Silent Cry – My Life Playlist

When I say I love this song… I love this song.

When I was listening to Stray Kids’ new album NOEASY at night I pretty much liked all the songs but when Silent Cry came on it was like love at first listen.

The way it starts with the sound of rain, the pseudo footsteps, the door opening and shutting and … hold on, that part though. That really had me looking around like, “This is the song right?” Honestly, listening to a song at night when they use foot sound effects is a trip.

Anyway, so I was already hooked right? Then Felix came in you his, “” *faints* It was so good! The bass of his voice!!

Listen, it is a fact I am a simp for Felix’s voice (as we all are) and his voice in all it’s forms.

It’s so simple, he’s just saying one word but it went straight to my heart.

From there the song builds to the chorus and that’s when we get that beat that I love, LOVE *she says with an aggressive growl*. I just love how it sounds. The first word that came to my mind was glitchy. It sounds kind of broken but at the same time it’s lit, it pumps you up.

It really made me want to dance and had me feeling it.

Then we get to the bridge with Changbin. Ooh, so powerful his voice is. The way the song sounds at that bridge part when Changbin is going off, it’s like there’s a warning sound going off in the background. Then we have a moment with the music and the song ends on a high.

It’s so strange coming from that emotional high and going straight into the sombre 없는 비밀 Secret Secret.

So, since then I have checked out the lyrics and knowing the lyrics, knowing exactly what they are singing makes the song hit so much harder.

I am not the type to cry over songs easily, in fact when people talk about crying over songs, which aren’t ballads, I always find that strange.

But when I say I cried over this song! This is a TMI but I totally did as I watched the lyric video like… I could totally relate to the song. It spoke to me.

So the song is talking about… actually no, it’s talking to people who tend to keep things in. Who tend to suffer in silence. That silent cry they have going on within them.

Take for example Bang Chan’s first line: “You always say I’m ok but I can see everything, how your heart sobs when you’re alone”… I mean. For one, the way he sings this line is beautiful and touched me. For two, the meaning, what he’s saying! I felt that!

Then Felix’s line: “After turning off the lights in your quiet room, You, who used to smile brightly, are slowly dying”… just… what! Gorgeous writing!

I also really like Hyunjin’s pre chorus part: “In reality, your eyes are dry, ayy I can’t find an oasis in your heart, you’re still wandering, ayy I take one step closer, ooh” Another example of gorgeous writing.

So, you get the gist. But what I love about this song is that they’re not just talking about how you’re suffering but they’re saying, “Hey, I see you and I want to help. You don’t have to cry alone. You don’t have to suffer alone.” And I love that. That is such a powerful and uplifting message.

I mean Changbin’s lines hit the hardest to be honest, in terms of support, just look: “I’ll cry with you. Stop holding it in, let it go, go, go. When you lose strength, I’ll hold you (I’ll) just lean on me, ’cause I won’t let you go” and then his line in the bridge with the warning sound in the back: “When it rains in your heart I’ll take you with me. Don’t hang in there, I’ll open my umbrella”.

The whole bridge to be honest has hard hitting lyrics with Felix and Han: “It seems too difficult to stop the overflowing tears. The rainwater wells up, the rainwater wells up, everything is complicated. The dark shadow behind your bright appearance can be shown to me, don’t hide it from me”.

So yeah, it was a song I really needed to hear and I’m so glad that I did.

Going back to the warning sound and Changbin’s lines. I love how they are paired together. It’s like the person they are talking to has reached rock bottom but because they are unable to show how they are suffering they’re emitting a warning sound, it may be small but it’s there and Changbin/Stray Kids, hear that sound and they’re responding to it like, “I’m here for you”.

I also love how one voice doesn’t stand out. They swap a lot in this song and there’s a lot of back and forth. Lee Know and Hyunjin going back and forth in verse two is honestly so good. And because of that it really feels like they’re talking to you and that they really are reaching out a hand… collectively.  

Honestly, this song would make a great music video. I planned it out in my head too. I did talk about it in my album review of NOEASY that I did on my YT channel (Giftie Speaks) and I also talked about how this song could be Hua Cheng talking to Xie Lian… the hold that book has on me. The impact… it really got to me, the book. And in a way this song made me realise I relate to Xie Lian although I haven’t gotten to his level of cheer. Or have I? Du Du Duuuun! I do hope I get his insane strength though. (I can’t wait for that to be animated… his strength not his suffering).

So yeah, Silent Cry is my favourite song for all those reasons. And I say it is a part of my life playlist because I relate to it on such a personal level it makes sense. I love films and TV so sometimes I view my life like that and I love music so I always think about what soundtrack I would use for certain moments in my life and Silent Cry at the moment would probably be my theme. Like how Superman has a theme in Snyder’s DC verse (I may not love Snyder making Superman moody but his soundtrack bangsHan Zimmer made it right? He never misses).

So yeah, that’s me.

What was your favourite track on the NOEASY album?

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