Rings of Power – Season One | Don’t be a Morgoth

Normally if I miss the time to make a post I just move on but I wrote detailed notes! *pouts* I can’t let them go to waste! So I shall talk about the series, even though this is mad late.


Omd my first note was: Morgoth – light destroyer/party pooper. I wasn’t wrong about Morgoth, that pretty much sums him up in simple terms.

Episode 1

It set up the world perfectly, for those who are familiar with Lord of the Rings (LoTR) and those who are not. Also, if you haven’t read the books then a lot of things from the second age will be new to you so yeah, they set up the world well and really made sure you were on the same page knowing what’s going on and where.

I loved Galadriel’s explanation of the events leading up to Morgoth and then the war, that went on for centuries (centuries?! Damn), and how they never had words for death till that moment.

Also, Sauron killed her brother… that’s deep.

One of the things I loved the most about the series was the cinematography. It was so good! It was so beautifully shot, whether it be CGI or real life locations.

In this episode I loved the scene of them climbing the waterfall. I liked when the blood hit the camera in one battle scene, the troll one I think. I also loved the shot where Galadriel and Elrond were talking next to the cliff with the fallen leaves.

This episode made me realise, not all elves are built the same. I know Elrond didn’t really fight in the LoTR trilogy but I always knew man could throw down when he wanted to. But in this series there was a bunch of punks!

Yes, I am talking about Galadriel’s company. I wanted to slap them with my sword. Why were they whining? Did they not get briefed on the mission?!

Also, if you ain’t seen the body, how you know he’s dead? I’m talking about Sauron here. Ain’t nobody see him die and you think it’s over?!

So Morgoth created the Orcs and Sauron was his apprentice. They defeated Morgoth but they didn’t kill Sauron dead. And they thought it was over!

That boggles my mind. I was on team Galadriel’s death mission.

I was surprised that Elrond wasn’t Elronding. It’s weird to see him being talked down to. Also, Gil-Galad annoyed me for most of the series. I was surprised. LoTR fans who read the books love him and yet here I sit.. glaring.

I knew she was going to jump off the boat but sis, you should have done it sooner.

Shoulda coulda woulda

The star falls!

Oh we also met the Harfoots and they’re cute. I love them. Nori is annoying though. I get that she’s adventurous but it’s like really? Now? When omens are popping up?

Like have fun but have an exit plan.

Episode 2

Again, Nori is too curious and she helps the fallen star who looks like a man. Although, is this the first instance of a hobbit (Harfoot) helping a Wizard?

They don’t say he’s a Wizard but from jump that’s what I thought. From the little lore I know it seemed like that is how he’d enter the scene.

Galadriel really tried to swim back. I have utmost faith in elves, blame the jock Legolas, but even I was doubtful. I was right in the end, elves do have limits. She was struggling!

We meet Celebrimbor! Another character I’ve heard a lot about and I like him. Thank goodness. I do like people who can make things in general.

We also meet the dwarfs of Khazad Dum and Halbrand in this episode.

At first I was mad at Durin but he had a point, Elrond could have visited. It’s annoying when people only check in on you when they want something.

I wonder how many people elves offended due to their lack of time awareness.

It’s cute that he looked after the tree.

A favourite shot from this episode was Khazad Dum, it was just gorgeous! I was rewatching the series with my cousin and wow. What a site! It’s such a jump from the tomb we saw in LoTR. I can see why they were so sad to see it’s decline.

Another favourite was Halbrand diving after Galadriel, that whole storm honestly.

Side bar: what is the beef with elves?! I know they try to frame it as these outsiders are watching us and won’t leave but I was like, “As they should!” You were the ones who supported Morgoth, who would trust you? And guess what the elves were bang on the money!

Ok, not all humans are evil but the orcs were in that region and that one dude was… *side eye* something.

Theo was stupid. He made me mad. Man was playing with juju like he didn’t know the history of the land. I felt nothing for him. He annoyed me so much.

Episode 3

So my man, Arondir, got kidnapped and *gasp* the orcs are alive and well (sort of). What a shock. Who could have seen that coming?

If you don’t see a body, they ain’t dead!

His elf comrades were also captured. That was honestly sad to see. I had hoped they had escaped.

