave

The music video was so cinematic! It was a whole adventure and it matched the lyrics.

The song is about overcoming fate or whatever life throws at you and making it over the waves to what’s on the other side, a bright future.

It made me think of Moana, the mv and lyrics combined. You know the scene where she struggles to overcome the big waves to get out to sea and the first time she fails she gets spooked but the second time she powers on. That journey it feels like that is what this song is about.

I didn’t get the ending though. Why was he on a stretcher? Why was there blood?

As for the melody it’s a nice song. It’s soothing and they captured the bright and hopeful energy of the lyrics in the tone of the song.

NCT U (Doyoung and Haechan) – Maniac

I am mad that it took so long for me to find out about this song, about this masterpiece! I am a NCT stan and I missed it? How?!

It’s a good thing I’ve started following Kpop blogs because I would have missed it completely if it weren’t for them.

It is such a fun song with a fun beat. It’s so good!! Doyoung and Haechan honestly killed it. I liked it on first listen.

I loved the dancing in the music video it was so free. Lia Kim killed it, loved the parts where it was like she was dancing with herself.

It would make a great soundtrack for a rom com.

Red Velvet – Queendom

This song grew on me. I wasn’t feeling it the first time I heard it, it felt too tame for Red Velvet but after a while I found myself craving the song, so yeah it’s a grower!

It’s so bright and cheery, it really fills me up with warmth.

I love the chorus and the end with Wendy’s ad libs they just take the song higher!

I have done an album review on the mini album so check that out if you wish.

Now for the, Honourable Mentions:

Punch x Mad Clown – I miss you, it’s pretty and I missed hearing Mad Clown’s voice.

Kang Insoo – Love Yourself, it’s warm and fuzzy and the song has a good meaning.

ONF – Popping, it’s upbeat and has the right summer vibe.

BDF – Moon Walker, I may be turning into a fan. I like the space theme they have going on at the mo. They have good dances with each song. The song itself is pretty solid.

Ateez x Jongkook – Be My Lover, this song has an old school kpop feel and by old school I mean from the 90s. However the song also has a modern Ateez flavour mixed in making something new… oh with a healthy amount of saxophone. It’s cute and nostalgic.

Bokkudoong ft Ravi – A Little Shy

This is so cute and fun! It’s nice to have a song that is there for fun and asks nothing of you but to enjoy it.

I don’t know what it is but it just soothed my soul.

Ravi’s feature wasn’t jarring either, it all just flowed well. A surprising gem for me.

That is it for this month. I did also like Stray Kids’ comeback but my NOEASY album review is going up the same day as this post and I shall be talking about my favourite, most favourite, song on that album on here, Silent Cry… I love it so much.

Until next month, ciao!

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