All the Time?

Welcome to another episode of Gift doesn’t understand romance with your host Gift!

Honestly I’m supposed to be a creative person and yet in some things I’m very scientific. Then again, I was a science nerd and in the top set all five years.

When I read my first novels I can see that a part of me was very romantic but had a fairy tale idea of love because all I knew was what I read about in books or saw on TV or in films.

So I never had my own knowledge of love. At least then I didn’t.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve gained my own knowledge but even the knowledge I’ve gained is limited as I’ve never been in a long term relationship and experienced the relationship bliss.

So this means I get very fascinated when I encounter couples who thoroughly enjoy spending every waking moment together.

I have seen many couples like this and I always wait for the other shoe to drop and for one of them to be like, “Ok, I’m going to need time away from you,” and it never happens! In happy relationships anyway, it doesn’t happen.

Now, I know not all couples are like that. But I’m interested in the couples who are like that.

And it isn’t that they can’t be apart. Two couples that I am thinking of have been apart and managed quite well without each other but they always come back to each other, like magnets and they enjoy each other’s company.

Is it the introvert in me? Is that what it is? Because no matter how much I like someone I need some hours of silence.

However, thinking about it there are people in my life who I don’t mind spending those hours of silence with. So is that what it is like for those couples but instead of it happening in a friendship it happens in a romance?

Is this what happens when you’re friends with the person you’re in love with?

I am just so fascinated by it and I’m in two minds about whether I want to experience it or not.

On the one hand I would love to experience it. I find myself sitting there like, “Must be nice,” because you have someone who is there for you and who enjoys your company and misses you when you’re gone and doesn’t mind spending hours on end with you. That’s beautiful.

However, on the other hand such intimacy scares me. To open yourself up that much… the two couples I’m thinking of are lucky because it worked out for them… but what if it doesn’t work out. What if you give too much to the wrong person? How do you know they’re the right person?

Honestly, I’d like to sit these couples down and interview them because as you can see I have many questions.

Sometimes I think I would have made a great anthropologist… in fact I know I would have made a great anthropologist. It’s a shame humanities is such a hard field to get into as a black woman (I’ve tried).

Anyhow, am I tripping or does anyone else have these questions?

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