Autumn is Coming! The Last of Summer Bangers | Kpop of the Month

Welcome, a little late with this post. I stop procrastinating with anime and swap it for this post.

But seriously, Tokyo Revengers has me mad!

But that’s not the point of this post.

So autumn is starting and kpop has gotten the memo but they want to squeeze in some bangers before they hit us in the face with the sombre songs… *holds on to summer with dear life* yay!

I kid, autumn and winter do bring sexy bangers once in a while.

Anyway, on with my kpop favourites in September (2021)!! As these are my favourites this list is biased, totally biased to my taste in music. If your fav is not on here feel free to share! Someone may love your fav.

Fromis_9 – Talk & Talk

This song is fun and bright!

It’s been a while since I’ve liked a purely girly song. My favourite groups keep disbanding or “just going on a break” *looking at you SM girl groups* so I’ve been missing this sound in my life.

Every time I listen to this it brightens up my day, deadass. It is the perfect summer song and it made my brain happy.

The music video is bright and fun too.

BtoB – Outsider

It has been a while since I have checked out a BtoB song but I took Kingdom as a sign I need to get into them again.

What a song to start with, Outsider, I loved it so much and on first listen.

It’s jazzy and has brass tones with a good beat, it’s so good.  Also, their singing is so good. Changsub and Eunkwang never disappoint. Peniel’s and Minhyuk’s raps were also really good, they went with the song perfectly.

I like meaning of the lyrics too. They want to be unique to themselves. Why follow trends when you can be yourself? It kind of harkens to that slang I saw popping up in Korean variety shows of being an outsider or an insider, an insider is someone who is trendy and hip. So people always try to be an insider on those shows.

However BtoB came along like, “Nah, I want to be an outsider.”

I loved the music video with them being outsiders but in different ways. Oh, and I loved when Changsub flinched at the end.

Ateez – Déjà vu

It is about the thirst! The fever! The romantic fever!

For all of y’all thirsty hoes out there, this is your anthem.

I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t concentrate on the lyrics well even when listening to the song for the seventh time, the song and music video had me distracted! So, I mostly got the gist.

They’re thirsty for this person but also the person feels familiar, like they’ve met before, hence the title?

It’s safe to say I love this song. The singing and dancing is so good, it hooked me right in. They sing more than I thought they would. This is my second time checking out an Ateez title track but for some reason I thought they had more rappers than singers. I was wrong. So it was nice to listen to a song that was mostly singing.

Don’t get me wrong though, I loved the rapping parts. I loved Hongjoong’s part when he came in all soft like… *leans back* sir! SIR! Stop!

And Mingi really killed it, he felt it. I could feel the sexy passion from him.

I loved the beat too and the music video. Speaking of the music video it reminded me of Liberty X’s Just a Little with the location and the aesthetic and the sexy theme *wiggles eyebrows*.

Wonho – Blue

This song has summer feels but late night summer feels, as the sun sets.

His voice is so sweet and soft, contrasting with his strong and built looks (although he does have a soft and sweet face).

The music video has that American high school feeling. The only thing I feel could have been added was a crew for the female love interest. She needed a girl gang of her own for when approaching him or when he was approaching her.

The song is easy listening, pretty chill and yeah, I just like it. I also like the mini album. There is not one skip.

Itzy – Loco

When I first listened to this song I felt that the verses and the chorus felt different in a way I couldn’t explain. However, after listening to the song as much as I have I no longer feel that. It now flows well to me.

I like the song, I like the vibe. I do still enjoy the verses the most.

The dance is cool but not the baddest (not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good) Itzy dance. They didn’t go as hard as they usually do but I still liked the choreo.

The song be talking about how they’re being driven crazy by the guy they’re with. He’s playing them and blowing hot and cold and they’re like, “… What? Fix up!”

In the music video they show up at his house to confront him and bulldoze it…?

Now for some Honourable Mentions:

Sungmin – Goodbye Summer. I love his voice and I like this song. It is perfect for relaxed listening.

Hyuna and Dawn – Ping Pong. I love that they’re releasing a song together where they can be unapologetically themselves *team let idols be human and date*. They’re really paving the way. Also, their musical styles match really well and the lyrics be speaking… they had a lot to say *side eyes Cube*.

Hanse (Victon) – Take Over. I really like this song. Another for my runway playlist/club banger? Perhaps. I love a good song I can whack to… you know, when I learn how to whack. His rap flow is really good.

Itzy – Swipe. I liked music video concept with Tik Tok and I like the song. I love the attitude they have too.

AB6IX – Cherry. It’s funky and sweet, the lyrics are sweet too. It’s a typical romantic song. I like the key change at the end.

E’Last – Dark Dream. It’s theatrical. If they’d gone just a bit harder this would have been like Boyfriend’s Janus for me (a lifetime favourite). Side note: they’re so young! I can visibly see the youth!

Ciipher – Blind. I like the chorus the most and the bridge. Side note: again, babies!

Dowoon with Song Heejin – Out of the Blue. It’s sweet and nice to listen to. Their voices compliment each other well.

Key – Bad Love

I like this song. It’s satisfying to listen to.

It flows well as a song and has a retro vibe to it. I would say if I had to pick a decade it has 80’s vibes.

I really like the dance as well. As soon as I saw the music video I could not wait to see the live stages. Dancer Key is out to play!

The music video concept is also pretty cool, how bad love is destroying him and driving him crazy.

I love that this comeback is just him. We got to see Taemin evolve and develop as a solo artist and I can’t wait for Key to grow and evolve right in front of our eyes too.

I saw when he won first place at a music show and he was so surprised and grateful and emotional he got me emotional. Plus, he’s been waiting a long time to do this concept and to show his style, so yeah, happy for him.

That is it for September, tune in next month for October!


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