Was the Pain Necessary – Bonnie Bennett

I could rant about my good sis all day, ALL DAY!

When I first started the show I will admit, I found her annoying and I was not with her character. I blame that on immaturity and also I kind of wanted the chaos to reign but she stopped the chaos from happening.

However, the longer I got into the show the more I realised, wait, is she the only one suffering? I thought this was a show where everyone gets their turn to suffer. Also, how many times has she died now?

No seriously, how many times did she die?! And why was it always Bonnie?

Also, is she not a witch? Where her powers at? She does the same spell. Why the witches getting nerfed left, right and centre? And they’re all black…

Furthermore, we learn that the witches created the vampires, how are they not more powerful! How is Bonnie not more powerful!

I started to get pissed off the more I dwelt on it and the more seasons passed by and my girl suffered.

I thought things were looking up when she was stuck in that world with Damon, finally she’s getting centre stage and a central character is caring about her more than those bi… ahem anyway I was happy.

Then that psychopath ties her life to Elena’s so now essentially everyone is waiting for her to die so they can see Elena again. Yay.

Listen, I know Nina left the show but they could have chosen a number of different ways to do that storyline. Elena could have gone on a road trip. She could have joined a cult, anything but that.

Also, why didn’t anyone just shoot Cai? So you can’t use magic on him… ok. Wait till he runs dry and shoot him. You can’t get too close? Sniper. *looks around the room* they know weapons exist right?

There are human ways to get rid of people.

By the way, I’m not encouraging anyone in the real world to do this. However in Vampire Diaries, they could have done this with Kai.

The dickhead.

Anyway, Bonnie. I had given up hope for her. Then we got the romance with Enzo and I was over the moon. I never, NEVER, expected them to get together. It was the couple I never knew I needed!

I was so happy for her. They had such good chemistry and I loved how the story built.

Were there moments where I was like, “Are you sure girl, Enzo?” Because he could be a dick. But then he opened up and just… they were perfect for each other and exactly what each other needed.

He was romantic. He put her FIRST!! AS HE SHOULD!! He finally had family and she was finally loved as she should have always been. He was honest with her. They kept nothing from each other.


I know people wished she’d get with Damon but I’d never wish the love triangle on anyone. Who wants to get in the middle of Elena, Damon and Stefan, not I and not my girl Bonnie.

So I was content, sure they had harrowing storylines but then by the time we got to the last season I thought ok, we just have to get through the sirens and we’re good. You’ll be free from bondage Bonnie!

I should have known. I should have seen it coming when I saw Cade’s backstory.

He created hell out of pain after seeing the horror of human nature. Man suffered and he said, “You know what, amma have revenge.” I’m not mad at him for that.

Side note: what happened to that kid who was Alaric’s student? Sis just died and no one looked for her? I swear they didn’t care.

Anyway, I should have known. My radar should have gone off. At that point I was only watching the show for Bonnie and Enzo, I deadass skipped everyone else’s scenes because who cares about them? Not I.

Then that day she was making his dreams come true before he turned human. That’s when I knew. He was going to die.

Then I saw he died just so she could create heaven?!

So here is my question, did she need to suffer to create heaven? Was her pain necessary for that? Cade created hell from his suffering and that makes sense, no. I suffered and justice was not served, so I shall make sure justice is served and evil beings go to the place they belong.

For Cade, it makes sense that such a place was born out of pain and anger. (Don’t front, you would be angry too if that were you. It was giving a pox on both your houses energy).

Side note: they could have given more nuance to Cade. They focused on the sirens more when I was interested in him.

Anyway, would it not make sense for Bonnie to experience extreme joy and then create heaven? She meets Cade and realises the extent of her power and how far it can go. She experiences extreme joy with Enzo and in life and she creates heaven out of love. Therefore, it becomes the opposite of the hell Cade created in every way possible. Then Cade is mind blown and it challenges his world view and he decides to leave them alone or something.

Would that not make more f*cking sense!

*screams into a pillow*

Let me in the writer’s room!

If you have another idea of how Bonnie could have created heaven that’s great, because it shows there were other options than her suffering!

Then they had the audacity to still ask her for help?!

I’m so sick of Stefan and his switch. Like dude, at some point own up to your evil behaviour.

Although, to be honest he did own up to it. It was everyone else, Caroline, who I wanted to bitch slap.

So yeah, Bonnie did not need to suffer. It was anti-black, that whole last season was anti-black, she deserved better. I hope Kat Graham continues to succeed in life and Julie Plec… how dare you. *filthiest side eye*.

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