Demon Slayer – Hope in Darkness – Non Spoiler Manga Review

Truly Spoiler Free

I finished the manga! Yes, clap for me! I did it!

I’m kidding but really though I am proud that I did it because I really didn’t want to read it. However, manga readers were ruining the plot for me and I didn’t want another Mugen incident (someone spoiled the ending before the movie was even out) so I decided to read it.

I was also avoiding reading it because I didn’t want the show to end and also because I was afraid the ending would break me.

Listen, I really enjoyed Jujutsu Kaisen so I read the manga and boy was the manga a hard left turn from the anime. So I didn’t want to go through that again. I would rather wait for it all to be animated and get my heart broken then.

However, I was really curious and already excited for the sword village arc and like I said spoilers, so I just read it.

First off, it is no way as depressing as Jujutsu Kaisen, not at all. My first pro for the series is that even though it tackles heavy topics and there is sadness and you will cry, you are never left feeling depressed. The author really managed to infuse hope into her work, because she had me hoping against all odds for a bright future.

My second pro, a perfect ending. I won’t say what the ending was of course but it was perfect. You know with some stories the ending is so bad it ruins the whole story? This did not happen with Demon Slayer. It ended in a realistic way, tying the loose ends and giving a satisfying resolution.

My third pro, I like that the story didn’t drag. She really said this isn’t going to be another One Piece (and I love One Piece but Demon Slayer and One Piece are night and day in terms of pacing). She wrapped things quickly, quicker than even I expected. I was half way through the last arc when I realised, “Oh, this is the last arc.”

My first con, I do wish though it wasn’t so fast paced. I like that the story didn’t drag but there are moments where I wish we would have marinated on. Some moments needed more attention than they got or build up. This is mainly a con for the last arc. It could have been split in two? I dunno, some parts of the last arc I was like… hmm this could have been two arcs. But then would that have dragged?

We’ll never know.

My second con, I wish we’d spent more time with the Hashira. They do get their time to shine but also not really. Basically, I would have liked if all the Hashira got their own arc. Again, this probably would have taken away from the fast paced story telling that I liked but… I wanted to get to know them more! All of their back stories and abilities are amazing! I cannot wait to see them animated!! So yeah, I would have loved more Hashira.

My third con, it’s gut wrenching. I know, I said it’s hopeful and it is but when she takes you to sad valley, she really takes you there. This is not really a con but if you’re a softy like me then it’s a con. If you’re not a softy, you’ll be fine.

My final pro, the fights are cool.

So yeah, those are all my non spoiler thoughts. I could go into detail for each of my points but then I would be giving away spoilers.

All in all, I cannot wait for the whole series to be animated. There are many breathing styles that I have no idea how they’ll bring them to life. There are cool characters who haven’t had the chance to shine who will get to shine… so much to look forward to!

Ok, that’s it. I shall now do a spoiler review, in another post… because I have a lot to talk about. I wouldn’t even call it a review, it’s just going to be a post about my thoughts.


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