Onewe – Planet 9: Voyager | EP Review

Listen, I know this is late but so are a lot of things I’ve been planning. Recently the only things I’ve been managing to do on time is Cosplay and work.

Is this adulting?


Anyway, I did manage to listen to the album and I’m finally doing a review. I was only going to talk about my favourite song since I left it late but when I was listening to the album over and over I realised I like them all. So, here we are.


This is actually my least favourite song on the EP. I know, shocker. I just gave you whiplash but bear with me.

The universe and space theme continues with this EP and we jump straight into it with the title track.

The reason I don’t vibe with this song is because it’s too slow. It’s too ballady for me and as you know, I don’t like ballads (bar a few).

The lyrics though are very sweet and loving. I love that the music video is just as sweet and not necessarily romantic. It was cute.


This song is beautifully sung. I do gush about Kanghyun a lot but that’s because I love guitars with an burning fire from the depth of my heart…

But I also love Yonghoon’s singing. He really hits the notes in this song.

Overall the lyrics talk about hope. That even if you are sitting in the dark and it feels like there is no way out, that is not the way it will be forever and one day you will escape the well and reach the stars.

I do wonder if the boy in a well is a reference to something.


This song was a love at first listen. I immediately vibed with it. I like that there are two breakdowns in the song. Honestly, my favourite thing about music from bands, they have plenty of moments for the guitarist or drummer to go off.

Yeah, I just love it because it’s my vibe and I would love to see them perform this live. Ugh… that would be a dream come true.

The lyrics talk about a lost love. It seems they can only meet in the in-between time, like when they’re dreaming and such. They’re longing to be reunited but at the moment they are waiting.


This song be deep.

Not going to lie, I looked at the comments to see what others thought because I was like, “Huh?”

The song is a little weird, or different, the way it’s sung so of course that means I love it. As soon as a song goes a bit left it has me sitting up like, “Yes, go on!”

Cya, went off in this song. His rap really fit in well and it is part where I was confused the most lyric wise but probably because I didn’t get the references.


This song sounds so romantic just listening to it. It’s so achingly beautiful. This is the kind of ballad or soft song that I like. Ugh, it reached into my chest and touched my heart directly.

The space theme continues, this time it’s on the nose with the title. They’re orbiting each other. Either they are both stars or one is a planet and the other is a star.

It’s so beautiful! They write such gorgeous lyrics!

My favourite is the chorus, the lyrics and the way they sing it. Yonghoon and Dongmyeong kill it.

My world must have turned for me/ Since I met you, the trajectory of fate has changed/ Just as the stars you see will be there tomorrow/ Wherever I look you are always there

(by HYlyrics X)


This song is beautiful. The harmony of Yonghoon and Dongmyeong’s voices, Kanghyun on the guitar and Harin and Cya, everything blends so perfectly!

This is a ballad type song I like… no, I love!

The warm melody of the night sky, a melodious hug I will present to you.

And that’s what they did!

This song is a hug! A melodious hug!

Just, ugh, love it.


So, in conclusion this EP is achingly beautiful. I loved it from start to finish.

When I first listened to the EP I liked Montage and Orbit the most but now they’ve all grown on me, especially From.


Bonus: I did check out NCT’s 2021 album. I ended up loving NCT Dream’s Dreaming and WayV’s Miracle so I figured no point writing a whole album review when I was ambivalent to the rest of the songs. I also did like NCT U’s Let’s Play Ball but eh, that’s three songs.

When will WayV come back?

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