Monsta X – Golden B Sides

As I have stated in my most recent posts I have fallen in deep into the Monsta X world. I am enjoying their music and content so much it’s laughable that I wasn’t their fan before.

I will admit that I didn’t love some of the early songs but I didn’t hate them either. Sometimes I think the middle ground is the most dangerous place to be for me but that’s just a theory.

Either way, I got into them eventually, thank Gambler, and I put in my mind that I would listen to their entire discography to see if I liked their music.

I do.

I especially love their B Sides. Honestly, their B Sides are better than their title tracks, especially the tracks that they’ve worked on themselves.

They are like the Red Velvet of boy groups in the sense of they have magnificent B Sides.

So here’s a list of my favourite ones so far, as of January 2023.

Disclaimer: as always I put who participated heavily out of the group under the relevant songs. I.M and Joohoney though do tend to have credits everywhere due to writing their own raps so I wrote credits on the songs they made. 

Just Love (Pull Up Srr)

Made by I.M, Yoonseok and Wooki (with Joohoney contributing on lyrics)

This one is a pretty romantic song. I was surprised. In the song they talk about how they just want to carry on loving the person, that they’ve just started loving them and that it is only the beginning of the love journey.

It’s a song of reassurance, like: “I ain’t going anywhere, so don’t be anxious.”

I really like the song melodically, I kept coming back to it and listening to it again. It’s so smooth and relaxing giving that reassurance in vibes.

It’s a chill R n B track.

The vocals serve the most in this track, I love Kihyun in the second verse and Minhyuk’s lines were gold.

Side note: Pull Srr isn’t its secondary title or anything that’s just what I call the song.


Made by I.M, Yoonseok and Wooki (with Joohoney contributing on lyrics)

There are no speed limits on the German Autobahn. I used to think the Autobahn was one road but apparently this refers to all their motorways.

So, in this song Monsta X is like there is no limit in this bedroom. (This song is also in the No Limit EP) *smirks*.

They encourage the person to ride them hard, to not be afraid, to go fast dammit! *cackles*

They said “You’re on top tonight”, they said, “Girl, it’s time for you to put in the work.”

As you know I love a spicy song so I was satisfied by that alone.

Melodically I love the beat and the way Changkyun’s and Joohoney’s raps flow. They were just so good!

I love how for most of the song they’re like, “I’ll match your speed” and then there’s Joohoney who’s like, “Nah, I’ll leave you behind if you’re too slow.”

*resists urge to make a dirty joke*


Got Me in Chains

At first I wasn’t into this song but then I was checking out a sexy playlist of Monsta X songs on YT because I was curious (I wondered if fans were exaggerating) and this song was on there.

After that it was in my head, all day, especially Changkyun’s rap. I just love the way he raps and the sounds he makes. I don’t even mean in a sexual way, I just mean the adlibs. Him and Joohoney are creative with it and I love it. They also both have their own distinctive styles of adlibs and yeah in this song, Changkyun’s were my fav.

Surprisingly, this song is not a thinly veiled BDSM song. I dare say it’s tamer than Autobahn.

The song is about how they are chained up by their feelings for the person, that they’ve fallen into the peats bog that is love. They’re addicted and they know it’s bad but they want that person to be as addicted as they are.

Random note: I feel like the song starts with a drunk dial which sets the tone of the lyrics for me.


Wally West ghost wrote this song.

I love a song that is on theme. At this point they were on a time travel story line with their mvs and the lyrics tie in perfectly with that. I love the mv for this song too. It is what got me obsessed with the song.

This song, melodically, hits me in my chest. I love the way it is sung with the harmonies! Especially in the chorus they go off!

Then Joohoney’s and I.M’s melodic raps.

It’s over!


Made by I.M, Yoonseok and Wooki

This is the third I.M song on the list. *questions if I have a bias*

This is such a beautiful song. It hit me when I was relistening to the album for last weeks post. It is so hauntingly beautiful and it just… it touches my heart.

The way that they sing the song you can really feel the longing and ache in their souls.

The lyrics are so poetic, I mean I.M’s opening line! He had me then!

This song could be about romantic love but it could also be about platonic love or familial love. It’s a song that doesn’t just fit the romantic love mould but rather them all.

For me the song is about wanting and longing for the person who brings you comfort and peace.

갈증 (Gasoline)

They are thirsty. They are fire and she is water. She is an oasis in the desert and they seek her. They be dry! And they need her to quench their thirst.

