Winter is Here – Kpop of the Month!

It’s time for me to round up my kpop favs of November.

There are certain songs that I’ve talked about already and so won’t be talking about them here like Christmas EveL but other than that this list is full of my favs.

As it is a list of my favs it is very subjective so… don’t pummel snow balls at me (like it actually snowed this month… the snow came early! Ugh).

Eric Nam – Any of Way

He is feeling himself in this mv and I am here for it!

The song is artsy, in that the mv is very artsy to me. The horse, the cinematography and just the way Eric was in the mv, artsy.

It worked for the song, as I found the song floaty and ethereal. It’s a nice song to vibe to.

Oneus – Luna 월하미인

It is rather pretty, everything about the song and the mv.

The song is softer and mellower than their last release. At first, it was too mellow for me but it swiftly grew on me.

I always love when groups incorporate the traditional aspects of their culture into their music and music videos. It’s so beautiful.

I love the fans! Apparently, the ones they used were handmade.

The choreography was really good too and again, beautiful.

Gemini ft Camo, Woodz – Mia

I really like this song and the way they sing it.

It’s soft and calming to listen to, a chill song to vibe to. It’s a slow jam I think and usually I don’t like slow jams but I liked this one.

I also checked out his song UFO ft Seori and it was good too (love Seori’s voice) but Mia is my favourite this month.

Monsta X – Rush Hour

For a hot minute I thought the mv was going to be Rush Hour themed.

It’s fun and I like it.

I think I’m becoming a fan…

This song made me think about how if I hadn’t listened to Gambler I still wouldn’t be into Monsta X… a different life.

The song is about them running to the top, hence the rush in the title. They’re stating that their time is not coming to an end but rather it’s just beginning. A timely song as members start to go to the military.

Side note: those poor trees in the mv.

Honourable Mentions:

Astro MJ ft Kim Taeyeon – 계세요. I like the funky vibes of the song. It’s upbeat and a lot of fun, as is the mv.

Twice – Scientist. I talk about this song more in my album review.

Hwasa – I’m a  . I love wordplay and so I love the title and the meaning of the song. I liked the song but it’s not my favourite Hwasa title track. I really liked the breakdown in the mv, that was cool.

Bernard Park – Bad Influence. He has that whisper singing down. I like it. It’s a song about carnal attraction and he’s being tempted. It’s nice.

Victon – Sweet Travel. It’s a feel good song. It’s bright and bubbly to warm up winter.

Raisa ft Sam Kim – Someday. Her voice is SO nice! I love it! I love women with lower singing voices. Their harmony is honey too.

Lee Seung Yoon – Open you Textbook. I like it. It’s sentimental rock and that genre has a special place in my heart.

Gaho – Right Now. I enjoyed this, especially the chorus. It’s nice and dramatic.

Se So Neon – Joke! The mv is eccentric and the singing style is unique. They reminded me of the Scissor Sisters in their vibes and I love the Scissor Sisters!

Last but not least is my girl Min!

Min – Onion

She’s back! And no one told me she was back! You see, this is why I need more kpop friends and kpop friends that know of second gen groups.

I LOVED Miss A. I’m still bitter we didn’t get a proper good bye from them *glares at JYP*.

This track, Onion, is cute and honest… like Min!

She’s saying she has layers and there’s more to her than one image. The lyrics gave me the impression that she is shedding her past image and trying to show her true self. When you’re a kpop idol you have to maintain an image and that can be rather limiting and so even though Min has been off the scene for a while it seems she still wants to make it clear who she is.

This has been a good year for second gen groups, we got 2pm, Luna, T-ara and now Min!

So that is it for this month. I had more honourable mentions than features but that’s to be expected. Winter is truly here and you know what that means… ballads…

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