We get introduced to Numenor! Halbrand and Galadriel got saved by Elendil at the end of Epi 2 so then he takes them to Numenor because… you know why.

Numenor, wow, it’s so gorgeous! They designed it so well, I loved it!

Side note: Elendil bugged me. I couldn’t figure out where I knew him from! I had to wiki it and it was Monarch of the Glen! I loved that show as a kid.

So some humans, *glares at the south* stood with Morgoth and some stood with the elves. As a gift they gave them the island of Numenor. And those mfs are ungrateful! Ah, way to bite the hand that feeds you.

I honestly could not understand the elf hate for the life of me. They tried to rationalise it, the characters, but I sat there like, sounds like you’re being discriminatory!

Galadriel can’t read a room though. She does not know how to talk to people. Elrond would have done better in that court room scene. Halbrand really saved her ass.

I loved the shot with the horse when they were riding by the sea. That was gorgeous! I also love the shot where the orc got slapped with the chain. I love how the orc is in the foreground and the set-up is in the background, it’s t’d up nicely and then the way they did the sound too. Oh, what a great shot. A heart-breaking scene though.

We found out that the sign she’s been chasing is a map. Why did man put that on her brother? Do you enjoy leaving clues? Is your memory that bad?

Also why was her brother captured like that? It seems odd, weren’t the other elves just killed?

The Harfoots starting migrating in this episode and honestly I can understand why they’re paranoid. There are many ways they can die in Middle Earth and they’re not even aware of the outside danger but they know to be wary.

Mr Stranger, *cough* Gandalf *cough* learns the word friend. That was so wholesome. He then helps them!

Even though I understand their ways I was going to square up on them for leaving Nori and her family behind. Rude.

Episode 4

I kept trying to figure out what the southern kingdom was, as in what it turned into in LoTR. I didn’t not figure it out at all. All my guesses were wrong.

This episode had example number 45 of Theo being stupid. He went to that town to collect what? Ah, I’m glad his friend left him!

I haven’t mentioned it but the show really knows how to build suspense. All the scenes with the orcs scared me or filled me with dread. That first time one appeared in earlier episodes… horrifying. Then this episode… man. I forgot they can talk.

Then Theo is hiding in the well and he resurfaced from the water so loud! I’m surprised the orc didn’t double back.

That juju thing is a sword and it is activated by blood. That’s not foreboding.

I loved the shot of the water hitting the camera in the well.

I also kept trying to figure out why elves and dwarfs fell out? Is it due to the events in The Hobbit, because in this series Elrond is doing the most to keep the peace. Despite being a pure politician Durin asks him to keep what he told him a secret and Elrond does.

We see a Palantir, a seeing stone. There are seven but six have been hidden or are lost. I wonder which one Saruman had.

In this episode my man Arondir got free. How though? Did Adar let him go? I can’t remember.

Disa singing gave me goosebumps. I loved that scene and I love Disa. She’s a great character. It is a shame there is no beard. I’m not going to lie, I was looking forward to seeing how they would do that. However, I love her and they won me round.

Back to Arondir, my man saves Theo. I love the bit where he catches the arrow. He’s so serene when he fights even when things are going wrong.

They’re saved by sunlight and after this encounter Theo still does not learn… if I don’t slap-


Anyway, Theo meets another snake, the butcher Waldreg, and man has the mark. Wow. The elves were right on the money!

I’ve been hating on Theo, but I think this is where he starts to realise, “Maybe I’m on the wrong team” and starts to fix his life.

It’s funny that Miriel saw the tree cry once when Galadriel was leaving and she was like, hold up sis, nope! I will not be the one to bring about the omen.

That scene with the omen though. It was so scary! The way the waves just closed in on them. Wow, nightmare fuel. But… it was also beautifully shot.

I know, I keep saying this! But they really made it feel real!

Halbrand gave good advice in this episode, find your enemy’s weakness and help them overcome it.

Episode 5

Oh, I haven’t talked about Isildur much. Every time he appears, my lips curls. I’m trying not to be biased but… so disappointed in what he did in the battle, you know the one. The more characters I meet the more disappointed I am in him. He let them all down.

He’s also annoying like, learn to work hard or quit honourably. That was bad what he did getting his friends fired as well.

