The Toxicity of Jealousy | Demon Slayer | S2E1


Demon Slayer is back! Season two here we go!

I have been so excited for this! I know there were bonus episodes from Mugen Train but I did not watch them. I cried enough at the theatres I don’t need to see more Rengoku and get sadder!!

So, I watched the new episode this week. When I saw the memes I knew it had dropped and I was so excited!

Question: have the episodes always been that long or is it because it’s the first episode?

Anyway, we caught up with the main characters and where they are now. Tanjirou got to meet and talk to Senjuro to deliver Rengoku’s, Kyojuro’s, message. Because there are three Rengoku’s I’ll refer to them by their first names from now on.

So, we find them in the middle of grief and their grief looks different from person to person.

Kyojuro did mention that his father hit a slump and from then on he wasn’t the same. I do wonder what that was because he gave up being a hashira and he tore up their records of the sun breathing technique.

Now, there are missing pieces to the puzzle. We don’t have the whole picture so we can’t know for sure yet why he is the way he is. However one thing is clear, he is jealous.

They say jealousy is a reactionary emotion, in that it is a result of another emotion. In this case I think he is jealous because he felt inadequate. He recognised Tanjirou by his earrings alone and went off on one because Tanjirou’s ancestor was so amazing and so great and was the source of all the other techniques.

Side note: how awesome though. To think Tanjirou’s family was just sitting on that.

However, surely he always knew this as the Rengoku’s keep a thorough record of everything. So when did he start to resent this knowledge? Did others make him feel inadequate because his flame technique, no matter how powerful, wasn’t the sun technique?

Whatever happened that jealousy is his biggest weakness.

So what if the fire technique is a derivative of the sun technique?! It’s still powerful! The other techniques are still powerful and clearly they’ve been killing demons so they’ve been doing something right.

Zen’itsu is super powerful at the moment and his technique is thunder base. He could be more powerful if he wasn’t insecure (which I talked about here).

And sure, Tanjirou is from that powerful line but something happened and they stopped fighting demons and they forgot their history.

It’s not important what you have but what you do with what you have (in this context).

Kyojuro was at a disadvantage when fighting Akaza but he never gave up and he made sure man couldn’t kill nobody else! He made sure to hold on till morning. He completed his mission!

So even though he died, his death was not in vain.

I hope Tanjirou’s hard head and sharp words knocked some sense into Shinjuro because he needs sense.

Also, Kyojuro’s last words to Shinjuro… Till the end he remained a being filled with light and was determined to pass it on and to bring light to his family! Let me not talk about him again…yes I still get emotional. Love that man.

Senjuro, what a cutie! Although he can’t fight he can keep his family’s lore and pass on the knowledge. Their line does not have to die.

If I missed anything it’s because I refuse to google anything to avoid spoilers.

Google is the enemy.


Zen’itsu was trying to be the light to cheer up his friends… love those moments of his.

Love that Tanjirou is living in Akaza’s head rent free… yes that’s it, suffer you coward!

Uzui though… *wiggles eyebrows* the subject of the memes I’ve seen. I have thoughts but I’ll save them.

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