One Punch Man

One punch man

I was in my favourite store Waterstones browsing Manga, as you do, and I came across One Punch Man. Now I’ve been hearing a lot about this Manga from everyone… everyone in the Anime and Manga world. It seems like its the next big thing.

So I decided to check it out.

In Waterstones there are comfy chairs situated everywhere and I take it as an invitation to sit down and read. I don’t think they mean for you to sit and read a whole book but that’s what I did.

My fav couple in I hate you more than anyone.. whew long title!

I sat and read the whole Manga and it was good! It’s so different from the Manga I usually read (fighting manga or romantic comedy manga like “I hate you more than anyone” are my favs… btw does anyone know “I hate you more than anyone”? they stopped translating it and at this point I will read the Japanese manga [せかいでいちばんだいきらい]).


I mean it does have fighting but it looks at it in a different way. Like this guy *spoiler alert* has trained so hard and for so long that he can defeat anyone with one punch and yet his life still isn’t fulfilled. That’s interesting to me, like how will he find fulfillment?

That new take on strength and whether it makes you happy makes me want to read this manga. I read volume 1 and I’m excited to read the rest because I honestly don’t know where life will take him.

And where does he live? I mean where do these monsters come from? I’m guessing this will be explained but mayn he lives in an interesting world.

I also love Genos 🙂


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