Date Yourself

This was my motto for most of my mid-twenties but especially in 2022, because I had money and I could really afford to treat myself.

I spoiled myself.

Actually, no, I gave myself exactly what I needed and wanted.

So I finally got a job and with the job came a steady income, yay, and with that income I could afford the things I needed like upgrading my old phone (the old one was such a trooper) and my PC. However, after that was taken care of I could do other things for myself.

One of those things, going to the Cirque du Soleil. I’ve wanted to go since I was a child but no one in my family shared that passion and I didn’t know how to bring it up. However, by chance I found out that they were coming to Birmingham and I went.

I got last minute tickets so I was in the back but hey, my first show. It was magical! Next time, I’m going to be closer.

I have also been able to afford going to concerts. I have never been able to go to concerts of my favs. The last concert I went to before this season was B.A.P in 2014. That’s almost ten years ago.

So, as I’ve talked about I was able to go to see Dreamcatcher, Ateez and most recently Lizzo.

I did feel bad spending money on myself the way I have been but then my friend was like well what’s the point of earning money if you’re not going to spend it on yourself? I mean yes, save but one should also be able to have fun.

She’s right because at the beginning of 2022 all I did was work and I was miserable. I kept thinking, “Is this my life, I’m just going to work forever and then die?”

That’s not the only way I’ve been treating myself though. There are simpler ways to date yourself without spending money.

I cook myself my favourite meals. I learned to cook my favs just so I could cook them for myself. I bake myself a cake.

Do you know how nice it is, to make my own culinary dreams come true?

I buy myself flowers, yes this is turning into that Miley song but for real last summer (summer of ‘22) I got myself a vase and pink peonies because I love peonies I watched them bloom in my room. I took pictures of them, I admired them and then when they died, I took them to a river so they could float away.

It was the best and I have continued to buy myself flowers. I did take a break in winter because funds were low but guess what, I smell flowers on the horizon!

Another thing I’ve done recently is go to a café, a fav in my neighbour, sit order a hot chocolate and read a book. It’s been really nice. That’s one of my favourite activities. I rarely have time to read books but picking a slow day to just go to a local café and read… it’s the best.

The next time I go, amma have a cocktail and see how that goes.

Your list may look different from mine as we all have our own tastes but pick something that you enjoy or find a hobby and make time for yourself.

It could be doing something simple like taking a bubble bath with all the salts and that, whilst listening to music or reading a book.

It could be going to the cinema by yourself to watch a movie (I love doing that).

It could be having a marathon of your favourite movies at home.

You could take up photography and go on walks (I also do this).

You could scrapbook (I don’t do this but it looks fun).

You could draw or dance or study a subject you’ve always been interested in, not for work’s sake but for your sake.

It is good to have friends and have company but it’s also good to treat yourself, to get to know yourself and to date yourself. I would even say dating yourself, spending quality time alone, helps in the long term with friendships and romantic relationships.


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