A Super Long July | Kpop of the Month

This month feels like it went on forever and that’s probably because a lot happened in my personal life.

I even thought I’d written a post for July already and was supposed to write one for August… my brain honestly.

My life is slowing down, at the mo, and I’ve been getting back on track. Music is what gets me through tough times or cheers me up or helps me cry so let’s dive into my favourites this month.

Hyolyn – To Find a Reason

I hope she is good. I listened to the song and read the lyrics and honestly I hope Hyolyn is doing good and has good people around her.

This song has her soft whisper singing that I love and reminded me of why I love Mad Clown (he pops in).

It’s a deep song and tackles the questions, “Why should I carry on?” “Why am I here?” “Why?”

Every day she wakes up and finds a reason, which is good. It’s good that she has reasons to carry on. I’m glad that music is her outlet as well, where she can express her emotions and her deepest feelings.

It’s good to let it out rather than to keep it within.

Side note: was the rain real or music video magic? There’s something so organic about the music video.

E.So – Orgel

I love her voice and the tone of the song. It’s dark and I love a good dark song. However, even whilst the tone is dark she still hits some sweet higher notes.

I like the aesthetics of the music video and I love how the storyline in the mv matches the lyrics of the song! Sometimes I like simple mvs that get to the point and aren’t too cryptic.

The lyrics, from the translation I read, are about her not wanting to be controlled anymore and how she’s not going to perform the same melody like she’s stuck in a music box.

It’s all very interesting and I like how she got me think.

Rain, Monsta X, Ateez, Brave Girls – Summer Taste

I’m mad this is a good song when it’s just a Pepsi advert!

Capitalism is winning!

But really the song slaps. I liked it on first listen. The rap is good and the singing is on point and the chorus is actually fun.

The looks are good too in the music video and all the artists from various groups blend well together.

It’s a solid summer banger and it really did give us a taste (heh).

*gets mad at Pepsi again*

D.O. – Rose

He’s good at making soothing and feel good songs. It leaves you feeling warm and fluffy.

The song is about how he’s so in love even though he sees her every day. He’s got it bad and he doesn’t mind.

In the mv their love is growing beautifully like a rose. Also man is enjoying a nice bike ride on a beautiful summers day whilst thinking about love.

I did check out his album too (and did a review on it) and my favourite song is Dad. That song is just beautiful and I love that he dedicated it to his father. So sweet. The whole album is about love really and so I like that he included familial love in that.

Now for some Honourable Mentions that I didn’t love but I liked enough to include:

Dongkiz – Crazy Night, the song is so weird I love it! The song and the music video actually.

Jong Up ft Moon SuJin – Find, It’s a chill and smooth song. It’s good to relax to.

BM – 13IVI, I did not expect to like this song as I’m usually not a fan of songs that are too bombastic. However, surprise surprise, I liked this one. I like the message, about how you have to hype yourself up because you can’t rely on others to do that for you. Which is true, you spend the most time with yourself so why not uplift yourself?

Kangta – Free to Fly 2021, this is a remake, a revamp of his old song. I am not a fan of Kangta so I’ve never really checked him out (as I’m not a ballad fan and that’s what I assumed he made) but wow I wish I had before! His voice! I’ve heard him sing before but in this song his voice just took me, arrested me! It’s so beautiful!

Sleepy ft Bang Yong Guk, DinDin, Mommyson – Grandeur, I thought it was going to be about bragging about their riches but it wasn’t! I should have known, BYG wouldn’t let me down. It’s a diss track to the rich and you know I love that. It’s so good to hear Bang Yong Guk tearing it up again *happy sigh*.

Tiger JK – Love Peace, I expected this to be about peace and turning the other cheek but nah! It’s not. He’s ready to throw hands! I feel like the lyrics are layered and refer to a lot of things thus there’s plenty to dissect.

DPR Live ft Beenzino and Hwasa – Hula Hoops,  a chill song and not too deep. It’s loosely a love song. It has a sick ass beat and at one point it got in my head for part of the day.

SF9 – Teardrop

I actually enjoyed this song. I’ve heard mixed reviews for this song but as it is the second song I’ve checked out from them I didn’t have expectations and this song is just my jam.

It falls into my sexy club playlist that could be used on a runway show. Have I written that post yet? I really should if I haven’t.

I like that falling effect in the melody and the instrumental centric chorus with the sexy beat.

I love that they’re singing too, a weird thing to say but there hasn’t been a lot of singing lately in kpop. SF9, however, came and they sang!

I’ve watched their live stages too and the dance is sexy and very sharp. I like it. They’re such good performers and I remember thinking that when they performed in the past… also they’re super tall, they’re like Vixx but taller.

AKMU – Nakka and Stupid Love Song

Nakka had cool visuals in the mv and I enjoyed the song overall in terms of the melody.

Stupid Love Song has my vibes when it comes to sad break up songs. I like the ones where they’re not really sad and are more like, “Hey, you move on and live your life, amma sing this song though…not for you but for me.” Or I like the ones where they get out all their frustration, like Exo’s album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo? One of those writers was letting it all out and I was living for it.

Crush in SLS is just *chef’s kiss* his voice never misses.

Last but not least is…

Dreamcatcher – BEcause

This is the most low key of their songs so far, at least I think so. I still like it though. I am yet to hate a title track which is good.

My favourite part of the song is the beat and when Dami comes in, she just goes off every time! No matter what you give her she delivers. Her voice rapping plus the drums is so good.

This song also sees the return of rapper Sua. It’s good to have you back sis.

Then there’s the music video, it’s not as creepy as others I could mention. In fact, I thought it was pretty. I really liked the costume and set design. I especially liked Siyeon’s set design with the flowers and the transition they do in her section too… so cool.

I have yet to check out their album but when I do I shall do a review of it on my YT channel.

Alright, that’s it for July. There were more honourable mentions than features this month (and last month too I think) amma need to cut down on that.

Which was your favourite? (Even if it’s not on my list).

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