His brother doesn’t show up in the series though… so season 2? Hopefully? They talk about man a lot.

Gan… the stranger scares the wolves away from the Harfoots. A bonding moment.

Not gonna lie Pharazon was right, man is playing the long game. If they help Middle Earth they will be grateful and make them king. Is that not what happened? Only the title of king did not go to him.

It seems friendship between the different races is difficult. The elves need the ore but the dwarf King, also Durin, does not trust them. I love his voice, sorry tangent, but I do. It’s so gravelly and kingly.

Isildur’s apology to Ontamo and Valandil was ass. Do better dude.

Waldreg kills the kid. I saw that coming. They should not have followed him. They were basically sacrifices.

“Sometimes to find the light, we must first touch the darkness”.

Episode 6

This episode was a game of chess! Arondir is a tactician! You know I find this sexy. What a mind! I was so proud and barely wrote notes because I was at the edge of my seat!

It was so great to watch the power play and the battle of minds between Arondir and Adar.

Then just when you thought all was lost for Arondir the Numenor forces arrived to help and help they did. They catch Adar, Halbrand is the goat and then they win. Halbrand becomes king of the south lands. They finally got the king they had lost. Galadriel was right.

Galadriel and Halbrand also have a moment.

Although, man got injured in battle so he needed help asap.

This show really tried to make use gain sympathy for the orcs.

Adar goes on about how the elves were the first orcs, the Uruk. How Sauron tortured the orcs in order to understand magic. How he was twisted and tortured by darkness. So he hates Sauron. I mean that was obvious from the previous episodes.

The whole time I was like cool story bro. You still killed people and tortured them, used humans and elves as slave labour, so are you any different? Yeah, didn’t think so. *plays a tiny violin*

The sword has the same magic as the ring. I’m not going to lie, how did the sword get in Waldreg’s hand. I haven’t rewatched this episode yet but I have to because what?! How was it a key!

I was so shocked! Then the water and then the volcano! And boom! Mordor!

I had no idea they were in Mordor! I felt so stupid!

I bet those who knew the map of Middle Earth well knew but not I. I did not know! Wow. Mordor!

I was so genuinely shocked.

It really took away from their victory. Was it even a victory?

Also, what’s the fun in being evil if you have to live somewhere ugly?

Episode 7

I thought they were going to blame the stranger for the volcano, because you know, omens.

Durin was so sweet in this episode, he really loves Elrond. I didn’t come here expecting to find more beautiful elf/dwarf friendships but I did.

So, the volcano turned the land to shadow and that is how it became Mordor and now the orcs can walk around not affected by the sun. lovely. What we all want.

I cannot believe my girl, Miriel (she grew on me), became blind. Wow. At this point I understood that she was ruled by fear. Her father was driven mad by fear. But in essence she was not a bad person.

It’s sad she’s blind though, they’re going to use that against her.

A lot of people died because of the eruption and Isildur goes missing. We all know he’s not dead though. But where is he? I guess he’s getting the adventure he so craved.

So, they don’t get mad at Gan… the stranger for the volcano but they do get mad when him trying to fix the tree goes awry. However, they should have known by then that man was clumsy. He did fix the tree.

Why is he so clumsy? Why did they send him down without the ability to speak or know what he has to do? I mean he could speak but not the Middle Earth language.

So, it was the elves’ fault the dwarfs dug too deep?

Side note: I was surprised to find out Galadriel had a husband, Celeborn. I really thought they were setting up a romance between her and Halbrand.

Episode 8

So because man was injured Galadriel took Halbrand to the elves and they heal him. He then wanders around everywhere and gives Celebrimbor a good idea.

They couldn’t figure out how to use the ore to save them but then they figure out to use a ring to enhance the power. This is where alarm bells started ringing. However, I was more suspicious of Celebrimbor because he was acting suspicious.

However, he wasn’t Sauron because I know that much. But then Sauron can change shape.

Side step, the stranger has left the Harfoots and he gets caught by the moon people. I didn’t mention them but random moon people who are servants of Sauron popped up. They’re mean. How dare they terrorise with fire. That was so rude.

But the Harfoots are loyal mofos and they came back for him! Even Sadoc! It was so sweet and they were so brave. But my man Sadoc! We didn’t even know he was hurt until after the battle… what a real one.

