Do I know myself?


A strange title but you shall see why in a moment.

Okay so when you have a crush on someone you know, right? When you like someone and when you catch feelings for someone you know. Your brain sends off an alarm like “hey girl you’re catching feelings”.

I thought I always knew.

I mean if I have a friend who is a guy I will sit there and think… would I? And most of the time the answer is no and I live with a happy friendship. But OMD some people fall through the cracks.

Okay it’s only happened twice. Normally I know when I catch feelings but in Primary School and in Sixth Form I caught feelings for two different guys who were not my crush and I did not even know it.

It took me analysing my thoughts or getting a weird dream years later for me to figure it out.

Like OMD … did I like him?

Thanks brain, thanks for telling me years later.

I would really love to know when I like someone when I am actually in that situation rather than realise it years later. It is so annoying and kind of funny because really even I don’t completely know myself.

Perhaps God is the only person who truly knows us.

Yes that’s right, I made it spiritual… but seriously that is what I am starting to think as it seems I am still learning about important aspects of myself.

Here are some quotes that perfectly sum up the life of a crusher (someone who has a crush):

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