TWA journey

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The pic is so small.. like my hair :3

This is a little late coming but anyhow my journey with my hair.

It has been a learning experience. I fully didn’t know what it was going to be like but thank goodness for YouTube and thank goodness for My Natural Sistas as without Carmen I would have struggled with my TWA.

So I had relaxed hair, hair that is chemically straightened and the effects are permanent. But of course your hair grows and the new growth is always your natural texture so you have to retouch it every 3-6 months depending on your hair.

Now personally I always hated that, the chemicals. I was just so tired of it and my hair straight lacks body. It’s thin and moves around too much and… it annoyed me. So I used to braid my hair and then take it out so that I had volume.

I’m not going to lie there were things I loved about relaxed hair. It was easy to manage. More to the point it was easy to comb! And I could do so many styles with it and I didn’t know if I could do those styles with my natural hair.

My friend went natural before me and I watched her discover her hair and experiment with it. So one day I asked her “how do you come up with those styles?” and she answered simply, “YouTube, it has everything on there!”

So then I made up my mind. I was going to have one last style with my relaxed hair (it was a bob) and then I’m going to cut all my relaxed bits off and have just my natural hair. Curly and coarse as the Lord intended.

Everyone was against it however as they were like “who’s going to like you?” (talking about boys) “You’re going to University you can’t have no hair at Uni!” And so I listened to them and waited. But by second year of Uni my hair was getting shorter and shorter and I had stopped relaxing my hair. I had decided that I would relax it once more before I went on my semester abroad in Australia and then never again. And that’s what I did!

I guess you could say I transitioned before cutting it as I would let it grow then cut the ends… and I did that for a year.

Then Jan 2015 came and I was at Uni and cut my own hair off with my scissors. No one else would do it for me and yo! it didn’t look good, it wasn’t even because I couldn’t see the back and I hadn’t accounted for that as I had never cut my hair that short before. So I was in a panic, I needed someone to even it out and after frantic texts my friend stepped up and she came to my house and gave me a tappered cut. It was the best! I was so happy! My hair was finally looking sexy!

And I honestly have to say I love my short hair. It’s fun! And I really don’t have to comb my hair that much, only once a week on wash day when it’s been prepared. I mean it is a lot of work but I believe all hair has it’s problems, it’s pros and cons. I embrace all my pros and cons because this is exactly what I wanted and I don’t see myself ever going back.

In fact I cut my hair again in August 2015, it was essentially my second big chop because all my hair was gone. I wasn’t bald but it was close. And so simple. It was like taking a look into a mans world.

Anyway that’s my journey, now I am just going to let it grow and see where it gets to. It’ll be fun.

And for those who are wondering TWA stands for it’s teeny weeny afro šŸ™‚ cute huh

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N’aw found on google

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