Music Corner: Sf9 – Puzzle

I am a causal fan of Sf9. They had some real good songs at one point when I tuned in and then I was like “Yes, I will keep tuning in.” I never got into them heavy but I think that’s ok. Sometimes it’s good just to enjoy the music.

They’re back with a new song Puzzle and it’s giving me what I’ve come to love from Sf9. I just love their sound. It’s understated and yet catchy, there’s just something about it. It’s metropolitan.

Does that make sense?

At first the song did not hook me, I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t loving it. Then the chorus kicked in with that dance move and I was like, “Yes, this is where it’s at.”

Weirdly, it’s just the first verse I didn’t like. It felt like it was taking a while to pick up but once it picked up in the chorus the song found it’s flavour.

I think I like the chorus the most, and how the song builds until the end.

I also love their outfits, Sf9 always look good! They really delivered on the detective concept of the mv.

My one con though, I wish the mv had an actual storyline, like an actual mystery that they had to solve. Yeah, they were detectives and we saw them puzzling (heh) over something but we never actually got a crime or a mystery to solve. I would have loved that as I feel it’s the only thing missing to elevate the mv to the next level.

The dance, impeccable. There’s just something about their dances that hook you in. Some of the moves can look ridiculous if someone else were to do them but they make them look so effortlessly cool and suave. I think they choreograph dances that suit their frame, as Sf9 is a notoriously tall group, so that not only does it suit them but it’s a dance that only they can do.

The lyrics fit the concept of the mv or is it the other way around… anyway they match. The math is not mathing and Sf9 is trying to find out why. They’re trying to solve the mystery of the subject of the song. Like, I know you’re lying to me but I just can’t prove it… yet!

All in all a solid comeback. I liked the lyrics, song and dance, now I just really want to see the dance in full at the music shows.

2 thoughts on “Music Corner: Sf9 – Puzzle

  1. sf9fantasy

    hey there is a storyline to the MV, which follows their teasers and this video called the “unidentified message”! So basically there is a spy amongst them and they didn’t reveal it in the mv so it was up to the fans to try guessing and afterwards in the comeback showcase, there was greater discussion about who the spy could be(even the members don’t know, only the spy himself knows) so yea maybe this could add some depth to the mv if you rewatch!! and u cld try guessing the spy :))

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