That got to me.

So we find out that the stranger is Gandalf, an istar meaning wise one. What a shock.

The moon people thought he was Saruman though… right? Was Saruman evil from jump? I thought he got corrupted afterwards…?

We also find out that Halbrand is Sauron. There were signs. How did he save Galadriel in the middle of a storm so easily. That wasn’t an easy feat. He dived like it was cake. My cousin pointed this out to me. My friend talked about how she found the scene where he roughed up those Numenor dudes telling. Then the advice he gave Galadriel on how to handle the Queen. How he handled the Queen. He always knew what to do. What to say and was a step ahead and seemed relaxed.

He didn’t lie to Galadriel, she just jumped to conclusions.

He chose the perfect disguise! I really overlooked him because I didn’t preserve him as a threat and also because I thought he’d take a fancier form, not the average jo. No shade to the actor, but he gave me typical Middle Earth King vibes not pretty boy deceiver vibes.

Plus, he was rarely menacing apart from that scene in Numenor and the scene where he took down Adar. But the scene with Adar wasn’t out of place given it was a battle and they had beef.

Even that beef! Adar told us what he did to Sauron!

I was so blind!

Side note: Sauron was on vacay mode, but Galadriel kept pulling him in to Middle Earth drama. It’s so ironic that she spent so long looking for him and when she found him by chance, she didn’t know.

I did start to suspect him when he helped with the rings and kept nosing around and getting involved. It was weird how he knew so much about Celebrimbor (he was such a fanboy), that was sus for some reason.

It was all weird but I refused to acknowledge it because Halbrand! No!

Plus, the fact that he was a good craft man, sword smith etc, I should have known!

It was so disrespectful when he took the form of Finrod. I was so offended along with my girl Galadriel, how dare he. Her brother, whom he killed!

He really thought she’d rule with him?!


I wonder who’s image he was using. Was Halbrand truly the actual king of the south that died then he took the badge and the image?

What did Adar take from him?

He doesn’t see the difference between saving and ruling.

That scene where they were shouting at each other and then she gets pushed into the water… chills.

I knew she wouldn’t win. He’s too powerful. I was actually quite worried for her. I knew she wouldn’t die because LoTR but I was genuinely worried, “Like I don’t know girl, I think you should run or something.”

What does Sauron actually look like. I want to know. We only ever see him in armour with his face shadowed. Show us you coward! (speaking to Sauron).

So they make the rings anyway and they make three for balance. They use Finrod’s dagger. She doesn’t tell them about Sauron but Elrond might figure it out.

It was really cool watching them make the rings.

I understand that they did things a little differently in the show in terms of the rings creation, the elvan rings, but they don’t have rights to The Silmarillion so it makes sense.

I haven’t talked about the romance between Arondir and Bronwyn because I did not care for it. I wasn’t moved to be honest. Also, Bronwyn always looked good. Everyone else in her village looked like they had been through it or needed a bath but she looked fresh and clean always. I would have liked it if they actually kept her on theme along with everyone else and still had the romance. Like why she gotta look good all the time. Elves aren’t vain.

This is more of a criticism of the show than the actress. In the sense that these days in film and television women aren’t allowed to look bad. They could be sick or fresh from battle but they look like they’re just about to go out to a premier or something. Do you get my gist? My friend pointed it out to me in one movie now I can’t help but notice it. I guess, I’d like a romantic lead that looks like the average village woman.

Nori ends up going with Gandalf on his journey. I was honestly shocked by that but I guess she’s the first adventurous hobbit ancestor.

So I thoroughly enjoyed the series. It kept me entertained, I learned new things and I got surprised when I didn’t think I would be. Those who hate it are party poopers, they’re being very Morgoth and that’s not cool.

It’s an adaptation, things are never exactly the same as the source material. I mean look at every Greek mythology movie made by Hollywood, the Harry Potter franchise (from four onwards they left out a lot of really important plot points) and the actual LoTR franchise was not a faithful retelling of the books.

So yeah, they’re Morgoths.

Those who have constructive criticism I have no beef with and if the show runners take some of the constructive feedback on board it’ll make for a good season 2.

Oh, and please in season 2 keep up the good work with the cinematography. My eyes were blessed.


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