Film Corner: Movies that kept me over the holidays (part 2)

I had a feeling I had forgotten a movie in my last post and I was right, Spiderman! How could I forget the movie I most looked forward to in Winter 2021?!



No Way Home

I’m not going to front, I wasn’t that into the reboot of Spiderman. Not because I didn’t like Tom Holland or anything, I think he does a good job. In fact, each actor brings something new and still manages to keep Peter’s essence so I can never be mad at them. No, I was just sick of the rebooting.

I didn’t understand why they rebooted so soon after Andrew Garfield like… how rude. Man didn’t even get to marinate in being Spiderman.

Also, Toby will always be my fav. I love him and those movies a lot.

So for those reasons I was not that into jumping into another reboot. However, when I saw that trailer and saw the Green Goblin… it was over!

I mean technically I only heard him and then saw his bombs but the Green Goblin! He’s my favourite Spiderman villain. He’s just so sinister and tragic at the same time and Willem Dafoe does such a good job that I have a hard time believing him when he plays a good guy (I spent a good portion of Aquaman waiting for the shoe to drop).

So yeah, I was excited and the movie lived up to the hype. It was so good, the action sequences, the storytelling and the world building. Plus, the multiverse. Ugh! I loved all of it.

The only thing was Aunt May was annoying.

I’m sorry! But really sis, man comes in from another universe talking about how another version of him does bad things that he can’t remember and he’s the one who blew up the bridge… and you think, “We can change him.”

I get what she was trying to go for but I stayed mad.

Sure, change him but keep him locked up.

Also, how do you know the changes you make will stick once they go back to their world. What if they fall into more trouble?

The only one who truly needed healing was Octavius. That poor guy was plagued and his story always made me the saddest.

About that, why do robot arms have to be evil? Sure, they took over his mind but why do they have to be evil? What if they were just helpful like, “You forgot to pick up the dry-cleaning, do it now” or “Eat your fruit, you always forget to eat your fruit” or “Matilda is on tonight.” But no, they had to evil!

Back to Aunt May, her death didn’t hit me that hard because I was mad for most of that scene. Why did she have to die to shoe horn that quote in? I thought we’d moved on from that!

I love Uncle Ben but let that quote die!

Also I’m sure there are other ways to get that message across without having her vouch for a guy who just blew up a bridge and could be lying to them!

It’s ok to give people chances but be careful whilst doing it. Have a plan B at least.

Now everyone has forgotten him… mad.

I wonder how the future movies will play out.

I can’t wait for Doctor Strange 2 eek!

Little Women (2019)

I had this on my watch list for ages since it came out on Netflix. I ended up finally watching it in February.

I’ve watched other versions of Little Women before so I was familiar with the plot and everything. So, I did not feel the formatting of this movie. It was non-linear which can be fun but… this time it was not.

It felt like it lacked the emotional impact. Amy was barely a brat so when she grows and matures as an adult it’s like whatever. You don’t get to appreciate how far she’s come.

We didn’t get to know Beth as much as well as she’s more present in their early lives and this movie focused on their adult lives. So her dying wasn’t that big of an impact either.

There was a criminally low amount of Meg. I love Meg. She’s the most underrated sister because everyone loves Jo or Beth but I love Meg so I would have liked more of her. Plus, she’s interesting. I really like the line where she was saying, just because my life and goals are different than yours doesn’t meant they’re less.

Plus, I like that Meg is materialistic and flawed. She’s not just a goody two shoes. There’s so much to dig into with Meg and they barely scratched the surface.

Anyway, the only character that I feel benefitted from the film was Jo. Although, they didn’t build her relationship with Laurie so I didn’t care when they didn’t get together. But I love, love, that tongue in cheek moment where they show the “happy” ending of her getting married juxtaposed with her negotiating with her publisher. That was the best part of the movie.

Perhaps it wasn’t that it was non-linear that was the problem but that it felt rushed and all over the place. Also, for the early years they could have benefitted from actually having young actors because honestly they didn’t sell the ages they were supposed to be.

The Truman Show

This is a classic I’ve always wanted to watch, Like Sleepless in Seattle. But unlike Sleepless I actually enjoyed it.

It’s such an interesting sociological study of a film.

I mean, can a child even be adopted by a company like that? Aren’t they breaking child labour laws?

But then it’s a commentary on how we’ll watch anything even if it’s wrong just so we’ll be entertained because… hmm let’s not go down that rabbit hole.

Then it got me thinking, would the light falling really make him question everything? How is it that he has this desire to travel?

What shapes a human being, nature or nurture?

Can we detect when people are being deceitful and don’t care about us?

Was it the light that snapped him out of it or the fact that his life was structured and boring, almost Groundhog Day like in its repetitiveness, that did it and the light was just the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Then when he’s desperately trying to escape on the boat in the artificial sea (again how?!) and they let him… then his producer is talking to him trying to get him to stay and I almost thought, “Perhaps he does care about him” but then he’s like, “Aren’t you going to say something? You’re on TV!” And then I was like nope, there’s something deeply wrong with this man.

I almost want a movie on his life and why he’s like this. Does he have a family? Does he wish his life was like Truman’s structured and safe?

Or is he just greedy and after the money?

Many questions.

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