Twice – Formula of Love: O + T = <3 | Album Review

I am checking out my first Twice album! I thought I might as well as I’ve done Itzy’s and I was curious about what a Twice album sounded like.

I’ve listened to their title tracks, of course, and I have my favourites amongst them and ones I’m not too hot about.

However, I’ve rarely checked out their b sides so I’m coming with a completely fresh mind. Sometimes, groups are exactly the same in their b sides, as in their songs match the tone and style of the title tracks. Whereas other groups have b sides that are vastly superior. And then there are the groups where I only like the title tracks.

Anyhow, there are seventeen tracks on this album with one being a remix, and two being versions of The Feels.

Let’s get to it!  


In this song they’re saying to stop overthinking and over analysing love. Love isn’t a science (although some neuroscientists might disagree but then they might agree because you can study the chemical reactions in the brain at the moment someone “falls in love” but… *she continues to ramble*). 

As I was saying, it’s better to just go with it and that’s what they’re urging their beau to do.

The song is mellower than I expected it to be. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it. It’s ok, so I’m ambivalent.

It works as a title track however and I love the dance and mv. I shall be learning the dance. And the mv is just perfect for the song, the lyrics and it’s fun. They look amazing!

I especially love Momo’s whole look in the mv. Her hair colour and her outfits… Twice’s stylist, you’re doing amazing sweetie.


The song is completely in English… wait is this is an English album? (it’s not)

They want to dance with their beau in the moonlight, together just the two of them.

The beat is pretty funky. It reminded me of Lionel Richie and his feel good dance bops but a more subdued version. So it has a little of that 80s dance number flavour, which I am not mad at.

It is dance on your roof top music *if your roof is not flat, do not attempt*.


I’ve got to admit, no matter who the group is (seriously no matter) these type of subjects in a song bore me.

They’re basically talking about how they’re iconic. I did like the parts of the song where they were asserting themselves against haters but otherwise, meh. That is lyrics wise.

Also the rap section was cheesy.

However I actually liked the melody. It’s pretty chill and I love their voices in the pre chorus and verses. It was pretty nice.


Dahyun wrote the lyrics for this song.

I do like how whenever a member contributed they put their name in a heart, on the track list, it makes them easy to spot.

It’s so interesting that the verses are in Korean and the chorus is in English, entirely. Then the bridge is a blend of the two. I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

In the lyrics they’re talking to their former beau. They’re like, “Yes, I’m cruel. Just as you were cruel so deal with it!” They are giving back twice what they got… ey twice… I didn’t even do that on purpose.

As you know, I enjoy songs where they get petty in the lyrics. It makes for fun listening.

As for the melody, I like it too. I especially like the beat. This song would be perfect for my ‘Dancing In My Room In The Middle Of The Night’ playlist along with WayV’s Midnight… I may need to shorten the name of the playlist. (Not to be confused with ‘Put Me To Sleep’ playlist… which is a positive list despite how the name comes off).

It’s a song to vibe to and to dance to.

Real You

Lyrics by Jihyo.

In the song they’re saying, “Show me the real you. Don’t hide behind games and don’t be fake. Show me the real you and I’ll show you the real me.”

As they’re in love and are pursuing a relationship they, the girls, want to be real with their beau. They want to lay it all bare and let the chips fall where they may.

I’m just throwing idioms at you huh? I realised I speak mostly in idioms…


It’s another upbeat song. A nice dance track. They did give a good selection of dance songs in this album.

It’s a song I’m ambivalent towards. I like it but I don’t love it as much as I love others.

F.I.L.A (Fall in Love Again)

Lyrics by Nayeon

This is such a fun song!

The lyrics are pretty straight forward, they talk about the thrill of falling in love again. It does what it says on the tin.

The song though! Melodically!

This time it has 70s vibes to it and I love the 70s! Disco, to be more specific. It’s a modern disco track and I am here for it.

I love disco and I will defend the genre till my death. It was too powerful thus they had to kill it. *glares at them*.

So yes I totally vibe with this song and it never fails to make me dance.

I really like Jihyo’s voice in this one, the song matches her well. Also, the rap that is in this song fits very well. It is smooth and added to the song. 10/10.

Last Waltz

This song is top tier!

So they are about to break up but they want to have a good break up. One that is beautiful and romantic rather than sad and so they’re proposing one last dance to savour the last moment.

The singing in this song though! They really went off. Sana really shone in this song. At times I didn’t know it was her till I looked up and checked. She killed it.

I loved all their voices to be honest. I’m loving the mature sound of Twice. Ugh… so good.

The only part I did not like was the rap after the first chorus.


Not every song needs a rap!

(However on second listen, as I was expecting the rap, it was less jarring. Still stand by my statement but I got used to it.)

Apart from that I liked it. I love the chorus and the pre chorus the most. I like the composition of the song. It sounds mismatched and it shouldn’t work but it works so well *Cheshire cat smile*.


They are the expresso. They’re dark, addictive and will wake you up, so have a sip.

That sounds dirty but they don’t mean it that way in the song. At least I don’t get that impression. They’re just letting their beau know what’s up.

