Jujutsu Kaisen 0 – Suguru Taijutsu Master


I watched the movie as soon as it was released in England because… of course!

I mean Jujutsu Kaisen messed me up. It had me in my feels when I read it after watching season one but I really wanted to see how they would do 0.

There’s so much to dive into and set up, that I had to see how they would do it.

I mean to fully appreciate Hidden Inventory and Shibuya you need to read or watch 0.

So I went by myself because I don’t have anime friends that live close by *looks at my friend in Oz and sniffs* and I wasn’t sure how the cinema was going to be. Well, I found out that I’m the only one without anime/manga loving friends. They all came with someone! Thanks, where was the memo?!

Who’s the Satoru to my Suguru *sniffs again*.

How was the movie?

It was well paced. I was a little impatient as I wanted to see them fight but looking back (I went yesterday- at time of writing) it was well paced.

I liked how they introduced Yuuta (ain’t no way those kids ain’t dead) and Rika.

They handled that story really well to be honest. It was so cute and tragic at the same time. *sigh* Gege.

Yuuta was captured adorably. I can see why he has such a strong fan base. He can be immensely cute… but also annoying. I’m sorry! But he has his moments.

I still like him though. He’s a cinnamon roll.

Maki though, wow what a tsundere, but girl! I fell in love again!


I can’t wait for her arc. I honestly can’t wait. She was just everything in this, everything!

Inumaki, I love that he actually got to shine in the movie. One of the reasons I loved reading 0 is that I got to see Inumaki’s power in action. I remember thinking, “Wow, I can’t wait to see it animated” and now I have!

I wanted to know how they’d make it sound and how they’d show the impact. I was not disappointed. Ten out of ten.

And Panda… Panda can do no wrong. I will die on this hill. He is one of the best characters on this show. Yaga really went off.

*starts muttering* I can’t wait for Gojo to come back so he can wipe the earth with that waste of space Gakuganji.

*deep breath in and out*

The fights, that was my second favourite thing about the movie.

The first was the character development and the pacing. Jujutsu Kaisen doesn’t have a One Piece size cast but there’s still a lot of them. However, each of them got a moment to shine, even those who weren’t the focus of 0 got a fight sequence highlight, like my man Nanami… and Mei Mei, love her.

Their fights were amazing but my two favourite ones were Gojo vs Miguel and Geto vs Panda.

I’m sorry but it was so cool! The way Panda just popped out the ground with that red gleam in his eyes! Eeek! *unabashed Panda enthusiast*

Then him and Suguru fighting! Ahhh! It was so good! The hand to hand combat! I will always love taijutsu *pause for Rock Lee, Might Guy and Might Duy the real ones of the leaf*.

Suguru is great at hand to hand combat. He’s amazing actually. He’s scary actually. He really took that fight with Toji personally and said, never again. He was good before but he said, nah. I need to level up.

Could he have taken ascended Maki?

Then Gojo and Miguel’s fight. I always love to see Gojo fight. Miguel was good enough to force Gojo to fight him close range.

He was pissed though.

That fight got to him so much he made it his personal mission to destroy all those ropes *cackles in irony*.

A lot of people like Gojo because he’s pretty, I like him because he’s unhinged.

Also, he’s still human. The world of JJK sees him as this all powerful being but the ropes show he has weaknesses and Suguru shows that he has a soft spot.

In season two I am looking forward to seeing more of Gojo’s nuance.

That’s another thing Jujutsu Kaisen 0 did well, set up season two. They foreshadowed things perfectly!

I think season two will be Hidden Inventory and Shibuya. So yes, it shall be a lovely painful time and I look forward to it.

I just want non-manga readers to feel what I feel. *smiles sweetly*

This ends part one, I’ll talk about Suguru in Part two.

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