Tanjirou, Zenny and Inosuke get work! | Demon Slayer S2E2


I really like that Demon Slayer doesn’t stay dark all the time. At the end of the day there will be dark moments but I like that they don’t keep you there. Too many shows recently have been keeping me there… rude.

I really enjoyed this episode because it was exactly that, a light moment in a serious situation.

We got to know Uzui’s character more as we don’t know much about him apart from him being flashy. One thing I was surprised about, he actually has three wives. I really thought people were joking. Yes, I saw them in the opening but I didn’t think he was actually married to all three of them. He is living Zen’itsu’s dream! Although, I don’t think Zenny could handle three wives.

Speaking of Zenny, how cool is it that he can play any instrument after hearing it played once! I’m glad they found some way to get him into a house. However, they really did him dirty with the makeup.

They did them all dirty with the makeup! I’m not even a makeup person and I almost was like, “Give it, let me make them over!” For someone who draws those dots on his face every day Uzui sure sucks at doing makeup for others (that is if he was the one to do the makeup).

So, they’re in the entertainment district and they’re undercover as oiran… my blood pressure is about to be high. I can’t handle spy storylines! Ugh, it’s so stressful and imagine how Uzui must feel having to just watch.

My guess is the demon is the chef lady who walked through the street (btw are those shoes heavy? What are they made of?).

I don’t think the one holding Makio is a demon but rather thinks Makio is falling in love with some dude and so is super mad because she suspects she’ll commit ashinuke. However, I could be wrong.

Also, Inosuke is the worst spy. It’s lucky he has a pretty face because otherwise he’d fail on day one. Having said that, he is doing better at the spy work than I expected. Mans actually being subtle… what a shock.

I have no idea where this story is going but I think I have the demon right. However, there is probably a plot twist coming. Manga readers, this is not an invitation to tell me.

Small details I liked: Zen’itsu breathing out sparks and the sound effects being lightning. It’s not new but I love it every time they do it. Also, he seems to be the least gullible of the group. Tanjirou is the moral compass/emotional support, Zen’itsu is the common sense and Inosuke… I’m not sure yet.

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