Monsta X chasing my January Blues | Reason – album review

Hello! Here I am on time to talk about Monsta X’s new mini album Reason.

They came back in January because they knew I would need them, how kind.

I’m so glad I have Spotify now, it makes checking out albums so much easier.

Anyhow, let’s get into it.

Beautiful Liar

This song is about toxic love, I’m sure you all know as Kihyun sings “toxic but I like it” in English in the song. So yeah, it’s about them being addicted to someone who is causing them pain however they can’t help but like it.

I.M pops in “I like when I’m in danger.” This is the second time man has said this right? Last time was in Got Me in Chains. I see you.

I also noticed that in the lyrics there is a lot of emphasis on lips and I thought that is because that is where lies come from… your mouth.

I also really liked how they played with the structure of the song. The first verse sang by Changkyun (I.M, I use both name interchangeably) and Minhyuk is also the first chorus but sang in a higher tone. (that first verse though, so sultry). Then you expect it to be the second chorus after Kihyun’s pre chorus but nope! Joohoney comes back to rap again like, “Hold on, I wasn’t finished! I wasn’t done talking!” Then after when Minhyuk comes in with the chorus after, it’s the same tune but different lyrics.

For me, it was a love on first listen. I love the electric guitar and how it starts off the song. I love the sultry singing and how the song builds. I love the beat that powers the song on in the background. Jooheon and I.M never fail to disappoint with their raps.

With each comeback I’ve spent with them since Gambler they bring something new each time.

As for the music video, you can tell they filmed it in the dead of winter. You can see their breaths fogging up in front of them. It’s interesting, I wondered why it wasn’t edited out or why it was so visible but then I thought it fits with the concept of the song.

They’re singing about a beautiful liar and the way they describe her it’s like she’s cold. She’s cold and heartless as she causes them pain. So that matches with not just them being cold but also the cold colouring of some of the scenes.

Also, the mv had crying the club moments with Hyungwon and that’s my jam. If I was a director I would pick projects that allowed me to inject at least one crying in the club moment.

Back to the cold subject of the song, there are also a lot of chains and whips in the music video. I said earlier that they know this person is bad for them but they can’t pull themselves away, so having them chained up in the music video makes sense.

I’m not sure how the fire fits in my theory… perhaps the fire is the representation of them. They’re the ones bringing the fire and passion into the relationship as they’re the ones who actively still want to be with that person.

The transitions in the mv were really good. I loved in particular the one with Hyungwon on top and Jooheon, a mirror image of each other, and the one where Jooheon is rapping and we get a close up of his lips and it changes to Minhyuk. *gold*.

I’m really enjoying the live stages.


In this song they do not want to face the reality that their girlfriend has left them.

Disclaimer: normally I speak neutrally when speaking about the subject of a song but Monsta X always uses she/her or girl so I’ll match.

They want to stay in the daydream forever, in the reality they’ve created in their mind.

The song itself, melodically, feels like a dream. When I first listened to it I couldn’t put my finger on what it reminded me of but now I can, a music box! I used to have one as a kid. And music boxes give me peaceful, slightly eerie, dream like vibes.

Their singing in this song is so beautiful and smooth. Changkyun came to serve with his adlib.


Made by Joohoney, Ye Yo! and I.M participated in lyrics

I can’t decide if this song is dirty or not. My notes go from no to yes then back to no.

I love the way the song starts, they used a traditional instrument that I’m not sure the name of. I’m thinking zither but I may be wrong. But the start was a trick as the song is actual a drill track.

The rapping in this, wow, it was intense. When I first listened to it I had to pause what I was doing (I listen to music as I work). I was like, “Wow, tell them! Tell them!” They came for our necks, and Jooheon! I haven’t heard him rap that fast in a while. They really said, “Let us remind you, of what we can do.”

So at first it wasn’t as sexy as people made out on Twitter. The first place I saw translated lyrics was on Twitter where someone had translated Jooheon’s rap. However later when I checked out the whole song’s translation, it wasn’t that dirty in context. But then the song carried on and I was like, wait a minute!

They were saying things like follow my flow, let’s flow together, follow my rhythm… going fast or slow… I’m paraphrasing but you get the vibe. It is sexy but perhaps because Monsta X have songs that are sexier this was mild for me. Also Changkyun’s rap was surprisingly mild. Mr. I-want-you-to-eat-me-like-a-main-dish taking it easy.

Lone Ranger

Hyungwon made this song along with Justin Oh, Jantine Annika Heij and Britt Pols

This song is easy to understand (for me). They are the lone ranger and they want to take you home *smiles and wiggles eyebrows*. It’s the perfect song for a Western Romance movie. It’d be cool if they made such an mv for this song.

I like the beat of the song. The melody really set the mood and theme of the song well.

I have the least to say about this song but it’s actually my second favourite.


Made by I.M, Yoonseok and Wooki with Joohoney participating in lyrics

I think the song is about them being haunted by a crush or an unrequited love. The haunting is making them sick but they can’t turn the feelings off. Omd, it’s so weird, I just talked to someone going through this! *gasp*

I feel like we can all relate though, those of us who have had crushes that have not worked out.

Melodically the song is smooth and gets you ready for It’s Alright. This song is beautifully sang as well, I love the falsetto of the chorus. Kihyun came for our throats in this one.

It’s Alright

Made by Joohoney, Ye Yo! and Laser with I.M participating in lyrics

They want to return to an old love even though the relationship is done. The romance may be over but the memories remain. They want to get back together as when they were together that was a good time.

As I was reading the lyrics I was like, “cute but move on sir”. There’s no point thinking of or romanticising a past love. You may remember the good but there was probably a lot of bad, that’s why y’all broke up.

I’m not talking to Monsta X directly by the way. I’m just speaking on the lyrics the same way I would if my friend said this to me. I am a fan of the ‘cut them out your life’ school of thought.

I loved I.M’s rap in this song. Ooh it was gorgeous! I think it may be my favourite of the album but it’s early days so can’t say that conclusively.

It’s a chill and upbeat song to end the album with. I love how the lyrics are similar in theme to Deny yet It’s Alright feels more hopeful.

So, overall the album is definitely a winter album. Everything about it screams winter and listen-to-this-by-the-fire.

The songs are about winter love and I don’t mean cuffing season but more like they’re going through it! It’s winter blues season. They got dumped before the holiday season and they’re in their feelings about it. That’s the vibe of the album.

So this album is good to listen to when you’re in similar trenches. When you’re having a Bridget Jones ‘All by Myself’ moment.

Joohoney singing is my favourite thing. He is so talented, there is honestly nothing he can’t do when it comes to music.

I’ve simped a lot over Joohoney and I.M in this post but honestly they all ate. They’re a well balanced group. Well… we need to Shownu to come back first but still, they ate.

Usually I love the b sides of Monsta X songs the most but with this album my favourite song is actually the title track. It just gets me.

The album hasn’t defeated my fav Monsta X album for the top spot. My favourite is No Limit, I love also The Dreaming, Fatal Love and One of a Kind. This is a solid album but my love for No Limit is unmatched. It is undefeatable.


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