Finally Finding Yourself

Okay… if you’ve read my previous post this may confuse you a little bit. But before I was talking about love, in terms of love and relationships and it seems like I still have a lot to learn about myself.

However when it comes to my character and personality, what makes me, me… I feel like I finally know myself!

I know! It took a long time didn’t it?

I feel like everyone has a year or a point in their life where they go, “Yes! This is me!” I would totally start singing Camp Rock’s This is Me because I feel like that is the song for this post.

Nay for my Β life!

I’m getting dramatic let me get back on course.

In 2015 I learnt things about myself that I did not know. Like I am logical and pretty straight forward in my thinking and yet I still manage to be quirky in my own way. I can’t stand it when people are unnecessarily cheesy. I learnt that I can be tough and that yes I do love exercise and being fit. I learnt to love my body in all it’s skinny glory and to not let others put me down because I knew where I was blessed.

It was such an eye opener and I finally understood what my mom and the bible had been saying. You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself. Because when you don’t love yourself your self esteem is shot and people can get to you so easily and the world is grey and you just sit there like why am I me?

But when you love yourself… boy it’s like the clouds clear, you see the beauty in yourself and in turn you see the beauty in others, like hey! You have great eyes! Sure you may have noticed that before but not quite in the same way. It’s like when your glasses are dirty (people who wear glasses will understand this) and you can see that tree and you think it’s pretty but it’s in 144p so you’re not sure and then you get out that cloth and clean your glasses and suddenly you can see everything in HD. Like wow! That tree is even more gorgeous than I first realised! Look at the detail in the leaves and my goodness is that a squirrel waving at me?

So out of everything that is what I’d like to take out of 2015. It’s given me a different kind of confidence I can’t really summarise in words. I just hope you have or have had one of these moments too.

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