You Live In Me

Do you ever see yourself in characters?

I do but to see yourself you have to know yourself.

I thought I knew myself pretty well but as I get older I learn that there are still things that I do not know about myself.

With what I do know however these are the characters I see myself in.


Calm down, I don’t relate to his villain tendencies. The choice he made to eliminate humans so jujutsu sorcerers would be free I would not make.

However, I don’t live in that world. As I talked about in my Jujutsu Kaisen video, and I think I wrote a post on it, Suguru became the way he was because man was at his wits end.

His comrades were dying left, right and centre. Gojo was changed and far from him. He felt alone and on top of that his ability is unpleasant. He has to swallow the curse to exorcise the curse. That can’t have been good for him. Personally, I think he was driven crazy.

Their world was flipped upside down by Toji and they never recovered.

I just get him. I get why he’s sad. It’s a lot to experience the world as you knew it crumble. It takes a strong person to lose all that and still come out the same, with the same hope, with the same optimism.

Also, his dying words resonated with me.

On a lighter note, I am also quietly chaotic. Gojo is outwardly chaotic whereas Suguru is quietly chaotic. He always goes along with Gojo and they’re a perfect team. It’s because I 100% believe Suguru is there in the background like, “Do it!” when Gojo is going to do something crazy.

Alas, if only Suguru saw the world for what it was sooner instead of being so idealistic in the beginning. Perhaps then he would have been saved.

Do you think if he’d confided in Gojo, Gojo would have joined him or talked him off the ledge?


This one is not as sad.

I like Hatsuharu, that’s for sure.

I don’t think I’m completely like him but we do have things in common.

I would say probably our black and white personalities are similar. I wouldn’t say mine is as extreme as Haru’s but it’s there.

I am also the type to become intensely loyal to a friend, to want to help out and I am kind. Yes, I am claiming that trait!

Also we share the same taste in clothes and accessories.

*gasp* Am I attracted to myself? Is this what they mean when they say couples resemble? (My manga crush is Haru).


She looks like a cinnamon roll and yet could kill you…she’s that meme. How she hid it for so long without slipping up is beyond me. She’s better than Aizen.

I enjoy fighting but since doing martial arts I only do it in controlled settings, like a tournament. It’s fun.

However, I look like a cinnamon roll. So yeah, twins.

Side note: it’s smart to become a medical Shinigami so you can heal yourself endlessly and fight. She’s so hardcore.


I’ve always said I would totally join squad 11 and it is because I would fit right in!

That carefree attitude and the love of fighting, I’m for it!

Kenny allows his team to be themselves as long as they do their best and win battles. Even if they don’t win he’s happy if they gave it their all (and don’t get in his way). I like that about Kenny and I think I am like this because of what people have told me.

So it’s not really want I saw in myself but what others saw in me. I’ve been told I make people comfortable and I allow them to be themselves so I guess it’s true.



So I had him on my original list and then when it came time to write and post I second guessed my decision and took him off. I’ve been re watching Bleach recently and I realised, I was right the first time! I just forgot why I related with him. 

So Kenny is who I want to be. Or rather he is who I would be without my limits. Byakuya is who I actually am. Like Byakuya I am hot headed but I have learned control. I care deeply even if it is not always shown and I enjoy a good fight.

He resembles Kenny, in fact they’re just as battle thirsty and ruthless as each other but Byakuya hides it well and doesn’t give in to his instincts because he’s learned he can’t. 

He’s also very competitive. 

He’s had to give up on being himself because of life. With meeting new people (read: Ichigo) he’s been able to open up again. 

At first I wondered why Renji would join a squad like Byakuya’s after being in squad 11, the best squad, when I realised… hmm Byakuya is not that different from Kenny and honestly that was the best squad for him to go in to as a second option. Also he could never be lietenent with Yachiru around… aaaand he wanted to be close to Rukia. But you get what I’m trying to say! 

*end of edit*


So those are the characters I see myself in.

Should I be worried?

I don’t think so.


They’re nice.

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