Teen Wolf … I’ve been sitting on this

This is cute FanArt :3 got it from:ย http://ninakask.deviantart.com/art/TeenWolf-FanArt-Winter-Howl-347600763ย 

Teen Wolf… what can I say? I started this programme way back when it started and I LOVED it!

I don’t like scary stuff most of the time but this was right up my alley (I can be so British sometimes… unless… do Americans say this too?). It was dark, it was a mystery and the way they did the werewolves, it was so cool!

And season 2 was epic I mean the drama with the Kanima?!?! I was not expecting that at all.

But I loved how it also managed to have humour, love and friendship. Stiles is hilarious and just my kind of guy, Scott is cute and honourable and Lydia is smart and quirky and Allison is a badass chic who I can relate to and Jackson is an A hole but they can’t all be good. And then there’s Derek, Mr. grumpy cat… when I first got into Teen Wolf I was so into him.

I’m obviously talking about the original cast. But I loved how real they were and I loved the twist with the villain Peter… that was awesome! You kind of felt sympathy for him when you realised what a grade A psychopath Kate was.

But I stopped after season 2 because I wasn’t really that excited about the Alpha pack and Jackson left the show, I liked the actor so I was like ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And I was excited to see his growth on Teen Wolf but that obviously didn’t happen. Then whilst I was on a Teen Wolf break I found out that Allison dies and I was like “HELL NOO!” So I decided I wouldn’t watch it again.

But I still checked up on the programme and I discovered Isaac… I love Isaac… like he is just … Isaac. I mean he’s in season 2 but I don’t know maybe I was too caught up in the kanima drama but when I looked back I was like dang… Isaac is HAWT and such a cutie, how can you not love him?

And then I stumbled upon the nogitsune and was like duuuude.. this looks epic. And so I’ve started watching Teen Wolf again and basically caught up with seasons 3, 4 and 5 in the space of 3 weeks.

It was so good! The Darach?!?! She was … duude! And I actually figured out who it was from the beginning. No woman is that mousy, and why was she everywhere? She made herself look so innocent I was like nah, she’s either got a dark past that made her timid ooor she’s the evil one using her femininity to fool everyone. And we never found out any personal information about her… so I didn’t trust her from the beginning, especially when Derek locked onto her.

(Was I the only one who wanted to stamp on the she alphas toes? I don’t understand why no one tried to break her nails so that she couldn’t cut them… like dude! she has no shoes on… stamp the feet! … I didn’t like any of the alphas… except the twins… namely Ethan… Aiden was a douche until the very end where he redeemed himself).

Then the nogitsune … the best villain ever! Dylan O’Brien killed that ish! I love that they had Japanese folklore. I learned a lot as well as getting scared and fearing my dreams. Speaking of dreams Stiles taught me a lot about dreams. I feel like you learn a lot when watching Teen Wolf.

Season 4 was cool. I love Kira, I mean from the moment she appeared in season 3 I was like yas! This chick is gold! She’s so cute and trusting and goofy… I love her. And she’s a katana welding badass. Her fashion sense is also on point. Out of all the characters I would wear her outfits, they’re so me.

I love how Lydia is a banshee, I’ve always known what a banshee is but I never knew why they screamed. Again, learning something.

The sound track for the show is epic as well. Every episode there is a song that makes me wanna jam. My favourite song being from the scene where Scott and Kira slow danced. It was smooth yet subtly made you want to dance. A golden tune.

Malia is also awesome. A strong and honest lady and I love that. She’s also one of my favourite characters. Along with Parrish, Deaton and Chris!!!! Chris! When Allison died I was so sad because that meant Chris had no one! His wife is dead, Kate is stupid and his father should be pushed off something…. How is Chris so awesome when he comes from a family of psychos (minus Allison)? I hope he gets tons of happiness.

Now I’m on season 5… I dislike the dread doctors… just nope! NOPE! And I feel like they’ve just released the Kraken… or Doomsday… or Apocalypse… or Darkseid… seriously this monster is not good! And how are there people still living in Beacon Hills or Beacon County? I mean the ones that aren’t dead would have left right? …. right?

So what is this long post trying to say? I’m sad I stopped watching it! I’ve been missing out on awesomeness! Season 3 was so good and even though I’m sad Allison died, the show didn’t die without her which is what I was worried about. It’s still living and it’s still awesome. And I like the fact that they show that there is life after your first love.

Jeff Davis rules! (maybe I relate to him more now as I’m a writer… hmm).

Ps: Satomi is awesome, that little fight scene she had in the hospital gave me life. I love her pack.

PPs: I feel like Scott has become my main man (after Chris) … he’s so cute and nice and Liam reminds me of scrappy doo. And his bf Mason is great, we need his optimism.

PPPs: Coach gives me life… I miss lacrosse scenes

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