NCT Dream – Glitch Mode | Album Review

My home boys! They’re back and with another full album!

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t expect that. I thought they’d do a mini next.

I was excited nonetheless because it’s NCT Dream, I love their music. So I checked this album out semi in time.

For me, this is punctual!

So let’s jump in.

Fire Alarm

This is a crazy, bombastic song meant for windmills and twerking.

I didn’t like it on first listen but then on second listen I was like, “Hmm, this is fun.” And then went with it whilst swinging my hair, hence windmills.

It’s a fun song you don’t have to look deeply into.

Glitch Mode (Buffering)

The title track!

I have to admit, this is my least favourite Dream title track. It’s ok but it’s a little too new gen SM for me. I’m not a fan of mix matched songs.

However, I like the concept and the dance is creative with the glitching which I love. I love it when groups have a fun choreography. And the icy looks they did for that one part in the MV?! That was my favourite. They have Jisung looking like the Snow Queen or Jack Frost.

Also, Jeno in the pink spikey outfit. Top tier, I would wear that. In fact, please Jeno’s stylist, give me the hook up.

The song is about a crush or an infatuation. It’s cute because it do be like that. You like someone so much that when you have to interact with them you start glitching. I can relate with that heavy.


This is a chill, slightly hype, song.

The lyrics run with the arcade metaphors and it works.

It feels like the standard, “We amazing and we can do this. Our journey has just started”, song.

They did do stages with it and it was quite good. Nothing beats Chenle’s voice live honestly.

It’s Yours 너를 위한 단어

The rap line took part in the lyrics.

This is a soothing song after the hype songs before it. They wanted us to calm down and enjoy a sweetly romantic song.

It’s basically Dream’s version Your Song. They’re like, “I love you girl and here are all the words that describe that love for you. It’s yours.”

It’s cute.

Teddy Bear

Mark took part in the lyrics.

In this song they’re saying, let me be your safe space. Come to me after a long day and cuddle under the blankets and let’s drift off together into a cosy dreamland.

The song melodically feels like a lullaby so I feel like they’re lulling me into that dreamland.

Their harmonies in the chorus are splendid. It is so gorgeous!

Ugh, when I was listening to the album for the first time this is the song that made me stop everything and be like, “Wait a minute.”

It was an instant fav.

The Korean title of the song also better describes the song as it’s saying sleep well (good night).

Replay 내일

Mark, Jeno and Jisung took part in the lyrics.

They replay the moments they had with their boo, the cute, the awkward and romantic moments.

This song is both sweet and hype. It kind of flip flops between those two vibes. It kind of works and I’m not really mad at it.

It makes for interesting listening.

Saturday Drip (Jaemin, Jeno, Mark and Jisung)

Woo a song for the rap line!

I like it.

I know I normally don’t like show off songs where artists talk about their designer clothes and what not but I really like the beat of this song and the overall delivery.

Apart from the designer stuff I feel like people can relate. We all have that outfit that makes us feel like the shit.

Also, I just enjoy a song with the rap line. They have good chemistry and I like how they all got a turn at the chorus.

Side note: what is with Dream and dripping?

Better than Gold 지금

The Korean title says “Now” and in the song they’re telling us to enjoy the moment, enjoy the now. Carpe Diem!

It’s better to enjoy today and worry about tomorrow when it comes.

The song is light hearted and fun. It has a warm vibe to it that instantly lifts the mood. In that way it matches the lyrics in that as they encourage you to seize the day they fill you with the positive energy that will make you willing to.


It’s cute that the Korean title is Mini Car.

This song carries on that warm, hug-like, vibe. It was also a love on first listen song for me.

It’s just so nice.

The song is about childhood friends and they’re reminiscing about when things were easier. However, they’re saying that when things get tough, in the present, that person can come to them and gain comfort from them. They’ll be their safe space.

Ugh, it’s so sweet.

Never Goodbye 북극성

This song is sombre in tone, taking a left turn from our happy dappy vibes.

They’re talking about when they have to part with their boo and they’re saying it’s not a true goodbye. So even if their paths lead them in different directions they will find each other again.

As the Korean title is North Star, they’re saying they’ll use the stars to navigate back to each other.

Or in some instances in the lyrics they are the star.


They’re reminiscing of the past and wanting to go back to where it started to experience it all again.

It’s a song for nostalgia. You know when you want to go back to a certain happy memory to experience it again or you just enjoy remembering it, that is what the song’s lyrics feel like.

It’s a cute song that is warm in tone. So it really has me wondering, what was Never Goodbye?!

Anyhow, that is the whole album. My favourite stays being Teddy Bear, it’s too beautiful for it’s own good.

For me, in this album, Jaemin is the MVP. He got to shine and I am happy about that. We don’t usually get to hear him sing much but this time, they let his singing voice shine.

Of course, I still love Jisung’s voice and I will not stop promoting it till people stop sleeping on him.

It was a good follow up album to Hot Sauce. I feel though that Dream is just scratching the surface and that there is still an ice bergs worth of stuff that they have to show us.

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