I love this song from top to bottom. It’s just top tier.

I love Joohoney’s rap, I.M at the bridge and Kihyun’s part after the bridge, the beat, the melody, everything!

This song had be dancing in my hotel room in a rare moment of pure joy for me.

Night View

Made by I.M, Yoonseok and Wooki (with Joohoney contributing on lyrics)

This is the fourth song… (legit just noticing as I write this up)

Moving on!

This song is sensual and soothing. This song knows how to treat you right. This song takes you out to dinner first. This song is that moment when you’re feeling it dancing in a quiet moment.

Joohoney’s rap though! It is giving Autobahn energy but in chill. Oooh I love the way it flows!

Burning Up

Made by Hyungwon, Jantine Annike Heij, Justin Oh and R3hab

This is a perfect song. I heard this before doing the discography listen through and I didn’t know it was a Monsta X song until after the fact when I was trying to find it. Someone used it as the backing to their YT video. It is so good!

I love the way that I.M starts the song. I’m obsessed! And the overall song after that, it builds on that vibe that he sets and gets better.

The chorus is one of their best, hands down.


Shownu’s “Your love is dangerous” is perfection. His voice is so sweet and smooth. I never expected him to have such a sweet voice. He’s such a powerhouse of a human you’d expect his voice to be just as big but no, it’s sweet, lilting and gorgeous.

Minhyuk also kills the bridge.

It’s another song in their series of ‘toxic love’ but I like it. They’re saying this hurts but I’m into it.

Who Do You Love ft. French Montana

I would marry Jooheon. Deadass, I’d risk it all for him. Why is he so fine?! When he’s singing, “Umm baby, I said who do you love?” that first time… Just take me.

I love everything about him. You can’t tell me he wasn’t feeling himself on that rooftop. *gets down on one knee*

I love this song and it is a flawless collab. We need more of these like, what! Monsta X and French Montana knocked it out of the park. And Monsta X has done a collab with PIT BULL! Honestly, their English tracks are the best in the Kpop industry right now (my opinion) I said what I said.

I loved the MV too, it’s very simple with no story and usually I don’t like that but sometimes I do and this is one of those times. I just love watching Shownu freestyle dance. They should let him do that more often… when he comes back *looks off into the distance*.

I know man’s gone (from the group) but ooh he was serving in this MV. I’m talking about Wonho. When he sang, “Who’s the one who takes you higher than, than you’ve ever been?” Sexy.

Love the lyrics, they’re asking a valid question? Who do you love? Because it’s either him or me sis, amma walk if it’s him. And good on them, learn from them! (if you’re in a monogamous relationship).

Honourable Mentions:

If I don’t make an honourable mentions list we’ll be here all day.

So songs I love but I’m not going to go into detail about: Mercy (gorgeous and melancholy), Oh My (fun), Play it Cool (suave and sophisticated), Zone (banger), Heart attack (Banger!), Blind, U R (another I.M song I love), Tied to Your Body (sexy, still doesn’t beat Autobahn), You Problem (sassy) and Rotate (I.M’s verse… baby! – also another I.M song, wow… that makes six).

Monsta Truck

They looked us, monbebe’s, dead in the eye and said this song is about driving (Chan, have you been learning from them?).

Autobahn’s big bro. I still say Autobahn is the most sexual song they’ve done so far and yes I’m including Crescendo in this.

I just love how cute the mv is compared to the lyrics. It sends me. I mean Joohoney’s rap. Would you know if you did not look up the lyrics? I bet no.

One day, they’re going to give in and just say the songs are about sex.

I’m teasing them but I do love that they can talk freely, in their songs, about mature topics. They can talk about the different kinds of love without shying away from it. They’re still in the kpop industry so they don’t go all out but they’re the most upfront about it and I love that. I always say if you’re gonna talk about sex, talk about it, if you’re not then don’t. I like that they just go for it.

Also, if you check out Joohoney’s and I.M’s mixtapes they’re incredibly honest and about an array of topics. I recommend checking them out for a deeper dive.

There’s also I.M’s debut solo album and Kihyun’s.

So yeah, they’ve been around for around eight years and their music has gone on a journey. They’ve gone on a journey. 2019/2020 could have sank them but they said no sir, we’re going to keep going. It’s inspiring. I love how they say they’re not setting an end goal, they’re just going to keep on going straight forward.

One note at a time.



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