Seeing Dreamcatcher – Gift and Adult Money

So, I got to see them live!

Yes, this is how I spend my adult money and I am quite happy about that.

I don’t earn a lot but I earn enough (and I still live at home) to be able to afford little things and give myself experiences.

This year has been super busy and stressful as my blog has seen. I have neglected you old girl, I’m so sorry! But it’s not just work I think I was also burnt out from last year where I went super hard with the blog, like I was on it all year round with no rest and I attempted YouTube… so … maybe I got burnt out.

Rest is important.

Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to go to a concert for a long time. I’ve been waiting, waiting, for my fav groups to pop up in Europe. I’m like Sirius, patiently waiting. Lol but less menacingly … although the way kpop skips Europe maybe a little menacingly.

So when Dreamcatcher announced their Europe tour, I was there! I was ready! It was more expensive than I expected but I said hey, if I get to hear them sing live even if I’m far… I don’t care!

So I bought the tickets in the summer or September, I can’t remember and the concert was in November. As the time drew closer I got more and more nervous! Like, I don’t know, it didn’t feel real.

The last concert I went to was in 2014 and it was B.A.P. I told people this in the line and they were like, “Who?” Fam, is B.A.P. that old now?! So yeah, it’s been a while.

I even almost forgot to book a place to stay in London, however I remembered in time and just about had enough money and I went to London ready to rock out. I took a coach because of the whole strikes thing and that in and off itself was a whole journey.

So comic con in Birmingham was two weeks before the concert and I went to that too. I forgot how I like to buy things at conventions. When I say November was both a delightful and painful month! I got to do two cool things I hadn’t done in a while but also… I barely had money!

I had enough though, to have a good time.

I went to the concert by myself as my friend wasn’t able to make it. That also was nerve-wrecking as at the B.A.P. concert I went with my homegirl. However, luckily, I stood in line next to three other girls who also came alone.

We bonded y’all. They had O2 priority tickets and they took me with them and I had people to stand next to as I lost my mind at the concert. They really made the experience so much better and it was already great.

And the concert itself. It was mad to see them live. It wasn’t as jarring as when I saw B.A.P. because when I saw them I was like, wow you’re really 3D. It’s not that I didn’t know they were real, it was more seeing them outside of a 2D setting was weird.

So, since I’d already had my mind blown with B.A.P. being 3D, I was pretty chill seeing the girls in real life. It was cool still, because wow they’re here and wow I get to hear Siyeon’s high notes in person (and try to sing along).

I swear they played almost all my favourite songs. They even did Silent Night. The atmosphere at the concert was electric and we had so much fun.

Jiu was windmilling and I wanted to join her but there wasn’t much space.

They told jokes, Yoohyeon also busted out her English from time to time. She’s so cute. They’re all so cute in person but especially her. I can’t.

Scream live was unbelievable, that song, and Silent Night, set the crowd on fire. I swear. They did Starlight like I hoped and Break the Wall which I did not expect. So many favs!

Ooh and the fans, such a variety. I think Somnia’s are the most diverse fan group in kpop. At my hostel there was a fan who was like 60, who also came alone. There were fans of all ages, genders and ethnicities. It was really inclusive and fun and just a good vibe. I really liked seeing that.

My feet killed at the end of the night though… I hate to think I’m losing my stamina. There are so many more concerts I’d like to go to! I want to go to a Dreamcatcher concert again and I want to go see Stray Kids like… so many groups!!!!

Anyhow, that was my first concert experience in a while. Here’s to many more.


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