The Darkness, The Orbs and I

In my darkest time

There was no barrier between the

Darkness and I


There was no veil keeping

The world out

I was exposed and laid bare


Then a light shone into my domain

Thinking it was a wayward invader

In anger I rose


There you were happily shining your brightest

An orb of white

Suspended in the air


How beautiful, how ethereal

How majestic you were,

How majestic you are


I thought I knew your beauty

Yet I only saw a fraction

I did not see all of you


Never was I able to navigate the heavens

Yet as the veil was lowered and the curses expelled

I learned your roads, I learned your names


Orion, my first love, my one and only

You lead me to the other roads

You opened my eyes to the pictures in the sky


Then there’s you

The main lamp in the sky

You showed me the limitless potential of the universe


You expanded my domain

And exorcised my worries

In front of you, everything seemed so small


Every day I am thankful,

That I met you,

That I know you


Every day I am thankful,

To one who suspended you,

suspended you in the sky


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