Kpop Songs of the Year: 2021!! (Yeah this is late)

This is late… even for me. But… onward we go!

I’m going to pretend like we’re not almost half way into 2022.

So, my favourite title tracks from 2021! I did Kpop of the month all of 2021 and I kept track of the songs I liked the most so I could do a round up at the end of the year.

My round up is finally here! These are the songs I liked and have stayed liking into 2022.

First is:

Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye

This was a great end to the trilogy. It fit the theme of the other two, Scream and Boca, but had its own flavour. Out of the three it is my second favourite (Boca was too good). Also, Siyeon’s look that whole comeback?! She ate.

Sunmi – Tail

This is one of the ones I play to death. I love this song and everything about it. The catwoman concept, the sexy dance that gives me everything and the song itself. Ugh, love it!

SHINee – Don’t Call Me

What a great comeback from Shinee! It gave me everything I love about Shinee, their sound, their attitude and something I had missed, the out there SM fashion. Oh and Onew’s voice… perfection, how I had missed it. It was a great present before Taemin left for the military.

Ugh the bridge is top tier.

Also, thanks for giving me a new song to sing to people when they bother me.

Wonho – Lose

Looking back, this is the song that turned me into a Wonho fan. I liked Open Mind but I wasn’t sure and then this song came out and I was like, “Yes!” It’s sexy, smooth and I really liked the beat. I also really liked the MV with the cyborg concept.

Imlay ft Chenle – Too Good

This was my favourite NCT collab of 2021. It’s relaxing to listen to.

CL – Wish You Were Here

This is such a beautiful song. It’s so emotional. The fact that it is dedicated to her mother never fails to get to me. That added with the home movie aspect of the music video… it really takes you there.

Wendy – Like Water

This was a really solid solo debut. I really enjoyed the song. I’m not a fan of slow songs but this one fit my vibe. It is relaxing and warm… yeah there’s a warmth to the song that I love.

Cheetah ft Jamie – Villain

You know that saying, “I support women’s rights but I also support women’s wrongs?” This song is the perfect embodiment of that. Cheetah with her nails did, hair laid, make up flawless and a fresh suit assassinating abusers. I ain’t mad at that. And I do like the song. The tone and vibe of it in particular and Jamie’s voice is like honey, it elevates the song.

Chanyeol – Tomorrow

This song is just a vibe. You know of my endless love for guitars, the superior instrument, Chanyeol utilises it well. My only complaint, it’s too short.

Yuqi – Giant

Because of this song I stay ready for a Yuqi solo debut (because I’m sure if Bonnie and Clyde was her official debut). I love her voice and this is just a good song. Again, Gift’s favourite the guitar makes a special appearance. Rock suits her voice. I also like the message of the song and MV.

Oneus – Black Mirror

Ah, the song that got me into Oneus. I love funk and I love disco music so this song was made for me. They wanted me to be a fan, they said enough is enough girl join us! It worked.

Luna was also really good too but Black Mirror stays my favourite.

Taemin – Advice

This is a played to death song. I love it so much! The amount of times I have listened to it… need I say more? Also, what a song to put out before going to the military. He said, “Amma make sure you don’t forget me.” Like we could.

Monsta X – Gambler

Number three on the played to death by Gift list. I stay loving this song and yes it is the song that made me think, “It’s time I checked out Monsta X”. It’s sexy and the rap and vocals are great. I still insist that everyone should watch the live version on Mdromeda because it’s the best performance.

N.Flying – Moonshot

I’m saying this a lot but this song made me a fan of N.Flying. I like bands anyway but I especially like these kind of bands. The phenomenal singing topped with a good rap that fits the genre AND the great instrumentals. Nah, it was over once I listened to this song.

BDC – Moonlight

Another song that was made specifically for me. Listen, I don’t make the rules… I just report them. It’s a fact of life all funk, disco or house songs are made for me.

SF9 – Teardrop

I’ve seen some mixed reviews about this song but I really liked it. I loved all aspects of the song and it did get me interested in SF9.

I guess it’s just my vibe.

Golden Child – Ra Pam Pam

I love the beat and the Latin flavour of the song. I also love the MV. It had a great story and kept me hooked. I’m glad to see they saved the world from the machines and a Matrix situation.

Cix – Wave

I can’t believe I forgot to write this song down on my list. I was listening to Golden Child and the MV reminded me of Wave, another MV that I loved. I honestly really liked this song and it definitely got me interested in Cix. I just love the chorus and their voices, ugh.

NCT U – Maniac (Doyoung & Haechan) Prod. Ryan Jhun

I was so mad when I missed this release because what a good song! It is the definition of refreshing. I can’t get tired of it honestly and Lia’s dancing in the MV?! I have never seen someone have crazy chemistry with themselves.

Fromis_9 – Talk & Talk

This was a fun summer song. I really enjoyed the song, the MV and the live stages. It was the needed dose of sunshine.

BTOB – Outsider

Kingdom reminded me of how I used to stan BTOB so when their comeback came around I was like… I have check it out! They did not disappoint. It’s jazzy and fun. I love the MV and the message of the song. Who needs to fit in with the crowd when you could be your awesome self?

Ateez – Déjà vu

This is probably the thousandth time I’m typing this but this song turned me into a fan. It is such a sexy song and you know I like sexy. Also, the MV was giving me Liberty X’s Just a Little vibes so I loved that. AND they had the best dancing in the rain scene of 2021.

Jessi – Cold blooded

If you follow this blog you already know. This song had me in a choke hold and it still does. It’s number four on Gift’s played to death list. Ugh Jessi, this is my favourite song from her. Add in the fact that the dancers from SWF were the main focus makes me love it more.

Eunhyuk – Be

I love it every time Eunhyuk gets to showcase his beautiful soft voice so of course I loved this track. I loved the MV too and the dance, because you know Eunhyuk can DANCE.

Dreamnote – Ghost

This is number five on Gift’s played to death list. I love this song a lot. It’s so underrated and I’m like why, did y’all not hear it? I know music is subjective but still… this should be everyone’s favourite. I love everything about this song but especially the chorus. Umm!

NCT 127 – Favourite

At first I did not like this song but then later I’d find myself like “You’re my favourite!” If I start subconsciously singing a song it’s over. So yeah, it became a favourite (heh punny). I just love the aching tone of the song, there’s something so melancholy beautiful about it.

I don’t like the breakdown though… every song doesn’t need a breakdown.

Stray Kids – Christmas EveL

I loved this song. I still love this song. Yes, give me an anti-Christmas song, I love it! I love the lyrics, the MV and the melody of the song.

Also, how is it that Felix’s part of a song never fails to pop off?

So those are all my favourites from 2021 Kpop. I haven’t kept track this year so I probably won’t do this again but it has been fun to look back on what I liked and how it changed. Some that I had on my list I had to take off because I haven’t listened to them since. I won’t name names but they know who they are.

Bonus: Favourite albums of the year based on how much I still listen to them: Chungha’s  Querencia, Stray Kids’ NOEASY, NCT Dream’s Hot Sauce, Twice’s Formula of Love: O + T = ❤ and Ateez’s Zero: Fever Part.3.

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