She was ready! – Teen Wolf

We glaze over this a lot but Allison was not it. I feel like we romanticise her because she left the show too soon but she had her dodgy moments. It’s ok, we can admit it.

I was rewatching season one with a friend and we got to the bit where Kate started manipulating Allison to become like her.

Now, the way I remembered the show was Allison put up some kind of resistance and then she got tricked and then she saw the error of her ways.

However, when I was rewatching that was not how it went down. The bit in the woods where she was squaring up to Scott… she was ready to kill him!

Sure, she stopped at the last second but it got real close there. I was sitting there with major side eye like sis… sis!

Suddenly season two makes a whole load of sense, how Gerard was able to get to her and manipulate her, Kate had already laid the ground work! How could Scott go back to her is beyond me… like… nah, I’d look at you different after you raised a crossbow to me.

Because let’s not forget my man Chris (a fine specimen of a man), he threatens, sure but he never kills someone when they’re innocent. *Heavy African Accent* NEVER! He sticks by the bloody code!

To cut Allison some slack, it is scary to find out your boyfriend is a werewolf. However, your first instinct being to hunt him and to threaten to kill him is… sus.

And in season two I actually was less mad at her as her mom had just died. Her mom was trash and she tried to kill Scott. I’m glad someone eventually told Allison the truth because it was getting annoying. But, it doesn’t matter my personal feelings about her mom, it was still her mom. So her being sad and spiralling made sense.

So really, I’m more mad at season one Allison because girl… girl…

I am alone in this?

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