Male Natural Hair Movement

I’ve been living the natural life and I’ve only been thinking about women and their journey with it. I’ve been searching them up on YouTube and Tumblr, just ogling their pics for inspiration and what not.

But I recently thought… what about the men? They have great hair. I feel like there’s been some kind of hair movement for men because all of a sudden they are looking really fly!

Sometimes I see a guy and I want to stop him so I can ask him about his genius and gifted barber.

Ever since I cut my hair off I understand the struggle of finding a good barber who understands you and is blessed.

(Did you know guys go to the barbers together the way women go to the toilet together? Yeah! It’s a thing! It’s so funny like “what cut are you getting bruh?” I laughed to myself… the secret world of men.)

But anyway it’s great for me that men are embracing their natural hair because before they’d complain like oh it’s too tough so I just cut it off and when it grew out … well it didn’t look pretty. That is not the case now and it’s great because what about when I get married and have kids?

I personally feel like I need to think about these things. I had a moment where I was like crap! I have no idea how to do boy hair styles so I desperately searched and that’s when I stumbled upon the male natural hair movement.

It’s a relief my future son won’t have nappy hair, he’ll be fly rocking his ‘fro.

Having thought about it now I think we as a natural hair community need to acknowledge our male counterparts, for all the mom’s with sons out there, or just for the men who need help. The movement is building but it hasn’t reached it’s peak yet and I kind of want it to be pushed to the top till it equals the female movement.

That is all

Ps: I’m not a mom yet, I was just thinking about the future.

PPS: here’s some gorgeous pics from google to inspire you

Don’t you just want to stick your fingers in those curls? I swear I’m not trying to be dirty their hair is just popping!

2 thoughts on “Male Natural Hair Movement

  1. canadianrainbow

    Thanks for writing this! I have been growing my son’s hair and taking care of it like I take care of mine….conditioner only, satin bonnet to bed, protective styles in the winter, etc. Our Black men are our princes and kings, their hair is their mane. I feel now is the pivotal time for Black hair to have a large emancipation and moving away from “ghetto braids and Du-rags” to a new understanding of Black haircare and the role of braids, twists, etc. Yes, melanin kings!


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