Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania – We Wuz Kangz!

Mike O (@thisismikeo) lives in my mind rent free. Tell me why I was watching this movie and that was going through my mind?

So I watched Ant Man 3 and I watched it in time for once. Actually, no. I have been watching movies in time I just haven’t been writing posts about them in time.

So I went with my cousin and we had a nice time. It was funny, cute, well put together and the visual effects were good.

However, the story, I had thoughts. I had so many thoughts and I shall address all of them.


My first thought, Cassie pissed me off.

The whole first half of the movie I kept thinking, this is your fault. Also, how are they giving Scott a hard time for being retired? Man saved the literal universe. Why does he need to do more?! Is that not the job of you young ones?

You try stepping to Thanos and then tell me if you don’t need a ten year vacation.

I needed them to take several seats.

Also, Scott was never the brains of the operation in the Ant Man world. I’m not saying he’s stupid but more it was always Hank and Hope who did the science-y stuff.

So that annoyed me and it annoyed me that she was messing with the quantum realm. However, I was only annoyed at her in the first half of the movie. Afterwards, my annoyance shifted to Janet but we’ll get to that.

Other than that Cassie was a typical teenager, thinking they can do everything when they are in way over their heads.

Two, Darren.

It was cool to circle back to him however… there was too much humour applied to him. What was his ending? He changed just because Cassie told him to not be a dick? The same man who had been massacring millions? It would have made more sense if he hated what he was doing and saw them actively fighting Kang and gaining courage but the good sis just said “Don’t be a dick” and that was it?

That could have been cut.

However, I will say that apart from Darren the humour was done really well in the movie. There are some movies in the latest phase of Marvel where the humour just didn’t work *cough* Thor 4 *cough* but in Ant Man 3 it fit the tone of the movie and came in at the right time.

A positive, three, I liked all the new characters that were shown. The different kinds of beings in the Quantum realm. I would have liked more of their story to be honest. They introduced a cool world but I feel like we barely explored it.

However, it is a world thrown into chaos at the moment.

Oh, and it was very Star Wars. I saw other people also thought this online and I was like, “Oh, it wasn’t just me.” It was giving Star Wars.

Four, Janet.

We could fist fight. She kept withholding information and I was like, “We’ve already been sucked in, just spill!” If you have to cut away to another scene so the audience doesn’t know then fine but her not telling them was getting ridiculous. They needed information so they could fight!

The best thing you need when fighting an enemy is information. You need their stats and she was withholding.

I lowkey thought she got with Kang. It would have made more sense than the dude she actually ended up with romantically during her time away.

So yeah, Janet was annoying the whole movie but that just means the actress was doing her job correctly. I think the point was that she made mistakes and we were supposed to be a little annoyed with her.

In the end though we were meant to root for her too as she was trying her best to right her wrongs and to fight Kang.

However, I’m not going to lie. Her story got swallowed a little bit. I cared more about Scott than I did her. I would have liked more information or world building or something. I don’t know what it is but something felt like it was missing from her story.

Five, Kang!


I was worried that Jonathan Majors would be killed off and we wouldn’t get more of him but the more I understood the plot the more I was like, “Wow, he really secured the bag.”

Also, was he the villain?

Ok, before you throw the tomatoes I get that he was bad. He killed people and is the dictator of the Quantum Realm.

Side bar: where about was Scott when he got stuck there? The same place the ants were? No body happened upon him?

Anyway, Kang, he was evil. However, when he was with Janet he was making some points. Then when she found out about what he had done and what he was capable of he offered to leave her family alone. Am I crazy or am I the only one who would have chosen my family?

Also, his goal was to take on the other Kangs and defeat them so he was the only Kang. Does that serve us more? Is it not easier to fight one Kang than to fight them all.

He was so dangerous they locked him away without his technology.

Should we not let them fight it out amongst themselves? Would that not give us time to make a plan?

I know they mess with time and are non linear but surely we could be spending the time he’s looking for the Kangs to figure out a weakness or to figure out time and the multi verse.

Also, there are more Kangs. If one is as powerful as he was then how powerful are the others when they join forces? Is that not terrifying?

They genuinely did not defeat him, the ants did.

Six, the ants.

They were like the deus ex machina!

They showed up and saved them all and I was like really? They explained it in the film so it made sense but still… they needed to have some way to win because there was no way they were going to defeat him alone, no way!

They should thank their ant overlords.

Side bar: low key ants could take over the world.

Which is why I believe, man ain’t dead. He ain’t dead. We did not see a body. He probably became like Darren.

Goodness, I hope not.

I was lowkey hoping for him to win the fight. I know, he’s the villain! But I did! He was trying so hard to escape.

What has Marvel done to me.

Also, why did he want to defeat the other Kangs. He said he saw how it ends. How does it end? Why did Janet not ask?!

“Oh wow, you kill people. Not one good variation of you amongst the Kangz… I’m just gonna… Wait, hold up… you saw how it ends? How does it end? What do they do? Are they Thanos bad? Or worse?” Me if I was in Ant Man 3.

No one asks this!

He has jumped around in time and someone as powerful as him is scared or wary of the ending… that didn’t worry them?!

Marvel needs to stop, I can’t keep speaking for villains.

At the end of the day, he did a lot of bad. However, was that because he was trapped and he believed he had no choice? Was it all to force Janet’s hand to release his ship?

Did the time he spent with her open his mind to non-evil ways of living before they fell out?

I wanted the answers to all of these questions and yet we did not get them.

Although, that’s great because Kang shall be coming back, mwahahaha, and we shall see how bad they are. I’m actually looking forward to this. Kang is more interesting to me than Thanos, hot take but the truth.

In a lot of ways the phase 4 movies have been a lot of set up, set up for the next phase. We have The Eternals set up, the war between Wakanda and America set up (did y’all hear about that French politician being butt hurt, I knew someone would react like that) and now Kangs!

They Are KANGZ!

Honestly, Majors really secured the bag.

He was great in the role by the way. He was the right amount of menacing and complicated. I honestly enjoyed the movie, a solid four out of five.

P.S.: but seriously how is it that there is not one good Kang. I feel like this is playing into determinism. Why must they all be conquerors and evil? Do they have a choice? The Kangz are such interesting characters to me.


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