Sexy Club Playlist

I’ve been talking about this playlist for a long time. Every time I discover a new song for this playlist I mention it.

Finally, I am writing this post, although I really thought I’d already made this post… apparently not!

So let’s get right into it.

Chungha – Stay Tonight

I almost want to make a fashion line and go to some fashion week just so I can pick this song for the models to walk to. It’s so perfect.

I love everything about this song, the melody, the dancing and the looks. They just slayed everything honestly.

The lyrics are sexy and the song has you feeling yourself, like “Yes honey, stay tonight!”

OMD I just got a visual. Imagine actually singing this to someone? I used to collect songs for moments in life and this is the perfect song to seduce someone with in a light hearted way.

So yes, it’s sexy and it has that club/ run way energy.

Ugh! I love it.

Wonho – Lose

For someone who wasn’t into Monsta X I really fell hard for Wonho when he went solo. I’m going to check out Monsta X’s stuff especially since I loved Gambler so much (a whole gem!!!) so don’t worry/ jump me!

From the moment the song starts it’s sexy. You’re probably thinking because of his looks but no! It’s his voice! He delivers even with just his voice!

Although, him looking like a sexy cyborg in the mv did help. I can’t lie.

Anyway, the lyrics be talking about how he’s stuck in this person’s web and how he can’t escape and how in their game of chess he will lose. But he doesn’t want to lose!

So the lyrics fit the theme, I feel.

I like how the beat doesn’t come in straight away but starts in the chorus… so magnifique and I love how it carries the song but doesn’t overpower the song. It’s understated.

The whole song is an understated sexy and sometimes that gets to me more.

Dreamcatcher – Sleep Walking


They want to be close to you!

So the song is about them and their lover and how they can’t get enough. They have to part but they don’t want to so it’s bittersweet.

I like the beat breakdown after the chorus each time, it gives you time to just marinate in the music.

This song fits the part of the evening where you’re drinking by yourself grumpy (if in a movie) by the bar. Or if you don’t drink just sitting at the bar with your orange juice (a la Phil) contemplating your love life.

It’s sexy enough for this list with little moody undertones that would fit my next list.

SF9 – Teardrop

Honestly the lyrics are melancholy and so it can totally go on the moody club playlist but the dance and the beat make me put it here.

When I saw the dance I was mesmerised, they really came to serve looks and that sophisticated sexy aura. I was very much there for it all!

The beat too gives me moody sexy vibes. Their singing does match the tone of the lyrics but I could hear this song in a club scene in a movie where the love interests are having a moment and are lost in each other as they dance.

Am I in the wrong career? Should I pick the songs for movies?

Anyway this song fits both playlists in my eyes.

Dreamcatcher – Can’t Get you out of my mind

Dreamcatcher are on here again and it’s because they have a surprising amount of club bangers. They’re so versatile.

This song more than being sexy is a just a good club song. It has a good beat and it builds well. It has those moments just for the beat in the chorus, for you to dance, and I like that.

It’s upbeat and feel good and the lyrics fit the theme of this playlist so yes, a good fit.

KNK – Sunset

This song started this whole damn playlist!!

It was so sexy and for what! For whom!

When I say this song is the perfect blend of a sexy club song that can be used for a runway show! Like who do I have to talk to, to make this happen?

And the dance! *faints dramatically like Hyunjin* it is so freaky cool! They could be in the runway show.

Even the music video fits the vibe! I mean, they understood the freaking assignment!!!

*deep breath* I love this song.

So that is it for my sexy club playlist. I hope I gave you some songs to add to your own playlists and to enjoy.

Until next time, ciao!

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