Will We Ever Run out of Lyrics?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Monsta X’s music lately. “What? No!” The crowd gasps in shock mockingly.

Yes, I know, I’m obsessed.

*sits in a sad ball thinking about how I’ll be 50 before they come to England*

Anyway, this post is shockingly not about them. However, they did get the ball rolling. I realised that most of their songs are about love. They even said so themselves, that they look scary and fierce but most of their songs talk about love and it’s various forms. Although, they mostly talk about romantic love and romantic relationships.

Side bar: people who say they’re scary are blind. They’re confident! There’s a difference. *sigh* I would love to go to a show. Europe exists you know!

So it got me thinking. In this world there are many songs about romantic love. It is the most popular topic for pop songs. It is harder to find songs not talking about romantic love and those songs that aren’t are talking about sex.

How is it that we haven’t ran out of ideas? How is it that new music keeps being created when we’re talking about the same thing over and over.

It’s not even a new thing. There are love songs that are centuries old. I mean there are even love songs in the Bible. Songs of Solomon. Man had bars. Romantic bars.

So, how is it that we keep finding new ways to talk about love. Where do our ideas come from? How are we not bored yet?

Just to be clear, I’m not bored, I’m just curious.

Although, I do enjoy songs that take a wild left turn more than the soppy romantic songs. I love it when they get bitter or snarky. I’m like, ooh go off. Or on the flip side I like the songs that paint a realistic picture of love that I can relate to. I really enjoy when people put random bits of their life and their interests in a song.

However, there are songs about romantic relationships that are sweet that move me. Also, if someone wrote a song for me I would be gassed. Even if it was cheesiest thing in the world, I would be gassed. You really wrote that thinking of me?

I would also be a little suspicious, because why you writing a song for me? *red flag*

Side bar: I’m joking about the red flag but the sentence reminded me of this Tik Tok series where she asks questions like, “Why do you have ears? Who you listening to?” *cue music* iykyk

It would be overwhelming to have a song written about me or with me in mind and it’s romantic. I mean imagine having a song like Eyes, Nose, Lips written for you and sang for you by Taeyang!

Although, back to my dark side, it would sting more if things went wrong in the relationship. I once had someone write a poem for me. When we broke up I tore it up. I don’t keep anything fam!

Also, there was this post I saw about someone who’s ex made them a Spotify playlist and named it after them. After they broke up that person would change the name of the playlist to the new person they were dating.

The ability to write beautiful love songs should not be given to f*ck boys. They’d be too powerful! Only people like Taeyang should have that power.

I’d find it equally romantic if someone wrote a rap song for me. In fact, I might love that more. It’s just the juxtaposition of someone fiercely rapping about their love for me. It’d hit that sweet spot. An example would be Fabolous ft Tamia – So Into You. He’s not being fierce about it but it’s still such a sweet rap song.

We don’t get rap songs like this no more (yes, I’m in my aunty era, I can say this now.. these youths don’t know).

Ooh, another song that just came to mind that I love, Ginuwine’s Differences. The bridge! It’s so beautiful. I would marry him on the spot.

Sometimes, I get amazed by the creativity of human beings and this is one of those moments. We have sang about love for centuries and yet we still have more to say.

I wonder what it will be like the day we run out of words to say… the day love songs die out. Is that when the apocalypse starts?


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