Why? For What? – Storylines we could have done without in Teen Wolf

The characters I couldn’t stand the most were Kate and Peter and yet they kept coming back!


They had no more storylines for Kira, Arden Cho, but they had more storylines for Kate and Peter?

Their resurrections were so lame as well. They were dead… dead! Every time they came back it undermined the lore of the show.

It is ok to let characters be dead. I wish shows and movies knew that. In fact, it makes a bigger impact. If you keep bringing them back it cheapens their storyline. They stop being scary and become annoying.

Peter was a great villain in season one. He was flawed and technically he was not in the wrong. Well, when it came to Kate he was not in the wrong. She murdered his whole family, including those who weren’t even werewolves. He was trapped inside his mind for years, it made total sense why he went crazy and sought revenge.

However, he was wrong for what he did to Laura Hale and he was a pathological liar and not a good guy in the end as he was hungry for power.

His death was both tragic and warranted.

Kate was also a great villain. She killed an entire family just because she could. She took pleasure in it the same way Gerard did. She was smart and relentless and to have her past catch up with her and have Peter be the one to take her out and expose her evil was poetic justice.

She was also a creep who sexually assaulted Derek. Don’t @ me.

They both died in season one and it made sense and we could move on to other storylines. But then they brought back Peter in the most convoluted and stupid way. The Kanima storyline was strong enough to carry season two, Peter wasn’t needed.

Also his bite was enough to activate Lydia’s storyline, he didn’t need to come back to hammer that home.

Then they brought back Kate as a way to trigger Derek’s metamorphosis. Again, that was not needed. You have many obstacles to choose from, to go back to a previous villain is long and lazy writing. It was also clearly not planned and hastily tacked on.

That made me so mad because they said they had nothing more for Kira when we never saw her master her powers, we never got to learn or see the other types of kitsune and she was Scott’s best love interest!!!

I will never not be mad about that.

And Peter, what did he bring by coming back? Lore? We could have gotten that from the vault! We could have gotten that from Deaton (my man)!!

Yeah, the whole assassin arc was cool and Peter was responsible for that but again it would have been cooler without him. Imagine, he’d still be causing problems but from the grave.


Then there is Javier from the Dread Doctor, La Bete, arc. That whole storyline was pretty cool but then ended up being anticlimactic. In my humble opinion the hellhound, Parrish, should have beaten the beast, hands down. He should have rocked his jaw and then Scott speared him and I am 100% disappointed the fight had none of that.

Ok, I’m not mad that they saved Mason. But still Parrish should have won at least one fight against the beast. Just one! But that’s just a selfish wish of mine.

What was anticlimactic was that the beast was so overpowered and yet his last fight was just… boring? Not that interesting? I don’t know. It was sentimental sure but… that’s it.

And Javier, he went through all that just to die? For what? Why? What was the point? What was his motivation? Why was he willing to help the beast commit murder? I just don’t get it. I would have been more invested if we knew more about the dread doctors.

Also, why didn’t Marie-Jeanne kill Javier? That’s like step one in erasing his name from existence not to mention he covered up the crimes of Sebastien. He was an accomplice! I’m not familiar with olden days French law but I’m pretty sure he would have at least been put in jail.

How did that ordinary, unremarkable, man slip through their fingers? That was negligent.

Anyway, those are my biggest gripes with the show (along with season six but I’ve talked about that somewhere on here). Their obsession with Peter and Kate, and the ending of the La Bete arc.

Also, I will forever be disappointed with how they let down Kira, a great character with a lot of potential.

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