Dreamcatcher – Apocalypse: Save Us | Album Review

I vibed hard with this album on first listen.

I have already listened to it so many times, like… I’m so excited!

And they got their first win with the title track! What!

Ok first… let’s get into the album.

Intro: Save Us

Not gonna lie, it sounded very funeral-y when it started that it gave me pause. Then it picked up with the rock and I was like, “Ah, sweet music.”

At first I thought the funeral vibes didn’t match the album but thinking of the meaning of Maison, the funeral could be referring to our dying planet… that we’re killing.

Although is it we? We all know who the true villains are.

Locked Inside A Door

This song comes in and is immediately cute. It’s so quirky the way it starts that I’m like, “Ooh” *queue a little shoulder wiggle*. I love the live band combo with their vocals. It’s my favourite honestly, a live band elevates any song.

And did you hear my first love going off in the chorus. O guitar… I burn for you.

It was a love on first listen.

And just as I thought the lyrics are darker than the jazzy beat. They’re talking about not wanting to be boxed in and made to fit the image that this person has or wants for them. Who this person is, is unclear.

I mean… it could be society.

In the end they say, f*ck you, we’re not going to change for no one.


The song they got their first win with! I have never wanted to celebrate with a group more. They deserve it and so much more.

I was so worried they would end up like my baes Spica but no, they got recognised and aren’t splitting.

*tears of joy*

This song is so good. It almost dethroned by favourite title tracks of Dreamcatcher. It has certainly entered the top five with Boca, Piri, Déjà vu and Goodnight. Can you guess my fav?

This song isn’t just good but the message is great. They decided they were going to fight for our planet and make an environmental bop.

I like that. No, I love that.

Don’t ask me about the music video.

I am not good a semiotics.


This one gives me 80s vibes and again it was a love at first listen.

It’s a fun song to listen to but it gives me melancholy vibes. It’s like when you’re dancing to lose yourself in the moment so you don’t have to think about whatever is worrying you.

It’s the song played in a movie when a character is going through it and is either realising on the dance floor and is this close to bursting into tears. Or they’ve realised it and they are dancing and crying simultaneously.

You know I love sad dance songs.

It’s the opposite of Locked Inside because the lyrics are actually hopeful. They’re like, “you’ve gone through this difficult thing but even in the darkness the stars shine.”

It’s a beautiful song and still fits my dancing the pain away movie scene.

It has become one of my favourites on the album.


This one is a pure dance song with its club beat… but a chill one at that. It doesn’t go too hard but it’s not too mild either.

The lyrics and the title of the song do as they say on the tin. They want to stay together.

Is it a childhood friend? Another star? That’s the only part were I was like, “Hmm”.


Ooh… a ballad!

You know me and ballads.

It’s pretty and soothing. It’s a good ballad.

Of course, I am very picky with ballads so it’s not my cup of tea.

The lyrics, however, are so beautifully written. Ugh, they’re so romantic.

A stand out line: Always for you always, I will live every moment.

Dami and Siyeon really shone in this song too. Their voices were just *chefs kiss*.

Skit: The Seven Doors

This leads to a section of the album that I did not know we were going to get, a solo for each member!!

What a treat. I love that they did this and that each member got to showcase their individual colour.

The actual skit track is quite nice. It starts off soothing matching the mood that Always left then it picks up and feels like a theme tune for an anime character (a compliment) then it slows down again.

It’s a great interlude.

Cherry (Real Miracle) – JiU Solo

We kick off with the leader and oldest JiU (the solos go in age order).

This song is so Jiu. It suits her and her voice to a T. It’s sweet and wholesome.

It is more dance-y than I expected her solo to be as I thought she was a ballad type of singer.

The lyrics are also cutely romantic and wholesome.

No Dot – SuA Solo

Off the bat the song starts off very strong. Again, this is what I envisioned when I envisioned a SuA solo song.

It gives a good beat that can be danced to and also offers her opportunities to show off her vocals and her rap skills.

Entrancing – Siyeon Solo

This song gave me big Chinese ballad vibes. The way it began and the instrumentals. Every time I listen to the song it’s like I’m watching a cdrama where the leads are falling in love.

So yes, I love this song. It is exactly the vibe of ballad that I love. It’s so gorgeous and feathery.

Winter – Handong Solo

This is another soft song but with a different vibe. I think Winter’s vibe is closer to Cherry’s but toned down.

It gives coffee shop date vibes when I listen to it.

Then the way the song ends in acapella and her singing in Mandarin elevates the song from an eight to a ten. It just adds the necessary spice that I was craving.

The lyrics are not like Cherry’s though as Winter is post break up and she’s in the stage where she still wants to be with them and so hasn’t gotten over them yet.

It’s bittersweet in that she has to move on but kind of doesn’t want to. At least, that was my impression.

For – Yoohyeon Solo

This one is very jazzy.

I think if Dreamcatcher didn’t do rock they could totally be a jazz band. It suits them very well.

This song is cute and as I said, jazzy, so I enjoy it. You can’t go wrong with jazz.

This song is largely in English with sprinkled in Korean which is the opposite of what kpop songs usually do. I was intrigued and I’m so proud of Yoohyeon! She’s been learning English for a while and she fully utilized her skills here.

It gives me Christmas love song vibes, like, “It’s Cold Outside” that song.

She’s like don’t leave me, stay with me and hold me. There’s longing and slight melancholy but otherwise very upbeat. I could see this song in a sophisticated bar scene in a movie.

Beauty Full – Dami Solo

This is not what I expected from Dami at all and I am living for it.

It is very pop rock, again I am living for it.

But yeah, who knew Dami would give us the most rock out of all the solo songs?!

The lyrics are very Dami though. She’s such a positive person and she’s spreading that positive thinking in her song and I love that.

The lyrics could be summarised as “Dance like no one is watching”. She’s basically saying live your life how you want to live it as it is your life and don’t pay attention to what others think.

It’s a good message.

Playground – Gahyeon Solo

Gahyeon rounds off the solos as she ends it on a bright note. This song is another classic pop song with jazzy undertones.

It’s upbeat, fresh and fun.

The lyrics had me thinking of Rika and Yuuta so that shows you were my head is at. All I could think about was, “Rika wrote this song, this is totally what she would sing if… you know, that, didn’t happen.”

Although, it could be argued she would have sang it anyway.

It’s a super cute song about wanting to go back to those sweet innocent childhood days where you played in a playground with your best friend… and gave them a ring.

I’ll stop.

So this album was a love on first listen. I was so excited to review it as well.

Is it my favourite Dreamcatcher album so far? Almost. I really love the Alone in the City album but this album almost beat it. Who knows in a couple of months I may love this one more.

It’s well rounded and there are some great songs and the title track is really solid.

I honestly have no complaints.

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