I like this one as well. The beat I especially like. It feels sexy in a way, it’s a different tone from Last Waltz, slightly darker (that goes with the lyrics). I really like it.

Their singing as well. I can feel what they’re trying to convey. The way their voices meld with the beat too… I like.

Ooh! It reminds me of a Boa song, that grown sexy woman sound.

They could make a really cool and sexy dance for this.  

알고 싶지 않아 (Rewind)

It is short and sweet.

They’re saying they don’t want to know about their ex or how they’re doing. They’re not curious at all! They also don’t care to share about their lives either.

This song, lyrics wise, feels like moving on but you’re still a little petty about it.

I’m not mad at that.

Favourite line:

Our relationship wasn’t as beautiful as a movie, it was the kind of love that everyone does.

Bars! I’ve felt that.

Melodically this song slows things down from the excitement of Last Waltz and Expresso and the previous dance tracks.

It’s smooth and easy listening.

선인장 (Cactus)

Jihyo wrote the lyrics and contributed to the composing along with 희창 Coke Paris.

We carry on with the slowed down portion of the album with Cactus.

I read, from Onces, that Jihyo wrote this about her plant that died, a cactus. Honestly, I can relate. When your plant dies, and it’s a cactus, it’s so disheartening. I did a whole post on it and my plant babies.

*sigh* I even lost Hattie Mae due to disease… why Hattie! You were a cactus! A beautiful cactus that flowered!

That added layer makes me like this song more.

Sana’s voice in this… I may just be a Sana simp but her voice is *chef’s kiss*.

I feel like melodically this is an upbeat ballad. It’s a ballad but them singing with a band makes it feel livelier and not so slow and depressing as I find most ballad type songs.

Also, their singing is filled with emotion. I can feel it. So, out of the slower songs I like this one the most.

Push and Pull

Sang by Jihyo, Sana and Dahyun.

As Sana says in the song, they are the main characters!

It ain’t about the love interest, it’s about them and how the love interest will fall in love with them.

They know they look fly and that the person is interested so they’re just strutting their stuff, peacocking. However, in the song, I can tell they’re getting caught up too because things aren’t going as planned.

The lyrics are fun and light hearted and I like the imagery of it. It would make a cute mv.

Again, I am in love with Sana in this song. You know what, I’m just a fan. Let’s leave it there.

Her voice goes well with Jihyo’s and Dahyun’s. This is a combo I would never have thought up on my own but they work really well. I have to say, I prefer Dahyun singing as opposed to rapping.

The song is nice and lively to match the lyrics and has the same playful energy. It wakes you up from the mellower numbers.

Like, we made you contemplate life through my cactus… now let’s have fun!


Sang by Nayeon, Momo and Chaeyoung.

I zoned out during this song.

By now I think you know what I’m going to say. I did not feel it.

The rap… it’s just cringey.

I liked the beat and to be honest I think this is a really good trio to put together. However, I don’t like this style of rap.

I liked the chorus, probably because that’s where they sang. But yeah, sorry…


Sang by Jeongyeon, Mina, Tzuyu.

This one is interesting, lyrics wise.

So they fall for someone but they’re moving at a different tempo compared to that person. They’re moving too fast whilst the other person is either slow or at a standard pace.

They feel sorry about that and realise they’re going too fast and try to match their tempo but they can’t.

So in the end they have to let go of the person.

It’s interesting as well that the song is called 1, 3, 2 because in my head I thought, “Huh, it’s like they’re so eager to move on they skipped a step, realised it and came back down one.”

I may be reaching though.

Listening to their b sides I’m discovering their voices as if for the first time. I especially like these units because you get to really hear them and hear their individual colours.

Again, a solid trio. To be honest, I think any trio works in Twice.

I really like this song, it’s mellow but has rhythm. The beat sounded a bit like reggaeton. It has that Latin flavour that makes you want to dance but the type of dance where you hold someone close and it’s intimate… or you wine. Which fits with the lyrics of the song.

If you catch me wining to this song… no you didn’t!


This is another full English song.

It’s a typical romantic song. I don’t dislike it. It’s a soft way to end the album.

It’s a different mood from 1, 3, 2 though so it might throw you off a bit if you’re listening to the songs in order.

It’s nice. Their voices are soft and sweet. It’s like they heard, “The song is called Candy,” and they said, “Say no more,” and got in the booth.

The Feels Kor. Version

Chaeyeon contributed to the lyrics.

It’s the Korean version.

The Feels (digital only)

I don’t really need to say more on this track. It’s the one that is taking the clock app by storm at the moment.

Scientist R3hab Remix (digital only)

It’s a remix.

I’m not a fan of remixes to be honest however this one is not bad. It adds to the song without taking anything away. Also, if you found the original to be slow or missing something then perhaps you’ll like the remix.

Overall, the album has a retro vibe to it in terms of the beat and melody of most of the songs. I got reminded of the 80s and 70s a couple of times. However, I feel like they did a modern version of those decades.

The theme of the album is love and that fits with the title of the album. I felt like the songs were cohesive and delivered well on that theme.

This is the first Twice album I’ve checked out and I love it! I found songs that are just my style and I didn’t expect to.

It’s a solid album, definitely check it out.

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