Wonho – Blue Letter | EP Review

Today I shall be talking about Wonho’s first solo EP Blue Letter. I’m quite excited as I have recently gotten into Wonho as a solo artist.

So, let’s jump in!

Intro Seasons and Patterns

It is a nice piano melody that softly builds. It kind of feels like you’re gently floating in a pool on a clear summer’s day.


The title track. I’ve talked about this song in the Kpop of the Month post. I like it, it’s different in tone from his two other releases and I’m not mad at that.

It also has the perfect summer vibes.

No Text No Call

It’s all in English! I watched this on Mdromeda first and I legitimately thought it was a cover. Clearly I didn’t read the title properly (they always say when it’s a cover).

It’s a pretty chill break up song. They’ve parted ways and he misses them and the fact that they’re not in contact anymore. He wishes he could change that.

The lyrics are longing but it’s so soothing to listen to. It’s such an interesting mix.

Come Over Tonight

The most respectful booty call.

If ever I receive such a call or text I would like it to just be lyrics from this song. It’s so sweet and charming and just… ugh!

It’s the kind of booty call where it’s like he’s not asking for meaningless sex but rather for you two to come together and make love.

It’s romantic.

Also, him asking them to come over could be for sex but also, as he says half way through the song, to just talk. Perhaps he just wants to spend time with them. I get that feeling too.

This song is also soothing but I feel like it’s more so than No Text No Call. I especially like the bridge where his voice gets a little deeper. Usually, people go high in bridges but since his singing voice is already high he goes a little deeper.


This is a song of support. He’s saying he’s here for you 24/7. He’s like you can rely on me because I’ll always be here for you.

Also, reading the lyrics, I feel like this song is a good companion song to Blue. They’re similar in theme.

This song can be a romantic song but it can also be a song directed to a friend or to his fans.


Wow, this song though.

The lyrics be talking about how he feels like a stranger but in the sense that he feels alone. It’s just so beautifully written and I honestly drifted off as I listened to this song and read the lyrics.

It’s acoustic guitar heavy and so it’s soft. It is the softest song on the album and the most soothing. So basically the perfect way to end this soft album.

All the songs work so well together and create this soothing and healing vibe. Judging from what his fans have been saying about his intentions for this album I think this was deliberate.

I like it, a solid album.

All the songs are perfect for a chill playlist or for a driving-by-the-coast playlist the same way B1A4’s EP SOLO was. As it doesn’t just have the perfect soothing vibes but it also has perfect summer vibes.

Those are my thoughts, until the next album review,


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