Monsta X – Deep in the Rabbit Hole

I think I’ve become a Monbebe. No, for real I am deep in the rabbit hole and I don’t want to come out. It’s nice down here. They have tea and a cool Cheshire cat, why would I return to normalcy?

This is why I resisted Monsta X back when I had a ton of groups, I knew I would be obsessed.

So, I have talked about my favourite B sides and now I’m going to talk about my favourite title tracks.

Let’s jump straight into it, like Alice did.

Livin’ it Up

This song is a Japanese title track and usually I don’t listen to Japanese title tracks, especially if I’m listening to a discography, otherwise it’d take forever.

However, they did translate this one into Korean and it was on their One of a Kind album (which you know I love), OMD it was love on first listen. I then had to watch the mv (that’s when I realised it was a Japanese title track) and I had to listen to their other Japanese songs. It’s still my favourite out of them all.

The beat is so good! The bass! It has me feral like how The Humpty Dance has me gone. If this song comes on you’ve lost me, you’ve lost me!

I’ll return when the song is finished.

When I first heard it I honestly played it over and over again to death. Well, not to death because I still love it. I put it on my playlist of songs I tend to overplay, that way it stops me from overplaying them.

Jooheon, Joohoney Onehundit… what are you doing to me?! He’s just so sexy in the mv. Man had me down bad. He had me from the moment he appeared. And he goes off in the song like what! I will fight everyone who says he’s better looking in person. He’s hot all the time! 24/7!! On screen AND in person!! Are people blind?!

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but for JooJoo Bee, I am not rational. He is sexy, gorgeous, a treasure in human form and anyone who disagrees has no taste.

If I saw this song live… I would be gone. I literally couldn’t go with anyone, I’d ignore them the whole concert.


You know the vibes! The song that got me into Monsta X! This song will always have a special place in my heart and the live version on Mdromeda is amazing and all should listen to it.

Rush Hour

This song grew on me. I did talk about this song when it came out however I wasn’t in love with it. I just liked it. Then as time has gone on, I love this song. It is one of my favourites, hence why it is on this list.

It just gets me so hype! It’s so much fun to listen to and to sing along to and to dance along to, fun for all!

Did you see their performance at the MMA’s with this song?! They ate! They were so good! They had me gassed as I tried to watch at an airport.

I loved the cowboy looks of the mv, Changkyun, he was looking mighty fine. The cowboy look really suited him.


This is another love on first listen. As I was listening to the discography as soon as this song came on I was done, I was hooked!

It’s perfect from beginning to end, the way Wonho opened it just popping in like, hi! Then the build up to the chorus. I love the way Jooheon and Changkyun came in with their raps, I mean Jooheon’s “Hello, I’m an alli alligator,” forever has me in a chokehold. Then their duo rap!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, they are the best duo in the kpop industry. They feed off of each other’s energy. Their styles are different but they compliment each other so well. They answer each other in their raps or carry on the topic. In Alligator they effortless weave in and out of each other.

There are a lot of groups with two or three rappers that work together but they usually rap their part and finish and then the other raps their part and finishes. Joohoney and I.M really live that duo life whilst still keeping their individual colour.

I love the leap after Jookyun’s combo. It’s so artful. I have watched the performance mv more than the actual mv at this point, I love it so much. I also love it because Joohoney ate! Alligator Jooheon was the sexiest Jooheon, the leather, the lace, the hair, the everything! He was eating!

The song itself is about seduction, I think. I always find it hard to concentrate when watching the mv. They are the alligator and they are lying in wait.

Them dancing in water though…

They got me, I would have been eaten for sure if I came across their swamp.


This song snuck up on me in a dark alley and jumped me. It tied me to a chair and stated that I was going to love the song.

I listened because I value my life.

The chorus is so addictive and it will get stuck in your head if you’re not careful. I also love the “Ye ye ye ye ye ye yeh!” As soon as that starts you know the track is about to go off. The vocals really stood out in this one.

I also really love Jooheon’s rap, “Baby who the X? I’m a X!”

They really said, “Oh you’re jealous, nah I’m more jealous fam!” They pulled a reverse uno card with the song. I’ve heard it is directed at fans as they be like, “Hey, why you looking elsewhere? None of that” and so they’re doing it back. I love it. Especially in the second verse they even have jealousy against each other: “Why are you talking about Shownu again?”

Omd, this song could also be from the perspective of the significant other of fans! They be jealous of our biases. Wow, a multifaceted song.

Speaking of biases, Jooheon, this is another top tier look from him that I feel didn’t get enough hype. The blond with the deep v suit he wore. Umm, I was feeling that.


