Lee Hi – Only | Straight Up Gem

This song taps into a weak spot of mine, old people love. Yes, I find it so beautiful! When relationships work out, are filled with love, and last into old age… I love it so much! I’m that person who will ask to know your whole love story.

So I am mainly referring to the music video for this song. The music video follows a couple, man and woman, and it’s shown from both the woman’s and the man’s perspective but it feels like the woman is the main focus of the mv.

She is sick and he is there to take care of her. It’s shown that she’s sick in her later years but they are mostly shown as a young couple. You get a glimpse of how they look in present day in the mirror or in isolated shots.

Thus the video got me thinking about how we mostly age on the outside. Yes, as we grow we learn and change but the core essence of who we are doesn’t change. My mom is forever saying she doesn’t feel her age. On the inside she feels the same as she did in her twenties.

You may have encountered this feeling too. Like, I remember when I used to look forward to turning sixteen. I thought it was going to be a big change but it wasn’t… I was just sixteen. Sure, I knew more than I did when I was thirteen but I didn’t feel fundamentally different.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson but I was again shocked when I didn’t feel fundamentally different when I turned twenty. That is when I realised my mom was right.

So this couple, they still see themselves as their young selves and that’s where their minds go when looking at each other and that is why for most of the video that is what we see. I also wondered if the illness she has is dementia but she appears to remember her husband so perhaps not. But then again she appears to only remember young him.

We actually don’t get as many full glimpses of his present day face as we do hers.

And I mentioned how they take care of each other. You can really see that in the mv. They help each other, accompany each other and make time to spend together dancing. It’s so beautiful!

It gives me the same warm hearted feelings I get when I see old couples helping each other on the bus in England. They’ll both be needing assistance but the more physically fit of the pair will insist on holding their partner’s hand and helping them get on and off… I melt internally every time.

As I said it taps into my soft spot. Luckily, this mv is not as sad as Frances’ Don’t Worry About Me which never fails to make me cry.

It’s not just the music video however that is beautiful but the lyrics too. The lyrics match the tone of the mv and enhance the story. They talk about the couple being each other’s only love.

I thought the mv was in the woman’s perspective most of the time as the lyrics appear to be in her perspective. In the lyrics she’s saying she wants that forever love, she wants them to be each other’s person.

It’s so romantic.

I love old fashioned romance. Give me letters, phone calls and ballroom dancing!

Lee Hi’s singing is as sweet as the lyrics of course. The song’s melody is smooth and relaxing. It’s calming to listen to and is the kind of soft song that I like.

Overall, it’s just an absolute gem that had me thinking about age and how we perceive ourselves. It also reminded me that some part of me is still romantic.

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