Cirque Du Soleil – Gift and Adult Money

As a child I wanted to join the circus. I really did. I thought it was such a cool job so why not. I wanted to either be a contortionist or to fly in some way.  

So, when the circus came to town I was so excited and I was like to my mom, “We should go!” But then she was like, “But you don’t like animal cruelty.” So then I was like, ah shucks. (Also, I was impressed that she actually listened to my rants).

I didn’t want to go and to risk seeing something I didn’t like. Then I researched which circuses are guaranteed to not have that and Cirque du Soleil came up. Then I made it my life’s goal to go and see them.

In the first draft of my book, A Classic Case of Déjà vu I even had one of my characters living my dream and getting taken to see them for her birthday (I later cut that scene out, only the OGs who read it will know). That’s how much I was enamoured with the company. (btw don’t read the version of the book that is out right now, long story, working on it).

Then by chance I found out that they were coming to Birmingham in October and there were some tickets left. I mean the tickets were at the back, back but whatever, I’d still get to see them right. So I bought them and I went.

It was amazing! It was exactly what I imagined going would be like. It was even funny and they had a story line going on. I went to the Corteo show. It was so good and seeing human beings do the things that they did, amazing!

There was one point where I got worried for them but I had to remind myself that they are professionals. But wow, the guy with the ladder, he really tested my worry bone.

But they all landed their moves and they all delivered.

It was amazing and interactive… wow I’m really glad I got to experience that. As I said in my Dreamcatcher post, I’m trying to create experiences and to use my adult money to do things I never got the chance to do before. Because otherwise, life would be dull and not worth it for me.

So yeah, the show really brightened my month. Next time I go I want to be closer so I can interact to the fullest and see everything in HD. I could see where I was sitting but it wasn’t HD.



Also it was really high up.

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