Kai – Rover | I’m coming over!

Kai is back and with a bang!

The song has taken over Tik Tok, we got to see a love story starring two introverts and the queue to do the dance challenge with him goes around the buildings of MBC, KBS and SBS.

I love this for him! He even got his first win with the song! His first win as a solo artist. Yay!!

I can see why the song blew up. It is mad catchy and has that Latin vibe that I love (and apparently a lot of people love), plus his vocals! I just love how he sings over the bridge of the song!

There’s something about the way he sings that’s seductive. It’s soft and seductive! He would win me over with this song.

Then there’s the dance. Do I need to say more when it comes to Kai and dancing? You can also clearly tell he’s feeling himself. He is enjoying this comeback which makes it all the more pleasurable to watch.

(imagine a collab with Taemin!!!)

I’ve also been enjoying the random Tik Toks, like the one where he’s dancing in front of the mirror and then gets caught.

It’s been so weird to have Exo be so active. They’ve been gone or like sporadic for so long and I’m sitting here like, “Y’all are back!” (I’m ignoring the fact that Sehun and Kai will be gone soon so ssh).

*happy sigh* this year we will be getting an Exo comeback. What a year to be an Exo L!

I did also listen to the album and I was very intrigued by the song Sinner. It sounded sombre and interesting so I looked up the lyrics. Man is obsessed, he’s done something wrong hence why he’s the sinner but he’s like, forgive me and take me back because I literally cannot survive without you. Sweety, no! Not saying this about real life Kai, no this is song Kai and song Kai, no!

I do like the stories artists tell in songs. It gives me something to think about and sometimes inspires me when writing stories. You know how they get inspired by movies or books, it also works the other way around. They inspire authors.

Anyway, that’s enough of my gushing. I’m going to enjoy more of seeing Kai shine.

P.S.: did anyone else get reminded of the movie Catch Me if You Can starring Leonardo DiCaprio when watching the mv? When he said “catch me if you can” with the fake ID scene, immediate flash back of the movie.


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