I am worthy. We are worthy.

Sometimes it feels like I was born to work.

When I became an adult I realised that adulthood was a scam and really all I would be doing until my death was working.

Sure, I tried to go for a career that I would enjoy but fam, those careers are mad competitive and it began to depress me after a while.

Now, I am concerned with earning money so I can afford to live. Even if all you want is a basic/standard good life that still costs money. In our capitalist society, everything costs money.

However, recently I came across a Twitter post by @melatoninlau and it said: “western cultures believe we must be alive for a purpose. To work, to make money. Some indigenous cultures believe we’re alive just as nature is alive: to be here, to be beautiful and strange. We don’t need to achieve anything to be valid in our humanness.

That really spoke to me.

It is enough that we exist. It is enough that we breathe and wake up each morning. The world may think we have to earn our right to exist on this planet but we don’t! We have the right to exist because we were born!

It’s a simple idea but it really made my day. That post came at the right time when I was feeling down about everything and it reminded me that there is more to me than just working. That I don’t have to prove that I am worthy of existing.

Obviously, I’m still going to have my down moments… so I bookmarked the tweet so it’d always be there to remind me.

 Below some pictures I’ve taken for my nature insta for you to enjoy

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