Star Wars: The Positive Review

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Hey there, have you read my negative review? I was mad wasn’t I? And disappointed but that was only half of what I thought.

Here’s the light side of my thoughts.

It was awesome, the action and the intensity of it… I loved it!

I don’t know if you know this but I love action movies, especially if they involve spacecrafts. I mean OMD how awesome. It was so good! And Poe… for one I knew he wasn’t dead, like where was the dead body, nowhere!… when he came back and saved their asses… I swear I was as happy as I was when watching Lord of the Rings when Rohan came to help them in Return of the King.

If I existed in the Star Wars universe I would marry an epic pilot and I, of course, would be an epic Jedi.

It wasn’t just Poe who I loved but the droid BB-8, he’s just fantastic! (I actually don’t know if he’s a he, that was just my impression). I swear I love the droid characters more than the human ones. Like R2-D2, he was the highlight of the original Star Wars movies, he still is. He’s just so sassy it’s great.

Onto my girl, the feisty Rey. I loved her. From beginning to end she did not disappoint me. She was bad ass and had integrity and most importantly I did not want to punch her in the face (unlike another character I could mention). And was it just not funny when they saw Finn and BB-8 set her on him? The look on her face when she chased him… it was great. Plus she’s a great pilot. Plus she wiped the floor with Ren. People have said how that wasn’t very realistic but I think it was. I mean her lightsaber fighting skills weren’t that great and it looked to me like she used what she did know, what with having fought before, and she combined that knowledge with the force. Thus it makes sense how she was able to defeat him, especially if she was more balanced. (Ren certainly wasn’t especially when the lightsaber shunned him).

Give her a year or a month and she will be bad ass and I can’t wait!

I also loved Finn, it was interesting to know that the storm troopers are essentially brain washed. He was a great complex character and I loved the effortless humour he brought to the scenes… especially when with Rey and Han Solo.

Speaking of my dear Han, Chewy is a Wookiee after my own heart. When your BFF is killed you don’t stand there like whaaat! No. You shot the mother who did it!

Chewy was literally me when Han Solo died. Like completely… I’m still sad about that.


Anyway before I get all depressed… I did like the movie. For all the things I didn’t like with the plot and Ren, the other new characters and the epic action scenes made up for it.

I wish I could understand Wookiees… and droids… I felt Finn’s frustrations. So maybe Storm troopers are so merciless because they don’t understand their victims unless they’re speaking English…. is it English though? It is set in a galaxy far far away….

(Edit: I just wikied it and apparently they’re speaking Basic… so storm troopers can only speak Basic… how basic).

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