If I had been following Monsta X when this song had come out this one would have made me a fan. It’s my favourite out of their earlier title tracks. I know shocking given Hero is the fan favourite.

I also remembered it wasn’t just me being a multi stan stopping me from stanning Monsta X. No, I took a hiatus from music by the end of 2015. In fact, I stopped listening to new music all together (long story). It’s all adding up now.

Back to Fighter, I love the boxing sounds included in the song, like the bell signalling a fight. I love the deep breathing sounds. It’s a fun song that really dove head in to its concept.

I love how the rap and the singing blends well in the song, and that they both get their time to shine.

I love the dance too, it’s one theme and creative.

The song be talking about how they’re fighting… fighting for love! Minhyuk and Kihyun were like they always look aggressive but they’re singing about love most of the time.

This song was part two to The Clan trilogy. Part one of The Clan was also good. It had All In and although it’s not a favourite the music video is a master piece. There are like three main stories in the mv and they’re done so well. I have heard different things about what Minhyuk’s and Hyungwon’s story was about, some say they are a couple in the mv and it’s about homophobia and others say it’s more about friendship and how loyal Hyungwon is that he would never snitch even when beaten. The only bummer about early Monsta X stuff is lack of subs on the official videos (so I have to use my Korean skills… I really should get back to studying) and then also finding the old shows where they talked about the song and that. Shownu’s story was clear though. Kihyun’s I didn’t get at first but then someone explained it and I was like oh, makes sense. Lore is not my strong suit.


This song grew on me. At first, I was ambivalent towards it but then it was in my head. I also really liked I.M’s rap so it just stayed in my head and I’d be going, “Ay ay ay!” And I’d be thinking, “Where did I hear that?”

It’s fun and it’s hype, my two favourite things in a song.

I love how Jooheon comes into the song softly, it’s been all hype and then Jooheon comes in with a soft, deep and sultry, “Dash dash 달려 과감한 I’m a gentleman *sound effects* Dash dash, look at my face 걸렸어 나의 매직 (ho ho)I feel good if l die young ’cause you are ma killer!” Even his ‘Joohoney Onehundit’ is quiet.

Wonho, I do feel bad about loving this song. I didn’t know the history surrounding it till I started looking up the song and then I saw a TT that touched on it. He left in the middle of the promotions for this song and they had to perform without him. How hard that must have been for all of them.

So for some fans this song is tainted.

I swear, the more I learn about the group and Wonho the angrier I become. It was so unfair. I would be his lawyer. Imagine seeing a group thriving and putting it in your head to destroy that. Premier hater.

I’m glad that they failed and Monsta X and Wonho are both doing well. It’s just a shame they’re not together.

Love Killa

This song is sexy and sultry. They came in with their grown and sexy charm for this one.

I.M’s line will forever be ingrained in my mind. I still can’t believe they got away with singing that on broadcasting stations like KBS. KBS be so conservative and they looked at “eat me like a main dish” and said, yas?! Nah, the English confused them.

I like the concept of the music video, villains. Joohoney did really well as the Joker, nailed the vibe. Hyungwon was that dude from Fight Club, Minhyuk was the American Psycho dude and Kihyun was Hannibal. So, who was Shownu and I.M? They’re the only two I didn’t get. I also felt like they could have gone a bit heavier with Minhyuk, not saying gore but maybe he could have smashed the sculpture. However, I think scenes may have been cut out? I’m not sure.

Shoot Out

This one also grew on me. The song just goes so hard. Every time I play it I’m hit with how hard it goes. I love the vibration dance (of course, who doesn’t? Shownu!) and the “Walker walker walker growling!

Then Jooheon and I.M come in back to back knocking me left, right and centre. Wow.

This song also has the best, “I am what I am!”

I like I.M’s tag line the most. It’s cute that rappers do that and his is my favourite. I even came up with one for me if I was a rapper, but I.M’s is still the best. I love the word play.

The song is about a shoot out… of love! You see, they always be singing about love. They’re gentle Monstas.


This one is currently growing on me so I wasn’t sure whether I should put it on this list or not.

I’ve decided to put it on because I do like it. It’s just beautiful, heh, and the singing really stands out for me.

Shownu’s voice is so soft and beautiful, he be a gentle giant. I love his part in the song. I also love the chorus.

Of course, I can’t go without talking about Jooheon, his rap to start the song off *chef’s kiss*.

I also love the little dance move they do before Changkyun’s rap. It’s just great. There are many great choreography moments in this song so it is one of my favourites to watch.

Beautiful Liar

This one was a love on first listen, however I’ve already talked about this song as it’s their latest release. The editing and cinematography was top notch.

They stay iconic. They are building and building and I love that for them.

I can’t wait to see what comes next. Also, come to Europe. Please and thank you.


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