Moody Club Playlist

Last week I talked about my sexy club beats (kpop edition) and this week I shall be talking about the list I referenced a lot, my moody club playlist.

These songs are more sombre but still have a good beat. They are songs to moody dance to, to dance like no one is watching! These are the songs you’ll find yourself in your feels dancing to in the club or in your bedroom.

So let’s jump in!

Dreamcatcher – Whistle

This is from their recent mini album (at the time of writing this post) and it is my favourite on said album.

The beat pretty much starts from the beginning of the song and is the heartbeat of the song. It builds at the right moments and slows down at the right moments, it’s just perfect honestly.

It may be my brightest choice for this playlist, it has me grooving and there is no way I can listen to this song and sit still.

As for the lyrics I did talk about them in my YouTube video on the mini album so if you’re interested check out the video.

Dreamcatcher – Poison Love

I’ve talked about this song before and how much I loved it. As the title shows the song is about a toxic relationship and the tone of the song is not sexy enough for my sexy list and so it made it here for my moody club playlist.

It’s the perfect song for moody dancing in the club.

NCT 127 – Replay (PM 01:27)

This song feels sexy and so it was originally on the other list but the lyrics don’t fit that vibe and so I think it’s better suited here, in the moody isle.

I mean who hurt the SM songwriters? They be going through it sometimes. In this song they just want to be loved.

This song definitely had me in my feels even before I knew what the lyrics meant. It will really have you dancing in your own world whether at the club or your bedroom. So yes, perfect for this list.

Mblaq – Smokey Girl

Had to have this song on here, the original for my kpop club playlist, the one that got me in love with these types of songs!

Nah Mblaq were ahead of their time for real, for real.

Everything about this song is perfect, the way the song starts and slowly builds to the chorus. The chorus that is repetitive but lowkey and allows the beat to take over and the vibes! Then Mir’s rap! He really came just to snatch everybody up!

It’s a masterpiece!

Sunmi – Call

The beat pops off from the beginning of the song and it just gets better from there.

The beat is what has me thinking it’s perfect for a club playlist. I would say it also has some retro feels to it at times which fits with Sunmi.

The lyrics give it that moody vibe. She’s big mad and she wants to express it so pick up the phone!

Chungha – Bother Me

I love the attitude of this song, especially in the chorus. She really came for the subject of the song. Honestly Querencia is fast becoming my favourite album of 2021 and it is because of gems like this.

It’s not just the chorus that slaps, everything slaps. As soon as this song starts it just goes there. Her singing and the beat together they’re just…*dramatic Hyunjin moment* they’re perfect.

If you stay still whilst listening to this song I lowkey judge you. I will side eye you from England.

Dreamcatcher – Silent Night

We started with Dreamcatcher and we shall end with them.

This song is sombre in tone and so it fits the moody vibe in that sense. Their singing and the beat fit that sombre tone mostly throughout the song.

As I mentioned when I previously talked about this song, it carries on the themes of Déjà Vu in the lyrics. I said that the lyrics that stood out to me were: “A blade directed at someone, Eventually returns”… so powerful.

I like how the beat carries but doesn’t overpower the song and then towards the end it takes over and leads you to a dance break. The ending is your chance to let it all out, all what you’ve been feeling and carrying, just let it all out!

So that is it for my moody club playlist (kpop edition), I hope you got some gems and can add them to your own playlist.

Until next time, ciao!

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