Queen : A Dive into their Music

Why am I doing a deep dive into Queen’s music? Because before I can call myself a fan of any band or solo musician I feel like I have to listen to their entire discography. Why? Because I hate it when people question me on my likes. *trauma of a female anime fan* lol but also because I wanted to. I like Queen.

So I’m going to talk about my favourite songs from each album, then give my overall thoughts at the end.

Queen (1973)

Doing Alright

I like how it’s soft and builds, then it falls and builds and ends on beautiful harmony.

Son and Daughter

The guitars are the MVPs of the song. They had me body rolling and singing “I want you!”

Queen II (1974)

White Queen (As it Began)

It is melancholy. It’s interesting and stayed in my memory since the first listen. I like the guitar bridge with the Latin flavour.

The Loser in the End

It has interesting lyrics.

Ogre Battle

It has the best beginning, no honestly, out of the B sides this is my favourite song. It’s just so cool! The way their voices meld and play with the guitars. Ugh, chills!

It’s like the anthem to the BFG.

Seven Seas of Rhye

I like how it ends with “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside”. The primary school nostalgia that hit when I heard that.

Sheer Heart Attack (1974)

Brighton Rock

I loved the guitar solo in this song.

A Night at the Opera (1975)

I’m in Love with my Car

The song does what it says on the tin. It’s an ode to cars. It even ends with engines revving.

This is what I love about people who write their own songs. They can sing about anything and be as random as they want. It was Roger Taylor who wrote this one and OMD the revving engine was his car (I did just Google check).

You’re my Best Friend

This song is so wholesome, I love it.

It’s an ode to the platonic love of your life. We need to shower our friends with love more often.

“You make me live!” Friends do be like that.

Seaside Rendezvous

It’s nice and light hearted.

It’s very British in a way, an old seaside style song.

Again, it is wholesome and filled me with warm feelings.

The Prophet’s Song

I did not expect such a song from Queen so it was a shock on first listen.

It was giving me Noah, when he’s pleading with the people to listen to his warnings (or Jeremiah).

I love the canon singing that happens and then how the instruments came back in, *chefs kiss*.

Bohemian Rhapsody

You already know the vibes! If I disliked this song I’d have to turn in my British passport because how dare I?!

It’s a masterpiece. I was surprised they released it so early in their career.

They were legends from jump!

A Day at the Races (1976)

You Take my Breath Away

It begins so beautifully and hauntingly and remains that way.

If the love was not reciprocal then the song would be creepy.

Somebody to Love

You know the vibes!

I do love this one, it’s one of my favourite title songs. When he sings it live, Freddie Mercury, it’s just amazing!

Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

Did you know they have a song where they sing in Japanese? No? Me neither!

They were really big over there.

It’s so cool that they made this song.

News of the World (1977)

We Will Rock You

This is technically the first Queen song I ever knew when I first moved to England as a kid. I didn’t know it was a Queen song at the time.

I just thought it was a fun song to sing (because of the stomping and clapping) and we could change the lyrics when we wanted something.

I’m sure primary school teachers had nightmares from this song.

We are the Champions

This one grew on me as time went on. It’s another one that’s used a lot in the UK. It’s mostly sang at games though.

Fight from the Inside

The bass though!

Deacon went off!

My Meloncholy Blues

This is a nice blues number.

Jazz (1978)


Again, I did not expect to find such a song in Queen’s discography. They never cease to surprise me.

Fat Bottomed Girls

I see you Brian May, I see you.

Bicycle Race

Were they horny when they made this album?

There was a content warning when I clicked on the MV and I was like why? At first when the girls starting riding I didn’t even notice, then after a while I was like… “Are they naked!”

They were.

So random.

Only in the 70s.

Apparently, Freddie loved bicycles hence the song. This song stays in my mind whenever bicycles are about, “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!”.

Forget whatever tests they make people do to gain citizenship, just test them on Queen songs.

Don’t Stop me Now

This is my favourite Queen title track. I love it wholeheartedly.

It will never fail to improve my mood, to make my day brighter.

The Game (1980)

Dragon Attack

John Deacon went off, as he should. AS HE SHOULD!!

My love affair with guitars, especially bass guitars, lives on.

Another One Bites the Dust

You know the vibes!

A song great for when doing chest compressions.

Don’t Try Suicide

It does what it says on the tin.

It’s upbeat and from what I was reading in the YT comments the song actually did help people.

Flash Gordon (1980)

Technically I didn’t have to listen to this as it’s a movie soundtrack but I was working and Spotify included it sooo… I listened to it.

Side note: I have never watched the movie Flash Gordon and from the exerts that I heard in the album, I never will.

Flash’s Theme

“Flash! Ah ha!” It’s from the advert.

The Wedding March

There’s a Queen wedding march… I have never wanted to play the wedding march at my wedding but now…

Hot Space (1982)

Body Language

I like how straight forward the song is. They want sex and they’re saying it outright. Let our bodies talk!

Under Pressure

An icon. A theme of life.

At secondary school there was a play we watched done by an outside company and they based their play on this song.

The Works (1984)

Radio Ga Ga

You know the vibes!

Tear it Up

This song sounded fun.

Man on the Prowl

This song gave me Elvis vibes. It is very 1950’s Rock n Roll.

I want to Break Free

Ok, so this is the first song I fell in love with of Queen, where I knew it was sang by Queen. So I consider this my first Queen song over We Will Rock You.

It’s a core memory.

I watched the music video one day on TV and I was shocked and delighted. I just loved it.

The Miracle (1989)

I didn’t have much to say on the songs in this album, other than that The Miracle was wholesome, The Invisible Man got me thinking of the movie and My Baby Does Me was cute as it was an ode to his cat.

Innuendo (1991)


It’s about his cat again. I love that he made songs about his cats.


It came in strong with the guitars and really woke me up! Out of their later music this one had the most rock vibes and I just loved it.

The Show Must Go On

I love this song, it’s great and powerful. However, it’s a little melancholy too. I can’t help but feel sad when thinking about all that Freddie Mercury went through and all the band went through.

Made in Heaven (1995)

This album was released after he died. It is my least favourite album.

There is a track, Untitled (hidden track 13), in this album that is like 18 minutes of ambient ASMR type music. I thought people might like that, so this is me recommending it to you.

It was journey listening to the whole discography and I’m glad I did it. I found some gems that I shall listen to forever and I got to know the band better.

My favourite albums are probably Queen II, A Night at the Opera, Jazz and Innuendo.

Queen are legend and rightfully so, their music is timeless and I can see why they rose to fame so early on in their career. They weren’t afraid to experiment and did genres other than rock. Brian May is a physicist. They really show you, you can be more than one thing.

They’re an inspiration.

So yeah, I am a fan. I just wish I could time travel so I could experience them live. I was born in the wrong decade honestly. I should have been in my late teens in the 70s.


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